TAMM Mexican Restaurant


430 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6C6, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Nachos


  • Loaded French Fries

    French fries, chorizo, sour cream, and shredded cheese.


  • Tostadas

    Two tostadas topped with chicken, lettuce, sour cream, and tomato with a side of guacamole.




Taste a variety of meats. marinated pork(pastor), pulled pork (carnitas), arrachera(beef),chorizo(pork),pollo(chicken)

  • Arrachera (3 tacos)

    arrachera beef, comes with lime, cilantro and onion


  • Carnitas (3 tacos)

    pulled pork, comes with lime, cilantro and onion


  • Pastor (3 tacos)

    marinated pork, comes with lime, cilantro, onion and crushed pineapple


  • Pollo (Chicken) (3 tacos)

    marinated chicken, comes with lime and pico de gallo



Flour tortilla stuffed with bean, choice of meat, served with a side of rice, side salad, and side guacamole.

  • Arrachera (Beef)

    arrachera beef & beans with a side of guacamole and rice


  • Carnitas (Pulled Pork)

    pulled pork & beens with a side of guacamole and rice


  • Pollo (Chicken)

    marinated chicken & beens with a side of guacamole and rice


  • Pastor (Marinated Pork)

    marinated pork & beens with a side of guacamole and rice


  • chile relleno

    poblano pepper stuffed with mozzarella cheese, comes with a side of guacamole and rice


Extras/ Sides

  • Extra Meat


  • Extra Tortilla Chips with Salsa


  • Extra Salsa/ Sour Cream


  • Extra Prico De Gallo/ Guacamole


  • Side Rice/ Beans


  • Kids Meal (10 and under) (quesadilla)

    two small size quesadillas with sides of rice and beens + juice



  • Super Torta (pulled pork)

    Pulled pork, avocado, cheese, beans, lettuce, and tomato.


  • Torta Chorizo

    chorizo, avocado, beens & lettuce


  • Torta Bistek Ranchero

    Beef, pork, avocado, beans, lettuce, and tomato.


  • torta arrachera

    beef, avocado, beans & lettuce


  • torta chile relleno

    poblano pepper filled with mozzarella cheese, beans, & avocado



  • Montado/ Quesadillas

    Flour tortilla, cheese, choice of meat, and salsa.


  • Bistek Ranchero

    Steak cubes, poblano peppers, beans, rice, and corn tortillas.


  • El Dominguero

    Pork in red sauce served with rice and beans.


  • Roast Chicken Breast

    Roast Chicken Breast served with beans and rice.


  • Grilled Flank Steak

    Grilled Flank Steak served with guacamole, pico de gallo, grilled onions, and fried beans.


  • Chile Relleno

    Chile Relleno with beans, rice, lettuce, and tomatoes.


  • Tilapia Filet

    Tilapia Fillet with rice, avocado, and pico de gallo.


  • Potato Golden Tacos

    Tacos served with guacamole, rice, lettuce, and tomatoes.


  • Fish Tacos (Three)



  • home made Churros

    6 pieces of home made churros and a side of caramel


  • filled churros

    4 filled in churros ( chocolate, strawberry,milk made,caramel )


  • Three Milks Cake



  • Jarritos


  • Mexican Coke


  • Cidral/ Sangria