Sushi Gurume


1350 56 St, Delta, BC V4L 2A4, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM


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  • Rice


  • Sushi Rice


  • Miso Soup


  • Sunomono


  • Edamame



  • Seaweed Salad



  • Gomae



  • Pork Gyoza


  • Veggie Gyoza



  • Agedashi Tofu



  • Spicy Agedashi Tofu



  • Chicken Karaage (6 pcs)


  • Spicy Chicken Karaage (6 pcs)



  • Yakitori (2 pcs)

    Comes as two skewers.


  • Oyster Motoyaki



  • Green Salad

    Vegetarian. Organic greens, carrot, red beets, and cucumber with house dressing.


  • Avocado Salad

    Vegetarian. Green salad and avocado with house dressing.


  • Sashimi Salad

    Six kinds of sashimi, ponzu, and house salad dressing.


  • Tofu Salad

    Organic greens, tofu, kabocha chips, and goma ponzu dressing.



Rice bowl.

  • Tofu Don

    Comes with three pieces of tofu.


  • Chicken Karaage Don

    Six pieces of chicken karaage, sesame seeds, mayo sauce, seaweed, and green onion.


  • Chicken Teridon

    Chicken teriyaki on rice.


  • Beef Teridon

    Beef teriyaki on rice.


  • Tuna Don

    Ten pieces of thin-cut tuna sashimi.


  • Salmon Don

    Ten pieces of thin-cut salmon sashimi.


  • Chirashi Don

    Fifteen pieces of thin-cut assorted sashimi.


  • Spicy Chirashi Don

    Spicy. Chunks of assorted sashimi and vegetables with spicy sauce and sushi rice.


  • Deluxe Chirashi Don


  • Bluefin Tuna Don


  • Unagi Don

    Grilled water eel.


Noodles and Soup

  • Yaki Soba

    Stir-fried noodles on a hot plate.


  • Yaki Udon

    Stir-fried noodles on a hot plate.


  • Udon Noodle Soup


  • Yosenabe

    Japanese hot pot.



Hot pot rice bowl with seaweed sauce.

  • Mushroom Ishiyaki

    Vegetarian. Grilled mushrooms.


  • Chicken Ishiyaki

    Grilled chicken.


  • Beef Ishiyaki

    Grilled marinated beef.


  • Kimchi Ishiyaki

    Spicy. Stir-fried kimchi and onsen tamago without seaweed sauce.


Entree and Grill

Served with rice.

  • Tofu Teriyaki

    Three pieces of pan-fried tofu with vegetables on a hot plate.


  • Chicken Teriyaki


  • Beef Teriyaki


  • Ginger Beef Teriyaki


  • Wild Salmon Teriyaki


  • Chicken Katsu

    Chicken cutlet.


  • Don Katsu

    Pork cutlet.


  • Saba Shioyaki

    Grilled mackerel.


  • Unagi and Asparagus

    Grilled water eel and boiled asparagus with unagi sauce. Comes without rice.



  • Appetizer Sashimi

    Comes with three pieces of Atlantic salmon and two pieces of tuna sashimi.


  • Tuna Sashimi


  • Salmon Sashimi


  • Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (9 pcs)

    Comes with five pieces of Atlantic salmon and four pieces of tuna sashimi.


  • Sockeye Salmon Sashimi


  • Toro Sashimi (5 pcs)

    Tuna belly.


  • Tako Sashimi (5 pcs)

    Cooked octopus.


  • Hamachi Sashimi (5 pcs)



  • Spicy Tuna Sashimi

    Spicy. Spicy sauce, tuna sashimi chunks, cucumber chunks, green onion, and onion.


  • Spicy Salmon Sashimi

    Spicy. Spicy sauce, salmon sashimi chunks, cucumber chunks, green onion, and onion.


  • Spicy Wild Sockeye Salmon Sashimi

    Spicy. Spicy sauce, wild sockeye salmon sashimi chunks, cucumber chunks, green onion, and onion.


  • Tuna Tataki

    Ponzu sauce, ten pieces thin slice seared tuna, ground sesame seed, onion, and green onion.


  • Assorted Sashimi (15 pcs)

    Fifteen pieces of Chef's choice of sashimi.


  • Chef's Special Sashimi (24 pcs)

    Twenty-four pieces of Chef's choice of sashimi.



Made with seasonal vegetables.

  • Appetizer Tempura (5 pcs)


  • Veggie Tempura (5 pcs)



  • Yam Tempura (5 pcs)



  • Prawn Tempura (5 pcs)


  • Assorted Tempura


Nigiri Sushi

  • Tamago Nigiri

    Cooked sweet egg.


  • Inari Nigiri

    Bean curd.


  • Hokkigal Nigiri

    Cooked surf clam.


  • Masago Nigiri

    Smelt fish roe.


  • Tuna Nigiri

    Albacore tuna.


  • Salmon Nigiri

    Atlantic salmon.


  • Ebi Nigiri

    Boiled black tiger prawn.


  • Tobiko Nigiri

    Flying fish roe.


  • Saba Nigiri

    Marinated mackerel.


  • Toro Nigiri

    Albacore tuna belly.


  • Ika Nigiri



  • Chopped Scallop Nigiri


  • Spicy Chopped Scallop Nigiri


  • Tako Nigiri

    Cooked octopus.


  • Wild Sockeye Salmon Nigiri


  • Unagi Nigiri

    Grilled bbq water eel.


  • Ikura Nigiri

    Salmon roe.


  • Hamachi Nigiri



  • Botan Ebi Nigiri

    Taw spot prawn.


  • Hotate Nigiri

    Raw giant scallop.


  • Real Crab Nigiri


  • Uni Nigiri

    Sea urchin.


  • Bluefin Tuna Nigiri - Akami

    Low-fat part.


  • Bluefin Tuna Nigiri - Ju Toro

    Medium-fat part.


Ura Maki

Rice-outside roll.

  • Inari Roll

    Vegetarian. Bean curd.


  • Veggie Roll

    Vegetarian. Organic greens, radish, pickled asparagus and beets, cucumber, kanpyo, and avocado.


  • Avo/Avo Roll



  • Cucumber and Avocado Roll



  • California Roll

    Crab mix, avocado, and cucumber.


  • BC Roll

    Bbq salmon skin, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, and unagi sauce.


  • Spicy Tuna Roll

    Spicy. Spicy tuna, green onion, and cucumber.


  • Spicy Salmon Roll

    Spicy. Spicy salmon, green onion, and cucumber.


  • Chopped Scallop Roll

    Chopped scallop, mayo, and masago.


  • Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll

    Spicy. Chopped scallop, mayo, and masago.


  • Salmon and Avocado Roll


  • Tuna and Avocado Roll


  • Dynamite Roll

    Two pieces of shrimp tempura, avocado, crab mix, and cucumber.


  • Yam Tempura Roll

    Vegetarian. Yam tempura and cucumber.


  • Beef Teriyaki Roll

    Grilled marinated beef and cucumber.


  • Chicken Teriyaki Roll

    Grilled chicken and cucumber.


  • Asparagus Roll

    Vegetarian. Stir-fried asparagus with soy sauce, and sesame seeds.


  • Unagi Roll

    Grilled water eel, and cucumber with sauce.


  • House Roll

    Tuna, salmon, tamago, crab mix, avocado, and cucumber.


  • Real Crab California Roll

    Cooked real crab, avocado, mayo, and cucumber.


  • Spicy Dynamite Roll

    Spicy. Two prawns, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, and spicy mayo.


  • Philadelphia Roll

    Creamy cheese, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, and salmon on top.


  • Mango and Avocado Roll

    Vegetarian. Mango, and avocado puree.


Oshi Sushi

Pressed sushi.

  • Salmon Oshi Sushi

    Spicy. Homemade mayo sauce, wild sockeye salmon, and jalapeno pepper.


  • Tuna Ohsi Sushi

    Salt, seared tuna, green onion, onion, and ponzu sauce.


Hosa Maki

  • Kappa Maki

    Vegetarian. Kappa maki come with cucumber.


  • Avo Maki



  • Tamago Maki

    Tamago maki comes with a cooked sweet egg.


  • Oshinko Maki

    Vegetarian. Oshinko maki comes with a radish pickle.


  • Tuna Maki


  • Atlantic Salmon Maki


  • Sockeye Salmon Maki


  • Negi Toro Maki

    Negi toro maki comes with a tuna belly with green onion.


  • Negi Hamachi Maki

    Negi Hamachi maki come with a yellowtail with green onion.


  • BlueFin Tuna Maki


Roll Combo

  • Roll Combo A

    Roll combo A comes with a California roll and dynamite roll.


  • Roll Combo B

    Spicy. Roll combo B comes with a spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, kappa maki.


  • Roll Combo C

    Vegetarian. Roll combo C comes with veggie roll, avocado roll, and kappa maki.


  • Roll Combo D

    Roll combo D comes with California roll, dynamite roll, chicken teriyaki roll, tuna maki, salmon maki, and kappa maki.


  • Roll Combo E

    Vegetarian. Roll combo E comes with yam tempura roll, sweet potato roll, and avocado roll.


  • Kids Combo

    Kids combo comes with California roll, Tamago maki, and kappa maki.


Nigiri Combo

  • Nigiri Combo A

    California roll and four pieces of nigiri.


  • Nigiri Combo B

    Dynamite roll and five pieces of nigiri.


  • Nigiri Combo C

    Seven pieces of assorted nigiri (chef's choice).


  • Chef’s Omakase Nigiri Sushi

    Bluefin tuna hand roll assorted chef’s choice nigiri ten pieces (chef’s choice).


Special Rolls

  • Mr. Big (12 pcs)

    Spicy. Deep-fried tuna and salmon maki with spicy chilli sauce.


  • Red Velvet (6 pcs)

    Beef, cucumber, and green onion with gomae / radish pickle.


  • Deep Fried California (8 pcs)

    Spicy. Spicy mayo, unagi sauce, and yam flakes.


  • Grouse Mountain (4 pcs)

    Spicy. Spicy tuna, green onion/tobiko, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.


  • Alaska (8 pcs)

    Crab mix, cucumber, avo, and cream cheese or smoked salmon.


  • Arugula (8 pcs)

    Tuna, arugula or garlic chips, sesame seeds, and oriental dressing.


  • Yummy Yummy (8pcs)

    Two prawns, crab mix, avo, cucumber/ chopped scallop, yam tempura, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, and tobiko.


  • Rainbow (8 pcs)

    California roll/tuna, salmon, sockeye salmon, Ebi, and avo.


  • Awesome (8 pcs)

    California roll / seared salmon, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, and yam flakes.


  • Caterpillar (8 pcs)

    Salmon, tuna, crab mix, and cucumber with sliced avo and fish roe on top.


  • Crunch (8 pcs)

    Two pieces prawns, crab mix, cucumber, avocado/teriyaki sauce, and tempura flakes.


  • Kima

    Crunch roll / salmon, tuna, avo, tempura flakes, and tare sauce.


  • Tsawwassen

    Crunch roll / sliced avo, spicy tuna, yam chips, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.


  • Dragon

    California roll / grilled water eel, tare sauce.


  • Mellisa

    California roll / spicy tuna, spicy chili sauce, and spicy flakes.


  • Mango scallop Roll

    Scallop, tempura flake/mango, avo puree, fried caper, and wasabi mayo.


  • Wild smokey Roll

    Crab mix, cucumber / smoked salmon, avo puree, and paprika powder.


  • Sunny Roll

    Spicy tuna roll/yam tempura, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.


  • Ocean Red

    California roll/sockeye salmon, K-spicy sauce, avo puree, and yam chips.


Veggie Special Rolls

  • BeanF (6 pcs)

    Simmered tofu, green onion, cucumber, and crushed sesame seeds.


  • Victoria Roll (8 pcs)

    Yam tempura, avocado, and crushed sesame seeds.


  • Evergreen Roll (Big Roll 10pcs)

    Cucumber, avocado, asparagus, carrots, radish, and red beets.


Party Tray

  • Party Tray A (40 pcs)

    Two pieces of California roll, dynamite roll, kappa and avocado roll, salmon roll, and chicken teriyaki roll.


  • Party Tray B (43 pcs)

    California roll, dynamite roll, smoked salmon roll, kappa maki, vegetable roll, beef teriyaki roll, five pieces of nigiri sushi.


  • Party Tray C (70 pcs)

    Two pieces of California roll, two pieces of dynamite roll, two pieces of tuna roll, two pieces Salmon roll, house roll, Alaska roll, and deep-fried...


  • Party Tray D (80 pcs)

    Salmon and tuna sashimi, California roll, dynamite roll, BC roll, unagi roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, tuna roll, smoked salmon roll, Ebi roll,


  • Special Sashimi Tray

    Seasonal assorted Omakase fresh sashimi.


Bento Box

  • Teriyaki Box

    One order comes with miso, rice, vegetables, California roll, tempura or gyoza, and sunomono or green salad.


  • Tofu Teriyaki Box

    One order comes with miso, rice, vegetable tempura or vegetable gyoza, kappa and avocado roll, and sunomono or green salad.


  • Sushi Box

    One order comes with miso, dynamite roll, four pieces of nigiri sushi, tempura or gyoza, and sunomono or green salad.


  • Sashimi Box

    One order comes with miso, nine pieces of sashimi, three pieces of salmon roll, three pieces of tuna roll, tempura, or gyoza, and sunomono or green...


Dinner Set

  • Dinner Set for Two

    Two miso, appetizer tempura, salmon(3pcs) / tuna(3pcs) roll, dynamite roll, five pieces nigiri sushi, and nine pieces sashimi.


  • Dinner Set for Four

    Four miso, agedashi tofu, yosenabe, assorted sashimi, 3kind twelve pieces nigiri sushi, and two special rolls