T-Joes Authentic Caribbean Cuisine


130 Racco Pkwy, Thornhill, ON L4J 8X9, Canada

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All Day Breakfast

  • Jamdown All Day Breakfast

    Jamaica’s signature Ackee N saltfish served with boil food. This dish is inspired by the memory of true authenticity that brings out not only flavour...


  • Bahamian All Day Breakfast

    The Bahamian signature dish of chicken souse comes with boil chicken and vegetables infuse in its flaming mix seasoning.


  • Trini All Day Breakfast

    Trinidad well-known bake and saltfish or fish with vegetables and special pepper sauce flaming your pallet with an aroma of taste and flavours.


  • Tropical Crack Chicken

    A Bahamian island favourite kissed with coconut rum sauce, tropical salsa, and fried plantain.


  • T’Joes Fries Pot

    Golden French fries topped with jerk chicken, bacon, cheese, ranch, pickles, and love.


  • Lathie’s Saltfish Fritters (6 pcs)

    A signature dish is done with love for the purpose of greatness that melts in your mouth.


  • Island Shrimp

    What is your pallet feeling for curry, spicy, sweet chili this is married with a base of basmati and fresh steam vegetables.


  • T’Joes Truffle Mac N Cheese

    A three-cheese paste to die for.


  • T’Joes Rasta Pasta

    A meal for the vegan lovers. All blend with fresh herbs and vegetables. Instead of buttermilk, we use coconut milk for that extended flavour that...


  • Tayari’s Line Catch

    Freshest Su-Chef choice of fish, fry with pickled vegetables, lemon butter or steam with house vegetables, and lemon caper.


  • Island Fry chicken

    Crispy buttermilk fry chicken leg quarter with a special in-house sweet chilli heat.


  • Grill Jerk Chicken Panini

    Grill jerk chicken breast, pecan smoked bacon, swiss cheese, and cranberry mayonnaise sauce.


  • Chickpeas and Potatoes

    Caribbean curry chickpeas and yellow potatoes, garden vegetables, and coconut milk. Served with basmati rice or roti.


  • Sensational Garden Salad

    Chef gingers green, farm vegetables, and in-house herbal sauce.


  • Real Caribbean Curry Chicken

    Island curry chicken with a mix of trinidad and jamaica giving it a blend to die for.


  • Jerk Wrap

    A wrap that is built with lots of love that has T-Joes's fresh vegetables, and T-Joes's special signature sauce.


  • Brown-Stew Chicken

    A dish with all herbs blended to give it a taste of authentic flavours. This dish will leave your taste buds in a different arena. Served with rice...


  • BBQ Chicken

    T-Joes's signature oven-baked chicken tossed in T-Joes's special in-house barbeque sauce made from fresh fruits and sauces.


  • T’Joes Seafood Run Meh Down

    A blend of shrimp, scallops, fish, and lobster cooked down in T-Joes's special curry sauce with a flavour of spices and fresh vegetables.


  • Dolly’s Crave Wings

    Basket of T-Joes's signature wings with T-Joes's sauce.


Side Orders

  • Coconut White Rice


  • Rice and Peas


  • Fresh Steam Vegetables


  • Island Coleslaw


  • Macaroni Salad


  • Roti Shell


  • Boiled Food



  • Regular Homemade Drinks