Street Chaat


332 Main St N, Brampton, ON L6V 1P8, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

BOGO - Buy One Get One Free!

Get two for the price of one! Grab it fast :)

  • BOGO - Pav Bhaji

    Satisfy your cravings with our delectable Pav Bhaji, a beloved Indian street food delight. Our expertly prepared dish features a flavorful blend of...


  • BOGO - Veggie Noodles Burger

    80gram of veggie patty,noodles vegetables sauces and served in a toasted burger buns


  • BOGO - Aloo Tikki Burger

    Savor the classic charm of our Aloo Tikki Burger – a mouthwatering delight that combines a perfectly spiced and crispy Aloo Tikki with a soft,


  • BOGO - Mumbai frankie

    Veg Mumbai Frankie is a vegetarian variation of the popular street food in Mumbai. It features a spiced mix of vegetables like potatoes, peas, and...


  • BOGO - Schezwan mumbai frankie

    Veg Mumbai Frankie with a touch of Schezwan adds an extra kick to the street food delight. The spiced vegetable filling, wrapped in paratha or roti,


  • BOGO - Matka kulfi without dry fruits


  • BOGO - Matka kulfi with dry fruits


Combo Deals

  • Combo Veggie Noodles Burger ,Fried Paneer Momos Pop

    1 Veggie Noodles Burger+ 8 Fried Panner Momos and 1 Pop


  • Dilli Gujarat Combo Basket Chaat +Dabeli

    Our Basket Chaat and Dabeli combo deal is a delightful combination of two popular Indian street food items. The Basket Chaat features a crispy and...


  • Mumbai Tadka Combo Vada Pav and Paneer roll

    The Mumbai Tadka Combo is a delightful offering that includes two popular Indian street food items: Vada Pav and Paneer Roll. Vada Pav is a classic...


  • Mumbaiya Combo - 1 Vada Pav 1 Schezwan Vada Pav

    Indulge in the Mumbaiya Combo, featuring a classic vada pav and a zesty schezwan vada pav, both packed with deliciousness and served in iconic buns.


  • Road Side Combo - 1 Vada Pav 1 Samosa Pav

    Savor the street food experience with our Roadside Combo: a vada pav and a samosa pav, bursting with flavorful fillings and served in soft buns.


Small Bites

  • Masala paneer nuggets (5pcs)

    Spicy and crispy bite-sized nuggets made from seasoned paneer, perfect for a flavorful vegetarian snack.


  • Cheese popcorns (5 pcs)

    Mouthwatering popcorn coated with a generous layer of melted cheese, a delectable treat for cheese lovers.



Thali Mix

  • Dhamakedar Thali

    Indulge in a burst of flavors with our Dhamakedar Thali! Start with the crispy delight of Kachori Chaat and the refreshing crunch of Bhel Puri. Savor...


  • Street Chaat Thali

    Indulge in the explosion of flavors with our street chaat special thali - a tantalizing combo of pav bhaji, vada pav slider, samosa chaat, bhalla...


  • Dil se Desi Thali 5 Chaats in 1

    Make your chaat thali with a variety of mouthwatering chaats



Kullad Ka Maza

  • Cheesy Kullad Paneer Momos

    Indulge in the deliciousness of cheesy kullad paneer momos – a delightful fusion of flavors! This dish features two perfectly fried momos, generously...


  • Cheesy Kullad Veggie Momos

    Indulge in the deliciousness of cheesy kullad veg momos – a delightful fusion of flavors! This dish features two perfectly fried momos, generously...


  • Khullad Veggie Maggi


  • Kullad Pizza