Yardie Vibez


463 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L 3K6, Canada

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Main Tingz

ALL MAINS COME WITH: All mains come with traditional rice and peas, white rice, festival or roti, and one of the following sides: sweet baked beans - summer coleslaw or steamed veg.

  • Barbe-Fried Chicken

    Crispy fried chicken pieces smothered in Yardie's special sweet and smokey barbecue sauce.


  • Curry Chicken

    Tender chicken pieces, marinated in a signature curry blend.


  • Curry Goat

    Savory curried goat, slow-cooked in a signature curry blend.


  • Fried Chicken

    Crispy, mouth-watering fried chicken pieces.


  • Jerk Chicken

    A signature 48+ hour marinated jerk chicken quarters.


  • Jerk Meatloaf

    Its beef meatloaf Jamaican style smothered in spicy jerk mango sauce.


  • Oxtail

    Slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone oxtail in a rich gravy.


  • Pineapple Stewed Chicken

    Succulent chicken pieces marinated and stewed with pineapple.


  • Pulled Jerk Pork

    Moist slow-cooked pork with Yardies' special jerk barbecue sauce.


  • Escovitch Fish

    Seasoned to perfection fried and slowly simmered with vegetables.


  • Stewed Beef and Sliders

    Sliced seasoned beef, slow-cooked with sliders in a full-flavored brown sauce.


  • Traditional Jerk Pork

    Traditional jerk pork with Yardies special jerk barbecue sauce.


  • Vegetable Meal

    Signature steamed vegetables served over a bed of rice with fried plantains.


Side Tingz

  • Chicken Wings (1 lb)


  • Yardies Egg Rolls (4 pcs)


  • Festival Fried Dumplings (5 pcs)


  • Jamaican Patty


  • Jerk Macaroni Pies


  • Jerk Meatballs (4 Balls)



  • Plantains (8 Pcs)


  • Soup (Seasonal)


Sweet Tingz

  • Black Jamaican Cake (Slice)


  • Sweet Potato Pudding (Slice)


  • Double Chocolate Cake (Slice)


  • Peanut Drops


Other Tingz

  • Box of Jamaican Patties


  • Roti (Package of 3)

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