Smoke Shack Deli


3645 Gosset Rd #214, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2N8, Canada

Opens at 10:15 AM


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Place Settings

plastic spoons forks knifes $1.00 a meal

  • knife forks and spoons

    $1.00 for knife spoon and fork per meal ordered



  • Breakfast Bun


  • Fresh Pulled Pork (12 inch)

    12 in fresh pulled pork. smoked 12 hours . white or brown sub. included bbq sauce chipotle clos slaw


  • Fresh Beef Brisket 12 in sub (12 inch)

    On white or brown bun. Comes with house made bbq sauce and a horse radish -Dijon cloe slaw


  • Sausage on a Bun

    beef or Italian sausage house made on a bun


  • 6 Inch Sub

    you can have beef , pork or ham


  • Hot Dog


  • ham and swiss cheese sauce

    ham with house swiss cheese sauce mustard on a fresh onion cheese bun


  • 6in meatball sub

    6 in meatball sub , made from brisket . two cheeses and tomato sauce



  • Grilled Cheese Beef Brisket Dip

    grilled fench bread , garlic butter , inside house cheese spread on both sides , real smoked brisket and house Au Jus


  • Smoked Chicken breast

    2 pack of smoked chicken breast 14.00


  • Roast Beef , ham or chicken Sandwich


  • Tuna sandwich


  • Egg Salad


  • BBQ Burger (7-8oz real meat)

    Home made brisket and sirloin , soaked in are bbq sauce topped with lettuce tomato fried onions cheese mustards and mayo


  • Montreal Smoked Meat

    house made smoked , on rye bread stacked high


  • Hot Roast Beef Open Face/Gravy


  • Chicken Parmesan Kaiser


  • Beef and Cheese Sauce on Kaiser

    onion chees bun with house smoked brisket bbq sauce and house cheese spread


  • Pulled Pork with Swiss Cheese Sauce on onion cheese bun

    fresh oinion cheese bun with bbq sauce pulled pork more bbq sauce and house made swiss cheese spread


  • ham and swiss cheese sauce

    sliced ham home made swiss cheese sauce on a onion cheese bun


Bulk Sales

  • Pulled Pork (1 lb)

    smoked pulled pork , house smoked brined for 3 days


  • Beef Brisket (1 lb) (1lb or more )

    1 lb of fresh smoked beef brisket, local meats smoked in house


  • Italian Pork Sausage (1 pkg)

    6 nice pork sausages with mild Italian flavor


  • Beef Brisket Sausage (1 pkg)


  • Handmade Beef Brisket Burger (7-8 oz)

    frozen house made patties brisket sirloin patties , no bread seasoned 7.00 PER PATTIE


  • Meat Ball (1 pc)


jerky and pepperoni

thick cut jerky, teriyaki , peered and house it is like a honey peppered All made in house

  • beef jerky

    3 flavours , thick cut . peppered , honey pepper and teriyaki You get 56 grams $5 114 gr for $10 , 230gr FOR $20 and 1lb for $40


pop and Gatorade and water pop and Gatorade $3.00 water$1.00

orange crush, dr pepper, coke , coke zero Pepsi , Pepsi zero, mtn dew, brisk ice tea, sunny d , g2 orange blue grape punch, gatoraid lime blue and orange