The Flying Fish


324 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1A6, Canada


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  • Misoshiru (Miso Soup)

    Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a dashi stock into which softened miso paste is mixed. Mushrooms, green onions, wakame inside.



  • House Salad

    Spring mix, Beet & Carrot, Grape tomato



  • 2. Tako-wasa with Crispy Nori

    Raw and cooked octopus flavored with Japanese horseradish.


  • TFC(TFF Fried Chicken) Karaage with Honey Garlic Sauce

    Boneless Fried chicken thigh with TFF grain starch, and tossed with Honey garlic sauce


Fried Nori Taco

TFF Signature.

  • Seared Spicy Sashimi Nori Taco

    Seared sashimi with TFF hot sauce on top of deep fried seaweed roasted


  • Fresh Salmon Nori Taco

    Fresh Salmon, Kanikama salad, Japanese tartar sauce, and baby leaves.


  • Ahi Tuna Nori Taco

    Fresh Ahi Tuna / Local pico de gallo(Tomato, Red onion, Jalapeno, Red bell pepper, Cilantro) / Tuna tartar sauce / Avocado mousse


  • BBQ Unagi Nori Taco

    Seared BBQ fresh water eel/ Granny smith slices, Unagikabayaki sauce / White sesame seed


  • Beef Nori Taco

    Beef, rip eye marinated with Bulgogi sauce / Iceberg lettuce / TFF tropical dressing / Mascarpone cheese cream / TFF Teriyaki sauce / Aonori


Wafu Pasta

TFF Signature.

  • Napolitan

    Tomato based TFF brown sauce / Pork polish sausage / Grape Tomato / Arugula / Spring mix / Parmigiano Reggiano / Parsley flake


  • Wasabi Creme Carbonara

    Wasabi Crème Fraîche(Unsalted butter, Nama wasabi, Whipping cream, Lemon juice, Sour cream) / Bacon / Mentaiko / Shredded roasted seaweed / Parsley...


  • Beef Sukiyaki Pasta

    Beef short cut slices / Green onion / Napa cabbage / Portobello mushroom / TFF Beef yakiniku sauce / Large egg york / Shredded seaweed


  • Spicy Rose Cream Seafood Pasta

    Crushed steak tomato, Sichimi powder, Kombu dashi, Whipping cream, Parmigiano reggiano, Extra large pacific white shrimp, New Zealand green shell...


Oshizushi(Torched Pressed Sushi)

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  • Yuzu Salmon Oshizushi (6 pcs)

    Fresh salmon inside and seared salmon on top / Aburi sauce /Yuzu Kabayaki sauce / Serrano pepper / Orange tobiko


  • Double Shrimp Oshizushi (6 pcs)

    Tempura shrimp inside and large tiger shrimp on top / Aburi sauce / Sweet vege mayo / Lime zest


Fry Sushi

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  • Unagi and Hotate Kushi(6pc)

    BBQ Unagi / Seared Hotate / Cucumber / Yuzu miso / Black tobiko / Aonori / Unagi Kabayaki sauce


Omakase Sushi Boxes

In order to enjoy real sushi, they must be served to customers in order that designed by chef's choice. Each sequence of sushi has its own savoury, texture and taste that helps you know how to enjoy Omakase.

  • Sushi Box C (20 pcs)

    2pc of Maguro / Sake / Hamachi / Hotate / Ika / SearedMaguro / Seared Sake / Seared Hamachi / Unagi / Ikura


  • Sushi Box B (12 pcs)

    2pc of Maguro / Sake / Hamachi / Hotate / Ika / Unagi


  • Special Sake (Salmon) Box

    Sake nigiri (10 pcs), sashimi (6 pcs), and Yuzu Salmon (3 pcs).


Authentic Nigiri Sushi

  • Scallop (Hotate) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • Hamachi (Yellow Tail) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • Salmon (Sake) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • BBQ Eel (Unagi) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • Salmon Roe (Ikura) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • Squid (Mongo Ika) Nigiri (2 pcs)


  • Tuna (Maguro) Nigiri (2 pcs)