Spicy Amigos


821 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3T5, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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Appetizers are available daily until 6:15.

  • Totopos & Salsas

    Indulge in our crispy corn tortilla chips served alongside your choice of one of our homemade salsas (avocado, verde, and roja) or classic pico de...


  • Chips & Guacamole

    Delight in our freshly crafted homemade guacamole accompanied by crispy corn tortilla chips


  • Tortilla Soup

    Indulge in a zesty chicken broth infused with spices, served with tender chicken, vibrant pico de gallo, crunchy tortilla chips, melted cheese,


  • Nachos

    Savour our crispy fried corn chips piled high with your preferred meat selection, creamy refried beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, fresh pico de gallo,


  • Empanadas (3 pcs)

    Enjoy three delectable empanadas made with 100% corn, fried to golden perfection


  • Mexican Fries

    Mexican fries, accompanied by zesty chipotle mayo, creamy crema, melted cheese with fresh jalapenos for a kick, and tangy habanero ketchup.


  • Flautas

    Four crunchy rolled tortillas filled with your choice of protein, topped with fresh pico de gallo, creamy crema, melted cheese, crisp lettuce, and...



Mains are available daily until 6:15. All items come with your choice of salsa

  • Street Tacos (2 minimum) $4.00 each taco.

    Soft corn tortilla filled with your preferred meat selection, and your choice of fresh cilantro and onion or pico de gallo, accompanied by zesty...

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  • Burrito

    Enjoy a flour tortilla filled with your choice of meat, accompanied by rice, refried beans, crisp lettuce, flavorful pico de gallo, creamy Oaxaca...


  • Quesadilla

    Flour tortilla generously filled with Oaxaca cheese and your selected meat. Accompanied by crisp lettuce, fresh pico de gallo, and authentic Mexican...


  • Tostadas

    Three crispy corn tortillas stacked with creamy refried beans, crisp lettuce, vibrant pico de gallo, authentic Mexican crema, and your preferred...


  • Amigo Bowl

    Combination of rice, refried beans, crisp lettuce, your choice of protein, vibrant pico de gallo, creamy guacamole, authentic Mexican crema, and...


  • Plato Amigo

    Enjoy a delicious combination of rice, flavourful refried beans, crisp lettuce, and zesty pico de gallo served with two tortillas and your choice of...


  • Taco Kit

    Customize your tacos with our taco kit! Each kit includes 1lb of your choice of select meat, 10 tortillas for wrapping, 4 oz of fresh pico de gallo...


Sides & Extras

  • Homemade Salsa - Small Side

    Small salsa.


  • Corn Tortillas (5 pcs)

    Three homemade corn tortillas.


  • Guacamole - Small Side


  • Tortilla Chips Side


  • Refried Beans Side

    Refried beans.


  • Mexican Rice Side

    Mexican rice.


  • Pico de Gallo - Large Side


  • Guacamole - Large Side


  • Birria Broth

    Beef broth with onion and cilantro.


  • Homemade Salsa - Large Side

    Choice one of our next salsas: Mild avocado, medium green tomatillo, hot and extra hot.



  • Tres Leches Cake Slice

    Experience the rich flavors of our Tres Leches Cake - a sponge cake soaked in a blend of evaporated milk and condensed milk, topped with luxurious...


  • Churros (6 pcs)

    Indulge in our delightful churros - fried dough pastries coated with a generous layer of cinnamon-sugar



Aguas Frescas

Meticulously crafted fresh from scratch in-house!

  • Jamaica


  • Lemonade


  • Horchata

    Traditional Mexican Rice Milk Drink



  • Jarritos

    Natural flavoured soft drink and comes with your choice of flavour (limon, mandarin, mango, tamarind, pinapple, fruit punch, squirt, grapefruit,


  • Bottled Water


  • Diet Coke


  • Topo Chico Mineral Water

    Sparkling mineral water.


  • Coca-Cola


  • Sangria Señorial


  • Pony Malta