Son of a Peach


2049 Pine St, Burlington, ON L7R 1E9, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM


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    Garlic Knots

    Hot and fresh out of the oven, garlic herb butter, and parmigiana reggiano.


  • The Wings

    Crispy fried Ontario roaster wings, OG honey sriracha sauce, carrots, and jalapeno sour cream dip.


  • Crispy Fried Cauliflower

    Cauliflower florets, garlic aioli, fresh herb salsa, and parmigiana reggiano.


  • The Caesar

    Fresh cut romaine, creamy lemon vinaigrette, candied maple bacon, parmigiana reggiano and charred lemon


  • Chopped Italian

    arugula, prosciutto, salami, chunked mozzarella, roma tomatoes, house giardiniera, italian dressing.



All pizzas are created using whole milk and virgin mozzarella and generously garnished with oregano, fresh basil, and 30-month aged parmigiana reggiano. Everything is made in-house. Son of a Peach's 96-hour cold fermented pizza dough is made daily, and contains only locally milled flour, kosher salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, and yeast. No gluten-friendly pizza option.

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    Tomato Mozz Pizza

    Tomato sauce, and extra-virgin olive oil.


  • Burlingtonian

    Tomato sauce, dry-cured pepperoni, wine and herb roasted wild mushrooms, and bacon.


  • JJ's Hawaiian Pizza

    Tomato sauce, fresh cut pineapple, shaved ham, pickled jalapenos, and bacon.


  • The Spicy Salami and Wild Honey Pizza

    Tomato sauce, genoa salami, local, and wildflower honey.


  • The Fig and Proscuitto Pizza

    Roasted garlic ricotta, California mission fig jam, prosciutto, and baby arugula.


  • The Meatza Pizza

    Tomato sauce, bacon, sausage, spicy genoa salami, and pepperoni.


  • New York Sausage & Onion Pie

    Tomato sauce, spicy fennel sausage, roasted sweet peppers, and red onions.


  • The Pepperoni Pizza

    Tomato sauce, and ezzo dry cured pepperoni.


  • The Wild Mushroom Pizza

    Tomato sauce, garlic, thyme, and white wine roasted mushrooms.


  • BBQ Chicken

    House barbeque sauce, provolone, chicken, pickled jalapenos, and crispy onions.


  • Pear and Walnut

    Olive oil, pear, gorgonzola, walnuts, and honey.



  • Bomboloni

    soft fried little dough pillows, icing sugar, chocolate & caramel dipping sauce



  • Roasted Garlic Aioli (2 oz)


  • Marinara (4 oz)


  • Wild Honey Sriracha (2 oz)