Sip Wine Bar


2 Broadway Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 1T4, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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Antipasti - Classici

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    Frittura Mista

    Lightly breaded fried calamari and shrimp with a fresh basil aioli sauce.


  • Zuppa del Giorno

    Soup of the day.


  • Sip Bruschetta

    Pizza focaccia topped with fresh and marinated diced tomatoes.


  • Insalata di Rucola

    Arugula salad with pine nuts, Brie cheese, pear slices, and a citrus vinaigrette dressing.


  • Insalata di Cesare

    Romaine lettuce, croutons, and dressed with a fresh creamy Caesar dressing.


  • Insalata Mista

    Mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers with an aged balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


  • Insalata Caprese

    Freshly sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese topped with olive oil and basil pesto.


  • Polpette Sip

    Italian-style meatballs in a fresh tomato sauce.


  • Impepata di Cozze

    Sauteed mussels in white wine and lemon broth or tomato broth with freshly grated black pepper.


  • Carpaccio di Salmone agli Agrumi e Rafano

    Smoked salmon marinated with mixed citrus and mousse of horseradish.


  • Burratina di Bufala

    Buffalo burrata with San Daniele prosciutto, Tuscany toasted bread, and basil pesto.



  • Tagliere alla Italiana

    Thinly sliced cured meats and assorted of cheese with Italian olives and taralli bread.


  • Parma and Parma

    Prosciutto di Parma and chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano with taralli bread and olives.


  • Tagliere di Formaggi

    Parmigiano Reggiano, brie, Gorgonzola, and crotonese cheese with truffle honey and olives.


Pizze Rosse

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    Diavola Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, spicy salami, and basil.


  • Marinara Pizza

    Tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and parsley.


  • Margherita Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.


  • Margherita Verace Pizza

    Tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella, and basil.


  • Napoli Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies, and basil.


  • Funghi Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, and basil.


  • Capricciosa Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, cooked ham, artichokes, olives, and basil.


  • Anduja Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, spicy creamy salami, and basil.


  • La Crudo Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, and basil.


  • Calzone Pizza

    Ricotta, cooked ham, Parmigiano cheese, and a light brushing of tomatoes.


  • Sip Pizza

    Tomatoes, ricotta, cooked ham, mozzarella, mushrooms, and basil.


  • Vegetariana Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, onions, red roasted peppers, and basil.


  • Tonno e Cipolla Pizza

    Tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna, red onions, and basil.


Pizze Bianche

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    L'Italiana Pizza

    Mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, arugula, Parmigiano shavings, and basil.


  • Amalfi Pizza

    Mozzarella, arugula, lemon slices, Parmigiano shavings, and basil.


  • Salsiccia e Patate Pizza

    Mozzarella, Italian sausage, sliced potatoes, olive oil, and basil.


  • Quattro Formaggi Pizza

    Mozzarella, provolone, Parmigiano, Gorgonzola cheese, and basil.


  • Funghi Pizze Bianche

    Mozzarella, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese, and basil.


  • Tronchetto Pizza

    Mozzarella, mushrooms, arugula, prosciutto di parma, Parmigiano shavings, and basil.



  • MenuItemImage
    Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

    Tagliatelle in a traditional bolognese meat sauce.


  • Penne alla Vodka

    Penne tossed with pancetta in a rose vodka sauce.


  • Penne Arrabiata

    Penne tossed in a spicy fresh tomato sauce.


  • Spaghetti alle Primizie Dell'orto

    Spaghetti tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables and ricotta cheese in a light tomato sauce.


  • Pappardelle al Boscaiola

    Pappardelle with mushrooms, Italian sausage, and green peas ragu in a light tomato sauce.


  • Gnocchi in Crema di Broccoli e Burrata

    Potato dumplings in a broccoli and black olive puree finished with chunks of burrata cheese.


  • Agnolotti alle Carni in Crema di Fontina e Tartufata

    Agnolotti stuffed with fresh meat in a fondue of fontina cheese and black truffle paste.


  • Linguine allo Scoglio

    Linguini tossed with sauteed mussels, clams, shrimp, and calamari in a light tomato sauce.



  • Risotto al Ragu di Verdure e Scamorza Affumicata

    Risotto with seasonal vegetables and smoked scamorza cheese.


  • Risotto al Funghi

    Risotto with mushrooms, truffle oil, and Parmigiano shavings.


  • Risotto alla Pescatora

    Risotto with shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari in a light tomato sauce.


Carne e Pesce

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    Salmone alla Griglia (8 oz)

    Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet served in a fish fume with white wine, lemon, and dried caper sauce.


  • Scaloppine di Pollo al Limone

    Pan-seared Cutlet chicken in a lemon white wine and sage sauce.


  • Vitello ai Ferri Speziato al Finocchietto (8 oz)

    Grilled marinated veal chop in a wild fennel and mixed herb marinade.


  • Agnello Macerato

    Grilled marinated Australian lamb chops in a freshly mixed herb marinade.


  • Gamberoni alla Diavola

    Jumbo black tiger shrimp in a wine, garlic and spicy, and fresh tomato sauce.


  • Suprema di Pollo al Limone e Salvia (8 oz)

    Pan-seared breast of chicken in a lemon white wine and saga sauce.



  • Tiramisu al Baileys

    Italian cookies soaked in coffee with a sweet mascarpone cream and finished with fresh berries.


  • Tortino al Cioccolato

    Chocolate lava cake topped with a chantilly cream.


  • Panna Cotta al Passion Fruit

    Italian cooked cream with passion fruit sauce and berries.


  • Cheesecake al Cioccolato Bianco

    White chocolate cheesecake.


  • Pizza con Nutella

    Pizza, finished with a hazelnut chocolate spread.


  • Tartufo Classico

    Classic chocolate tartufo ice cream.



  • Soft Drinks


  • San Pellegrino


  • Orange Juice


  • Bottled Water


  • Coffee


  • Tea


  • Espresso


  • Espresso Macchiato


  • Cappuccino


  • Lattee