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3610 Burnsland Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3Z2, Canada


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These are great as a starter but hearty enough for a meal.

  • Kale Chicken Caesar Salad

    Fresh kale, a Caesar dressing, pickled red onion and our seasoned & topped smoked pulled Chicken.


  • Pulled Pork Tacos (3)

    Our pulled pork Tacos are served on a corn tortilla with Chimichurri sauce, seasoned Pulled Pork, house slaw and pickled onions topped with lime sour...


  • Smoked Chicken Wings

    A pound of smoky goodness. Crisp smoked wings are served with your choice of one our house sauce sides and a choice of a side dish.


  • Pulled Chicken Tacos (3)

    We slow roast and smoke our chickens, pull the tender meat and serve on a corn tortilla with our house Peach Mango sauce, house slaw and pickled red...



Feast Meals

Three meats, Brisket, Pork Side Ribs and a third meat, either pulled pork, sausage or smoked chicken (depending on availability). Order three side dishes and three sauces!

  • Feast meal for 2-3

    Will feed two very hungry adults or 2 adults and the young kids!


  • Feast Meal for 4-5

    More meats and more sides for a hungry family!



Meats by the Pound

Order our house smoked Meats by the ½ pound servings. Maximum 3 pounds an order. Choose a complimentary side sauce with your order.

  • AAA Angus Brisket

    A ½ pound serving of our slow roasted smoked Angus Brisket, the best from our Southern Pride Smoker.


  • Pulled Pork

    Slow roasted and smoked for 12 hours this ½ pound of seasoned pulled pork is topped with green onions.


  • Pork Side Ribs

    We trim our Pork Ribs to keep them meaty and smoke them low and slow to keep them tender, a ½ pound serving.




Hand-cut fries, cheese curds, and house gravy served with different toppings.

  • AAA Angus Brisket Poutine

    We chop our slow roasted Beef Brisket mixed with our tasty curds and house gravy.


  • Pulled Pork Poutine

    Slow roasted for 12 hours, our pulled pork recipe has a bite and is excellent on our house fries and mixed with our cheese curds.



Our Ramen is made Tonkotsu style with 24 hour simmered & seasoned bone broth.

  • Brisket & Pork belly Ramen

    To our stock, we add a spicy mixture of chili oil, soya & miso with wheat noodles, seasoned egg, tasty veggies and our slow roasted and smoked...




Meaty sandwiches served on fresh baked in house sourdough Dark Rye buns.

  • AAA Angus Brisket Sandwich

    We slow roast our Brisket for 12 hours with the finest of apple woods in our Southern Pride smoker. The bun is topped with our apple cider slaw and a...


  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Our pork roast is smoked and roasted for 12 hours, low and slow! Topped with our house slaw and our special recipe pork. Served with our house...


  • Smoked Pulled Seasoned Chicken Sandwich

    Low and slow roasted and smoked with apple wood we serve this pulled chicken on a bed of our tasty Slaw.



Side Dishes

Order more than one side or add a side to any of YYY Barbecue dishes. Their fries are plentiful and salads and beans are approximately an eight-ounce serving.

  • Fries

    YYC Barbecue's fries are hand-cut, blanched, and then crisped to perfection. Served with a ketchup side.


  • Potato Salad

    Take red skin potatoes, pickles, celery, and a vegan dressing, a very tasty side dish.


  • Coleslaw

    YYC Barbecue make their slaw with apple cider vinegar, crisp and fresh.


  • Pasta Salad

    Rotini pasta, diced vegetables for crunch, and a vegan mayo, make this a great salad.


  • Baked Beans

    We use three different beans in our mix, pineapple and seasonings. This is vegan dish, no pork, sorry! Served hot.


  • Kale Caesar Salad starter

    Our Kale Caesar salad is a tasty variation on the classic made with Tahini dressing. (Vegan)


  • Sauce (2 oz)

    Our barbecue sauces are all house made.


  • Gravy

    This is our house gravy used on our poutines from stock simmered for 24 hours.


Frozen Meals & Pizzas

We make a variety of frozen foods available; including soups, take & bake pizzas, cooked meats and more.

  • Frozen Chicken Soup

    One litre of tasty pulled chicken soup with Basmati rice, red pepper and kale.


  • Frozen Brisket & Barley Soup

    One litre of our Hearty beef brisket in a beef broth with Barley, Carrots & green onions.


  • Frozen Mac 'n Cheese with Beef Brisket

    Wow, a super meal, our house made real cheese sauce with macaroni and our Beef brisket bites.


  • Frozen Burger Patties (5)

    We take prime ground chuck, add our special seasonings and form a perfect 5 ounce burger patty.


  • Frozen Pork Side Ribs

    These ribs, approximately 1# are fully cooked and shrink sealed for re-heating sous vide (boiling water!).


  • Frozen Pizza - 12" Smoky Pulled Chicken

    Ready to bake. Heat the oven up to 4-425 F. Our slow roasted pulled chicken, fresh kale, diced red peppers & topped with Parmesan, Monterey Jack &


  • Frozen Pizza - 12" Beef Brisket

    Ready to bake. Heat the oven up to 4-425 F. This 12" slow roasted & smoked Beef Brisket has mushrooms, house made pickles & topped with Parmesan,


  • Frozen Pizza - 12" Italian Sausage

    Ready to bake. Heat the oven up to 4-425 F. Our house made smoked Italian sausage with mushrooms, banana peppers & topped with Parmesan, Monterey...



  • Pop

    Add a canned pop to your order.