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  • Rice (8 kg)

    Common ingredient in dishes.


  • Agege bread

    African-style bread.


  • Mama's Choice Plantain Fufu Mix Flour (Big)

    Flour made from maize.


  • Mama's Choice Plantain Fufu Mix Flour (Small)

    Flour made from maize.


  • Palm Oil 2 kg

    Vegetable oil that comes from fleshy skin of fresh palm tree nuts

    Sold Out

  • Titus Sardine (3 Tins)

    3 cans of Titus sardine

    Sold Out

  • De Rica Tin Tomato (400 g)

    Canned Italian tomatoes. Has a great aroma.


  • De Rica Tin Tomatoes

    Canned Italian tomatoes. Has a great aroma.


  • 1 Box of Hard Chicken Laps (with Back Attached)

    Comes in 10 lbs box.


  • Chicken Laps (Regular)

    Comes in 5 lb box.

    Sold Out

  • Dried Catfish (3 pcs)

    Three pieces of dried catfish.


  • Mr John Unripe Plantain

    Plantain chips.

    Sold Out

  • Mr John Ripe Plantain Chips

    Plantain chips.


  • Checkers Custard

    Custard powder.


  • Lady B Custard Powder (2 kg)

    Custard powder, in a 2 kg container.


  • Goldenmorn

    Nutritious cereal. Choose from two sizes.


  • Peak Powdered Milk

    Whole milk powder.

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  • Peak Condensed Milk

    Creamy, and rich condensed milk made from Dutch cows.


  • Bournvita

    Malted chocolate drink mix.


  • Milo

    Chocolate malt beverage powder.

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  • White Fresh Pap (500 ml)

    Corn porridge.

    Sold Out

  • Yellow Fresh Pap

    Corn porridge.

    Sold Out

  • Kulikuli

    West African peanut snack. Can be eaten with cassava flakes.


  • Tomtom

    Haitian mashed breadfruit.


  • Praise Palmnut (Big)

    Palm nut fruit, popular in Western Africa.


  • Tripe (Shaki) (2.5 lb)

    Inner stomach lining. 2.5 lb per package.

    Sold Out

  • Cow Beef (Small)

    Small pack of cow beef.


  • Groundnut

    Basic type of peanut. Good for cooking with.


  • Pomo (5 pcs)

    Five pieces of cow skin.


  • Meatpie

    Pie with beef filling and tender pastry.

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  • Indomie Soup

    Rich, tasty onion chicken (or just onion) flavoured noodles.


Frozen Goods

  • Frozen hard (matured) Chicken (chicken laps with back attached) 2.5 kg

    Frozen, hard chicken laps with back attached


  • Frozen Box Turkey Wings (10 kg)

    Frozen turkey wings, in a box weighing 10 kg.


  • Frozen Turkey Wings

    Frozen turkey wings. Comes as 1/3 of a box


  • Frozen Mackerel (5 lbs)

    Frozen mackerel fish

    Sold Out


  • Ijebu Garri (5 lb)

    Cassava flour. Choose from two sizes.


  • Yellow Garri (5 KG)

    Cassava flour with palm oil.


  • Yam Flour

    Flour made from grinding yams.


  • Ola Ola Poundo Yam

    Pounded yam flour, in two different sizes.


  • Powdered Ogi

    Fermented cereal pudding from Nigeria. Made from maize.



  • Honey Beans

    Black eyed peas with a distinct flavour.


  • Brown Beans (10 lbs)

    Common bean in most cuisines.


  • Peeled Beans (2 lbs)

    Good for moi-moin, akara, and soup

    Sold Out

  • Iru (Locust Beans)

    Beans with a tangy pulp inside.


  • Fresh Tomatoes

    Very common kitchen ingredient.


  • White Yam (3 pcs)

    Similar taste to a yellow sweet potato.


Seasoning and Spices

  • Knorr Chicken

    Soup flavouring.


  • Tasty Jollof Mix

    Jollof rice seasoning.


  • Salt

    Basic table salt.


  • Ducros Curry

    Delicious curry seasoning.


  • Ducros Thyme

    Dried thyme. Good for dishes like jollof, and casseroles.

    Sold Out

  • Pepper Soup Spice (100 g)

    Seasoning for soup containing many different peppers.


  • Blended Egusi (Tub)

    Melon seeds which have been crushed together.


  • Egusi Seed (100 g)

    Seeds from an Egusi gourd.


  • Blended Ogbono

    Perfect for ogbono soup.


  • Ogbono Seed (100 g)


  • Cameroon Pepper

    Pepper seasoning made from dried Scotch Bonnet peppers.


  • Grounded Chili Pepper (100 g)

    Ground up chili peppers.



  • Robb

    Pain relief, cold remedy ultra strength balm.


  • Aboniki

    Anti-inflammatory balm used to treat pains, sprains, and dislocations.


  • Vitamalt Case

    Case of Vitamalt, a non-alcoholic malt beverage.


  • Vitamalt (1 bottle)

    Non-alcoholic malt beverage.


  • Shea Butter

    Perfect for moisturizing your skin.


  • Buttermint

    Creamy candy, also called wedding mint.