Sul Irmaos Smokehouse


66 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1J9, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM


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Po Boys Sandwiches

Southern Louisiana-style sandwich.

  • Pulled Pork Beanasaurus Sandwich

    Smoked pulled pork, barbeque sauce, homestyle chilies, and creamy coleslaw, topped with fried mac and cheese bites.


  • Fried Chicken Sandwich

    Battered and deep-fried smoked pulled chicken and barbeque sauce, topped with pico de gallo and sweet chilli aioli.


  • Filly Brisket Sandwich

    Smoked sliced brisket topped with gravy, barbeque sauce, cheese, sweet peppers, onions, and mushrooms.


Traditional Sandwiches

Classic sandwich on a bun.

  • Veal Sandwich

    Thin veal cutlets breaded and fried topped with tomato sauce.


  • Pulled Pork Bifana Sandwich

    Smoked pulled pork topped with sauteed onions.


Portuguese BBQ Chicken

All meals come with your choice of two sides.

  • Full Chicken


  • Side Half Chicken only


  • Half Chicken Meal

    Half chicken meal comes with your choice of two sides.


Smoked Chicken Wings

  • Jumbo Wings (1 lb)

    One-ounce jumbo wings marinated and smoked, lightly-seasoned with house rub and tossed in your choice of flavour.



Fresh hand-cut fries tossed in Sul Irmaos Smokehouse's house rub, cheese curds, and gravy.

  • Classic Poutine

    Cheese curds and gravy.


  • Pulled Pork Poutine

    Smoked pulled pork and barbeque sauce, topped with sweet chilli aioli and green onions.


  • Macaroni Bite Poutine

    Deep-fried mac and cheese bites topped with sweet chilli aioli and green onions.


Family Combos

All combos come with your choice of two sides.

  • Family Combo

    One whole chicken and two medium sides. One order serves four people.


Extra Sauces

  • Hot Sauce


  • Sweet Chilli Aioli Sauce


  • Sweet Chilli Sauce


  • BBQ Sauce



  • Rice


  • Potaotes


  • Fries


  • Side Caesar Salad


  • Side Garden Salad


  • Coleslaw


  • Macaroni and Cheese

    Homemade creamy mac and cheese.

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  • Macaroni and Cheese Bites

    Breaded and deep-fried mac and cheese squares served with sweet chilli aioli.

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  • ATB'S

    Smoked bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and Portuguese sausage, served with sweet chilli aioli.

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  • Full Chicken


  • Fish Fillet

    Marinated basa fillet battered and fried. Served with choice of two sides.




  • Coke (355 ml)

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  • Diet coke

    355 ml

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  • Canada Dry

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