Sunny M Specialty Coffee & Tea


4540 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3V7, Canada

Opens at 9:30 AM


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  • House Basque Cake



Craft Coffee

  • Private Gesha Washed

    Private Gesha | Guatemala | 1700M | Washed; Jasmine floral, sweet lemon acidity, Tea-like body, Honey or sugarcane aftertaste.


  • Jamaica Blue Mountain

    Jamaica Blue Mountain | Silver Hill, Jamaica | 1300M | Washed; Cedary chocolate, Apricot toned fruit acidity, light creamy body, Macadamia chocolate...


Craft Tea

  • Bloom Red Oolong


  • Mudra Red Oolong

    Mudra - Red Oolong Tea.


  • Beauty Red Oolong

    Beauty - red oolong tea - green leafhopper bitten.


  • NO.12 (Milky) Red Oolong


  • Amber Red Oolong


  • Ruby Black Tea


  • High Mountain Oolong


  • Red Oolong Exploration Pack

    Bloom: White floral; No.12(Milky), green pomelo, mudra: fingered citron, Ambre: mature fruits, beauty: Honey like fruity Hhghmountain: gardenia.


  • Old Fashioned High Mountain Oolong


  • Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong



  • Americano

    Made from double shot espresso.


  • Latte (Oat Milk)

    Double shot Latte. Sunny M Speciality Coffee's espresso bean change frequently.


Handcrafted Coffee

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaica blue mountain coffee.


  • Guatemala Gesha

    Guatemala gesha. Washed.


  • House Cold Brew


Handcrafted Tea

  • Floral Red Oolong

    Bloom: White floral. No.12: Green pomelo(Milky).


  • Fruity Red Oolong

    Mudra: fingered citron, ambre: mature fruits.


  • Beauty Red Oolong Tea

    Beauty red oolong tea - green leafhopper bitten.


  • Ruby Black Handcraft Tea


  • High Mountain Oolong Tea


  • Old Fashion High Mountain Oolong Tea


  • Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong


Specialty Drinks

  • Affojelly

    Double shot espresso, vanilla ice cream, and grass jelly.


  • Bubble Latte

    Double shot espresso, brown sugar bubble, and choice of milk.


  • Triple Joy

    Double shot espresso, brown sugar bubble, vanilla ice cream, grass jelly, and choice of milk.


  • Bubble Tea

    Brown sugar bubble, powder, and choice of milk.


  • Cascara Drink


  • House Chocolate

    Chocolate and milk.


  • Double Double

    Double shot espresso, brown sugar bubble, vanilla ice cream, and choice of milk.


  • Grass Jelly Milk

    Grass jelly and choice of milk.