The Station Traditional European Bakery


72 Baldwin St, Whitby, ON L1M 1A3, Canada

Opens at 8:30 AM


  • Regular Coffee

    Start your day with a cup of pure bliss. Our coffee is made from single-source 100% Arabica beans, freshly roasted to bring out intense flavours in...


  • Cappuccino

    Immerse yourself in a perfectly balanced blend of freshly roasted Arabica, Robusto coffee, and frothed milk. Each sip of our Cappuccino offers a...


  • Americano

    Awaken your senses with our Americano. This classic beverage combines freshly pulled espresso shots with hot water to achieve a perfect balance of...


  • Galao

    Experience the unique charm of a Galao is not a Cappuccino nor a Cafe au Lait. It's a well-balanced blend of Arabica, Robusto shots, and frothed milk...


  • Mocca

    Indulge in the irresistible combination of sweet chocolate flavours, rich and delicious coffee, and the decadent creamy texture of milk. Our Mocha is...


  • Cafe Au Lait

    Embrace the simplicity and mellow flavours of our Cafe Au Lait. Equal parts of steamed milk and our exclusive blend of drip coffee is combined to...


  • Ice Latte

    Cool down with the rich and refreshing taste of our Ice Latte. This delicious beverage combines ice-cold milk with our exclusive espresso blend,


  • Hot Chocolate

    Indulge in our Hot Chocolate's rich and medley combination of cocoa powder and frothed milk. Its great sweetness and luxurious texture make it a...


  • Espresso (1 oz)

    Awaken your senses with the intense and concentrated flavours of our Espresso. This 1 oz shot of pure indulgence delivers a robust, full-bodied...


  • Dopio Espresso (2 oz)

    Double the pleasure with our Dopio Espresso. This 2 oz shot of espresso offers a bolder and more intense coffee experience, perfect for those seeking...




  • Egg Bites

    An Egg-Cellent way to start the day! our egg-bites are cooked to order to deliver a velvety texture that's bursting with flavour. Never skip...


  • Omelette

    Crafted with expert precision, each omelette showcases fluffy, golden eggs cooked to perfection. It's the ideal portion for a healthy breakfast or a...




  • Amsterdam Sandwich

    Indulge in the perfect breakfast delight! A sunny-side-up egg with a hard yolk, topped with melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon, all nestled...


  • Lezno Sandwich

    Experience the classic combination of flavours with our Lezno Sandwich. Crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomato are layered between a soft and...


  • Portimao Station Sandwich

    Satisfy your seafood cravings with our Portimao Station Sandwich. Tender tuna, mixed with creamy mayonnaise, black olives, ripe tomatoes, and crisp...




  • Chocolate Croissant

    Delight in an avalanche of chocolate goodness wrapped in a buttery, flaky pastry. Our reinvented classic chocolate croissant promises happiness in...


  • Strudel

    Experience a symphony of flavours in our delicate and flaky strudel. Its golden pastry exterior encases a luscious filling of seasonal fruits and...

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  • Cheese Crown Danish

    Indulge in the regal delight of our Cheese Crown Danish. This buttery pastry, filled with a luscious cream cheese filling, is topped with a delicate...

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  • Turn Over

    Our handcrafted turnovers are a true delight. They are encased in flaky puff pastry and hold a savoury filling of juicy apples or tangy raspberries.


  • Gluten Free Banana Bread

    Gluten-free. Experience the comforting flavours of our gluten-free banana bread. Moist and flavorful, each slice is packed with the natural sweetness...


  • Croissant 100% Butter

    Indulge in the ultimate croissant experience with our 100% butter creation. It is meticulously crafted with premium ingredients and offers a delicate...


  • Croissant Multigrain

    Savour a croissant with a healthy twist. Our multigrain croissant combines the richness of pure butter with a delicious blend of grains, all made...


  • Savoury Danishes

    Embark on a savoury journey with our Danishes Roasted Veg and Feta, Pulled pork & Cheese, and Chorizo & Cheese pastries . A buttery Danish pastry is...

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  • Fruit Danish

    Experience fruity perfection with our Fruit Danish. The delicate layers of our pure butter pastry are filled with a perfect blend of Greek yogurt,


  • Almond Croissant

    Indulge in the rich and velvety goodness of our Almond Croissant. This pure butter pastry is filled with a smooth almond paste and generously topped...


  • Butter Spinach and Feta Bistro

    Delight in the elegant combination of flavours in our Butter Spinach and Feta Bistro pastry. A pure butter pastry shell encloses a delectable filling...


  • Butter Leek and Parmesan Bistro

    Experience the savoury delight of our Butter Leek and Parmesan Bistro pastry. Filled with tender leeks, velvety béchamel sauce, and sharp Parmesan...


  • Cinnamon Bun

    Let the enchanting aroma of cinnamon fill the air as you bite into our delectable Cinnamon Bun. Made with a soft buttery dough, each bite offers a...




  • Donuts

    Indulge in the simple pleasure of our Donuts. These round delights, whether glazed, powdered, or filled, offer a delightful treat for any time of...


  • Cruller Donuts

    Experience a twist on the classic with our Cruller Donuts. These fluted delights offer a unique texture and shape, making each bite a delightful...




  • Nanaimo Bar

    Experience a Canadian classic with our Nanaimo Bar. This delicious interpretation showcases a crunchy crumb and shredded coconut base, a creamy...


  • Queen Cake Slice

    Indulge in the elegance of our Queen Cake Slice. Delicate layers of cake and luscious filling infused with royal flavours' essence come together to...


  • Cheesecake Slice

    Savour the creamy delight of our Cheesecake Slice. With its velvety texture and rich flavours, each bite is a journey of decadence. Whether you...


  • Tofe Puding and caramel cake - Slice


  • Strawberry Short cake


  • So Good Chocolate Cakr

    Four layers of decadent chocolate cake separated by rich chocolate fudge icing. Finished with a dark chocolate glaze and skirted with fine pajets.


  • Reese's Penaut Butter Blondie

    Made with your favourite candy bar, this delicious cake is sure to please! A chewy blondie layer (blonde brownie) is topped with a milk chocolate...


  • Chocolate Lava cake

    It’s finally here! A decadent chocolate cake layer cradling a reservoir of smooth, luxurious molten chocolate. Serve warm to experience a chocolaty...


  • Red Velvet Cake

    Roll out the Red Velvet! Special occasions call for a timeless classic. Three moist layers of stunning Red Velvet filled and topped silky cream...



  • Smoothies

    Quench your thirst with our refreshing Smoothies. Bursting with fruity goodness, these blended delights offer a calm and satisfying treat to...


  • Pop Sodas

    Treat yourself to our selection of universally-loved soft drinks, known for their fizzy and refreshing feel. Whether you prefer the classic varieties...


  • Sparkling Water Bubbly (355 ml)

    Experience the effervescence of Bubly's sparkling water beverage. This crisp and refreshing drink pairs sparkling water with natural fruit flavours,


  • Natural Water

    Stay hydrated with the pure and refreshing taste of Natural Water. Its clean and crisp profile makes it the perfect choice to quench your thirst and...


  • Iced Tea

    Stay refreshed and hydrated with our delicious Iced Tea. Crisp and rejuvenating, our tea blend is the perfect accompaniment for a day in the sun.

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  • Ciabatta Sandwich Bun

    Elevate your sandwich experience with our Ciabatta Sandwich Bun. It's crusty exterior and soft interior make it a perfect vessel for your favourite...


  • Ciabatta Red Pepper and Onion Bun

    Add a touch of sweetness and savour to your sandwich with our Ciabatta Red Pepper and Onion Bun. This bun combines the subtle sweetness of red...


  • Ciabatta Olive Bun

    Indulge in the savoury twist of our Ciabatta Olive Bun. This classic ciabatta bun is enhanced with olives' tangy and aromatic flavours. Its crusty...


  • Panini Bun

    Elevate your sandwich experience with our Panini Bun. Its sturdy structure and soft interior make it the perfect choice for grilling and pressing.


  • Kaiser Roll Bun

    Experience the classic and versatile Kaiser Roll Bun. Its firm crust and soft, flavorful interior make it a perfect choice for any sandwich. Whether...


  • Belgian Loaf

    A beautiful loaf with a golden crust and tender crumb, inspired by Belgian baking traditions, perfect for an exquisite dining experience.


  • Rustic Italian Loaf

    Experience the rustic charm of Italy with our Rustic Italian Loaf. This bread is perfect for savouring with olive oil or creating a hearty Italian...


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Combos and Meals

  • Brisket Plate

    Ready to amaze your family at home? take our famous brisket now available in a plate. Our Brisket is slow-roasted for a whopping 17 hours, our house...


  • Pulled Pork Plate

    Roasted low and slow for 12 hours, this pork butt is rubbed with our house blend to deliver an outstanding tenderness. Then it is bathed with our mix...


  • Bifana Plate

    Embark on another Portuguese culinary adventure with our Bifana Plate. Thin slices of pork, marinated in a unique white wine blend, are roasted to...


  • Sandwich Meal

    Ready to enlight your lunch with our sandwich combo. We have combined the sandwich of your choice, YES ANY, the dessert of your preference, medium...


  • Salad Meal

    If you are on a light lunch search, our Salad combo would be the perfect option. You can pick any small salad, the dessert of your choice, medium...