Street Hotpot 街头暗号


7355 Edmonds St, Burnaby, BC V3N 1A9, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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House Made Fried Dumplings 自制北方大馅锅贴

  • Pork Fried Dumplings with Cabbages 猪肉白菜锅贴


Spicy Hot Pot Series 麻辣香锅系列

  • Spicy Hot Pot 麻辣香锅

    Ingredients: beef slices, pork belly slices, luncheon meat, fish tofu, cuttlefish balls, white fish balls, yuba, konjac shreds, celery, cauliflower,


  • Spicy Hot Pot Boneless Chicken Thighs 麻辣香锅无骨鸡腿肉

    Ingredients: boneless chicken thigh, fish tofu, cuttlefish balls, white fish balls, yuba, shredded konjac, celery, cauliflower, potatoes, cabbage,


  • Spicy Hot Pot Fat Sausage 麻辣香锅肥肠

    Ingredients: Homemade Braised Sausage, Fish Tofu, Cuttlefish Balls, White Fish Balls, Yuba, Shredded Konjac, Celery, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Cabbage,


  • Extra Rice 额外米饭


Classic Chinese Dishes 街头热炒系列

  • Soy & Spicy Potato Strips 酸辣土豆丝


  • (Recommend)Chong Qing Style Chicken w/ Chilli Oil (力荐)重庆椒麻鸡


  • (Recommend)Spicy Pork Kidneys w/ Chinese Chives (力荐)韭菜腰花


  • Spicy Boiled Pork Slices 水煮肉片


  • Spicy Boiled Sole Fish Slices 水煮鱼片


  • Spicy Fried Pork Intestines 火爆肥肠


  • Chong Qing Style Pickled Fish Slices 重庆酸菜鱼


  • (Recommend)Xin Jiang Style Braised Chicken with Potatos (力荐)新疆大盘鸡


Street Casseroles Dishes 街头砂锅系列

  • Pork Balls with Vegetable Soup (with rice) 砂锅猪肉丸子 (配米饭)


  • Sauerkraut Pork Belly (Mild)(with Rice) 东北酸菜五花肉锅(微辣)(配米饭)


  • Tomato Beef Briskets & Potato (with Rice) 番茄牛腩土豆锅(配米饭)


  • Spicy Beef Slices (Spicy)(with Rice) 麻辣肥牛片锅(辣)(配米饭)


  • Beef Slices & Enoki Mushroom in Sour Soup(Spicy)(with Rice) 酸汤金针菇肥牛锅(辣)(配米饭)


Tepan BBQ 铁板烧烤

  • Squid Skewers 鱿鱼串(2pc)


  • Orleans Flavoured Chicken Wings 奥尔良鸡翅 (5pc)


  • Garlic Chicken Wings 蒜香鸡翅 (5pc)


  • Salted Chicken Wings 盐焗鸡翅 (5pc)


  • House Special Potato Wedges 烧烤土豆块


  • Pickled Pepper Sausages And Konjac 铁板泡椒香肠魔芋爽


  • Pickled Pepper Flavored Beef Omasum And Konjac 铁板泡椒百叶魔芋爽


  • Pickled Pepper Crab Sticks And Bean Vermicelli 铁板泡椒粉丝蟹柳


  • Orlean Chicken Cartilage 奥尔良鸡膝


  • Spicy BBQ Zucchini 铁板麻辣西葫芦


  • House Special Cumin Muffins 独家风味孜然烤馍


Rice 米饭

  • Rice 米饭