Tarboosh Middle Eastern Bakery and Grill


3850 Dougall Ave, Windsor, ON, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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  • Hummus (670 Cals)

    Made with chickpeas and tahini sauce, drizzled with olive oil.


  • Hummus and Beef


  • Mutabal (670 Cals)

    Grilled eggplant mixed with tahini sauce and drizzled with olive oil.


  • Grape Leaves (490 Cals)

    Vine leaves stuffed with basmati rice, tomatoes, and parsley.

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  • Fried Kibbeh (690 Cals)

    Ground beef mixed with cracked wheat, stuffed with spiced beef, and then fried.


  • Fries (640 Cals)


  • Spicy Potato (250 Cals)

    Diced fried potatoes mixed with garlic, cilantro, and olive oil.


  • Basmati Rice (250 Cals)

    Basmati rice with fine noodles, cooked to perfection.


  • Lentil Soup (590 Cals)


  • Garlic Sauce


  • Falafel



  • Fattoush Salad (470 Cals)

    Lettuce, cucumber, red radishes, tomatoes, onions, and thyme, served with fattoush dressing.


  • Tabouleh Salad (210 Cals)

    Fresh chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, and onions mixed with crushed wheat, lemon juice, and olive oil.


  • Falafel Salad (520 Cals)


  • Chicken Fattoush (520 Cals)



Served with fattoush, fresh pita bread, and your choice of rice or fries.

  • Mixed Grill 3 Skewers Plate


  • Veggie Plate


  • Shish Tawook Plate (830 Cals)

    Barbecue chicken breast. Two skewers of boneless, skinless, marinated chicken breast char-grilled to perfection, served with a side of garlic sauce.


  • Shish Kabab Plate (490 Cals)

    Barbequed beef. Two skewers of char-grilled striploin beef.


  • Chicken Shawarma Plate (800 Cals)


  • Beef Shawarma Plate (800 Cals)


  • Chicken and Beef Shawarma Plate (800 Cals)

    A mix of chicken and beef shawarma, served with garlic sauce and tahini to make for a perfect meal.


  • Kafta Plate


  • Falafel Plate


Pies - Manakeesh

  • Zaatar Pie (430 Cals)

    Thyme and sesame, mixed with virgin olive oil.


  • Zaatar and Labneh Pie


  • Cheese Pie (650 Cals)

    Mix of akkawi and mozzarella cheese.


  • Spicy Cheese Pie


  • Akawi Cheese Pie


  • Meat Pie (400 Cals)

    Spiced ground beef with finely chopped tomato and onions.


  • Meat and Cheese Pie (470 Cals)

    Spiced ground beef with chopped tomatoes and onions, topped with akkawi and mozzarella cheese.


  • Kafta Pie (480 Cals)

    A mixture of minced beef, onions, parsley, and Mediterranean spices.


  • Sausage and Cheese Pie (840 Cals)

    Spiced minced beef sausage with mozzarella cheese.


  • Spicy Harhoura Pie


  • Veggie Pie (480 Cals)


  • Labneh and Veggie Pie


  • Kishk Pie (480 Cals)


  • Spinach Pie


  • Chicken and Cheese Pie


  • Steak and Cheese Pie



  • Tawook Sandwich (750 Cals)

    Skewer of grilled chicken breast with shredded lettuce, pickles, and garlic sauce, wrapped in pita bread then grilled with a drizzle of zaatar on top.


  • Shish Kabab Sandwich (540 Cals)

    Striploin beef skewer with marinated mixture of onions, parsley, sumac, pickles, and hummus, wrapped in pita bread.


  • Chicken Shawarma Sandwich (830 Cals)

    Finely shredded pieces of chicken breast marinated with Lebanese shawarma spices, served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and garlic sauce.


  • Beef Shawarma Sandwich (730 Cals)

    Finely shredded pieces of beef sirloin marinated with Lebanese shawarma spices, served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and garlic sauce.


  • Mixed Chicken and Beef Shawarma Sandwich


  • Grilled Sujuk Sandwich (880 Cals)

    Grilled middle eastern sausage with garlic sauce, pickles, tomatoes, and a squeeze of lemon.


  • Falafel Sandwich (590 Cals)

    Three pieces of falafel made from ground chickpeas and sesame seeds, with fresh parsley, tomatoes, pickles, and tahini sauce wrapped in pita bread.


  • Chicken Sub Sandwich


  • Steak Sub Sandwich


  • Kafta Sandwich (680 Cals)


  • Grilled Makanek Sandwich


  • Lebanese Fajita Sandwich



  • Platter for Four

    Two Skewers of tawook, two skewers of shish kabab, two skewers of kafta, a mix of shawarmas, a large hummus, a large fattoush, freshly baked pita...


  • Platter for Eight

    Four skewers of tawook, four skewers of shish kabab, four skewers of kafta, a mix of shawarmas, a large hummus, two large fattoush, freshly baked...



  • Water


  • Soft Drink


  • Airan