Sikgaek Korean Restaurant and Bar


800 Dundas St E a, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2B6, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Sikgaek Omurice

    Fried rice covered with an egg omelet and your choice of sauce, rice flavor, and toppings.


Entree (Dupbap)

  • Bibimbap

    Traditional mixed vegetables, beef, and fried egg on rice.


  • Spicy Pork Bulgogi Dupbap

    Marinated spicy pork bulgogi on rice.


  • Beef Bulgogi Dupbap

    Marinated beef bulgogi on rice.


  • Spicy Chicken Dupbap

    Marinated spicy chicken on rice.


  • Spicy Squid Dupbap

    Marinated spicy squid on rice.


Entree (Soup)

  • Pork Bone Soup

    Pork bone with potato and vegetables. Served with a bowl of rice.


  • Seafood Soft Tofu

    Spicy soft tofu stew with shrimp and squid and egg. Serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Kimchi Soft Tofu

    Spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi, vegetables, and egg. Serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Pork Kimchi Stew

    Kimchi stew with pork. Serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Perilla Seed Samgyetang

    Whole young chicken soup with ginseng, ginkgo nut, dates, sticky rice, and herbs with perilla seed.


  • Ttokmandugook

    Soup with rice cake, pork dumpling, and beaten egg.


  • Korean Soybean Stew

    Korean traditional soybean stew with tofu, mixed seafood, and vegetables. Serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Vegetable Soft Tofu

    Spicy soft tofu stew with mixed vegetables with egg. Serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Noodle Pork Bone Soup

    Pork bone soup with clear noodle.


  • Ttokgook

    Soup with rice cake and beaten egg.


  • Uhmuktang

    Fish cake soup with boiled egg and green onion.


  • Gyeran Tang

    Egg soup with green onion.


Sikgaek Korean Style Fried Chicken

  • Uncle Joseph Chicken

    Fried boneless chicken with garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese.


  • Boneless Chicken


  • Padak

    Plain fried chicken with sweet and spicy green onion.


  • Yangnyum Chicken

    Fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce.


  • My Honey Chicken Wing

    Breaded chicken wing with sikgaek honey soy garlic sauce.


  • My Honey Soy Chicken

    Fried chicken with honey soy sauce.


  • Fried Chicken

    Plain fried chicken.


  • Chicken Wing + Fries

    Nonbreaded fried chicken wing served with potato fries.


Chef's Special

  • Ttokbokki-Street Food Style

    Street food style spicy rice cake with fishcake and cabbage.


  • Japtang Ttokboke

    Spicy rice cake with mixed fish cake, clear noodles, boiled egg, and four pieces of fried pork dumplings.


  • Galbi Samgyupsal

    Marinated pork belly served with spicy bean sprouts and shredded green onion.


  • Buldakbal

    Korean Spicy Chicken Feet serve with rice cake.


  • Kimchi Friedrice

    Kimchi fried rice serve with fried egg.


  • Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice

    Traditional kimchi fried rice topped with mozzarella cheese melt.


  • Samgyupsal Duruchigi

    Stir-fried pork belly with kimchi and vegetables. serve with a bowl of rice.


  • Cheese Dakgalbi for (2 ppl)

    Marinated spicy chicken with mixed vegetables serves with melted cheese on the top.


  • Shrimp Friedrice

    Shrimp fried rice served with a fried egg.


  • Vegetable Friedrice

    Mixed vegetable fried rice with a fried egg.



  • Japchae

    Stir-fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables.


  • Mool Naengmyeon

    Thin buckwheat noodles with slushy broth.


  • Bibim Naengmyeon

    Thin buckwheat noodles with spicy sauce with a touch of slush broth.


  • Korean Style Ramen

    Korean spicy ramen served with shrimp, vegetable, and egg.


  • Cheese Ramen

    Korean spicy ramen serve with shrimp, vegetable, and egg topped to serve with cheese.


  • Buldak Ramen

    Spicy buldak ramen topped with sweet corn and mozzarella cheese served with creamy buldak sauce.


Korean Pancake

  • Kimchi Pancake

    Traditional pancake with homemade kimchi.


  • Seafood Pancake

    Traditional pancake with green onion, seafood, egg, and assorted vegetable.


  • Yache Pancake

    Traditional pancake with green onion, egg, and assorted vegeable.


Side Order

  • Fried Shrimp Tempura

    Four pieces deep-fried shrimp serve with homemade sikgaek sauce.


  • Roasted Seaweed (3 packs)

    Roasted seaweed with grape seed oil.


  • Corn Cheese


  • Dumplings

    Five pieces of pork dumplings.


  • Potato Fries

    Potato fries.


  • Bibim Dumpling

    10 pieces of fried pork dumplings and salad served with spicy sauce.



  • Extra sides

    (Choice of one) kimchi, bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, and pickled radish.


  • Bowl of Rice


  • Extra Sauce

    (Choice of one) Yangnyum sauce, joseph sauce, and my honey soy sauce.


  • Seaweed Roll

    Four pieces of deep-fried seaweed roll.


  • Extra Rice Cakes

    Boiled plain rice cake.


  • Ramen Noodle (Only)


  • Shredded Green Onion


  • Mozzarella Cheese



  • Soft Drinks