Tomahawk Restaurant


1550 Philip Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2V8, Canada

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All Day Breakfast

  • Yukon-Style Bacon

    This is it! The one that started the legend! Generous slices of Yukon-style bacon. Two free run organic eggs served a heaping portion of...

    19,80 $

  • Breakfast Bowl

    New.Golden crispy hash browns, layered with Montreal style corned beef, sautéed onions and our signature hollandaise sauce, topped with a lightly...

    19,50 $

  • Veggie Bowl

    New.Golden crispy hash browns, topped with a medley of garden-fresh sliced bell peppers, sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach, red onions, vine-ripe...

    19,25 $

  • Build Your Own Omelette

    Made with free-run organic eggs, Cheddar cheese and the freshest ingredients. Served with golden-griddle hash brown potatoes and toasted artisan...

    14,99 $

Eggs Benedict

  • MenuItemImage
    Traditional Benny

    Made with our famous Yukon-style bacon. Two poached free-run organic eggs topped with our signature hollandaise sauce. Served on toasted English...

    20,50 $

  • West Coast Benny

    New.Wild smoked pacific sockeye salmon. Two poached free-run organic eggs topped with our signature dill-infused hollandaise sauce and fresh capers.

    22,00 $

  • Florentine Benny

    Slices of ripe tomatoes and fresh baby spinach. Two poached free-run organic eggs topped with our signature hollandaise sauce. Served on toasted...

    21,00 $


Dessert or Pie

  • Apple Crumble Pie

    8,30 $

  • Cherry Pie

    8,30 $

  • Blueberry Pie

    8,30 $

  • Apple Pie

    8,30 $

  • Raisin Pie

    8,30 $

Sandwiches with Fries

  • MenuItemImage
    Tomahawk Style Beef Dip

    Slow-roasted certified Angus beef, sliced swiss cheese on a toasted garlic butter-infused french baguette. Served with our signature zesty au jus.

    19,75 $

  • Clubhouse Sandwich

    Slices of oven-roasted organic turkey, yukon\-style bacon, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and special tomahawk sauce. Served on toasted artisan bread.

    17,75 $

  • Tomahawk Turkey Sandwich

    Slices of fresh oven-roasted organic turkey, house-made cranberry-mayo, crisp lettuce, and juicy, ripe tomatoes on toasted cranberry artisan bread.

    16,75 $

  • Tomahawk BLT

    Yukon-style bacon, crisp lettuce and juicy sliced tomatoes served with mayo on toasted artisan bread.

    17,25 $

  • Tomahawk BLT (Buy one, Take one)

    BUY ONE TAKE ONE - TWO Tomahawk BLT with Two Crispy Fries, Yukon-style bacon, crisp lettuce and juicy sliced tomatoes served with mayo on toasted...

    25,00 $

Burgers with Fries

  • MenuItemImage
    Simon Baker Burger

    Organic ground beef patty, Yukon-style bacon, sautéed fresh mushrooms, and aged cheddar cheese.

    20,00 $

  • Skookum Chief Burger

    Onions, lettuce, organic ground beef patty, Yukon-style bacon, a free run egg, aged cheddar cheese, wiener, tomato, and special tomahawk sauce.

    20,75 $

  • Tomahawk Totem Burger

    Lettuce, tomato, Yukon-style bacon, grilled fresh organic chicken breast and special tomahawk sauce.

    20,25 $

  • Veggie Burger

    Fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese and pesto aioli on a toasted multi-grain baguette.

    16,25 $



  • MenuItemImage
    Organic Roast Beef Dinner

    Certified Angus beef, hand-carved and served with our thick homemade gravy, real mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and our world-famous Yorkshire...

    23,75 $

  • Traditional Meatloaf

    Our traditional recipe: organic ground beef, free-run organic eggs, onions, herbs, and spices baked with our signature tomato sauce, infused with...

    21,00 $

  • Salisbury Steak

    Organic ground beef seasoned with our signature blend of herbs and spices and topped with sautéed mushrooms in rich, thick beef gravy. Served with...

    21,75 $

  • Roasted Turkey Dinner

    Slow-roasted turkey, served with homemade cranberry sauce, paired with savoury stuffing and rich, thick turkey gravy. Served with real mashed...

    21,75 $



  • Yukon-Style Bacon

    6,00 $

  • Golden Crispy Hash Browns

    6,40 $

  • Toasted Artisan Eight-Grain Toast

    5,30 $

  • Free-Run Organic Eggs (Over Easy)

    3,50 $

  • Signature Hollandaise Sauce

    3,50 $

  • Toasted Artisan White Toast

    5,30 $

  • Small Maple Syrup

    1,00 $

  • Extra Tomahawk Sauce

    1,00 $

  • Free-Run Organic Eggs (Scrambled)

    3,50 $

  • Extra Chipotle Mayo

    1,00 $

  • Extra Mayo

    1,00 $

Bottled Beverages (Non Alcoholic)

  • Juice

    5,80 $

  • Boyland Bottled Drinks

    4,50 $


  • Tomahawk's Very Own Charlie's Saucery Hot Sauce

    10,50 $

  • Tomahawk's Canadian Original Taste Maple Syrup

    10,00 $

  • Tomahawk's Coffee Blend Half Pound

    9,00 $

  • Tomahawk's Coffee Blend One Pound

    16,50 $