Signature Vegan


1121 Dundas St E, Whitby, ON L1N 2K5, Canada

Opens at 2:00 PM


  • Mix Vegetable Pakora

    Vegan. Crispy mix vegetable fritters in gram flour and served with chutneys.


  • Onion Bhaji

    Vegan. Crispy onion fritters in gram flour and served with chutneys.



  • Mulligatawny Soup

    Vegan. Lentil soup flavored with Indian spice and rice.


Vegan Curries

  • Chana Masala- Chickpea Curry

    Vegan. North Indian delicacy includes chickpeas in Punjabi-style masala sauce.


  • Aloo Gobi - Cauliflower & Potato

    Vegan. Potato and cauliflower in a masala sauce with cilantro.


  • Potato Curry

    Vegan. PEI potatoes in an authentic curry sauce.


  • Aloo Palak - Potato & Spinach

    Vegan. Fresh spinach puree tempered with onions, garlic, whole spices, and potato.


  • Chickpea and Potato Curry

    Vegan. Chana masala with potatoes.


  • Dal Palak - Lentil & Spinach

    Vegan. Yellow lentils, fresh spinach tempered with onions, garlic, and spices.


  • Mix Veg Curry

    Vegan. Seasonal vegetables in curry sauce.


  • Dal Tarka - Yellow Lentils

    Vegan. Yellow lentils cooked in Punjabi style with spices.


  • Aloo Baigan- Potato & Eggplant

    Vegan. Eggplant, potato in a thick masala sauce with ginger and cilantro.


  • Mushroom Palak - Mushrron & Spinach

    Vegan. Fresh mushrooms in pureed spinach tempered with spices.


Tandoori Breads

  • Roti

    Vegan. Whole wheat bread.


  • Garlic Roti

    Vegan. Roti topped up with fresh garlic and cilantro.


  • Onion Roti

    fresh roti topped up with chopped onions mixed with spices.


Basmati Rice

  • Pilau Rice

    Vegan. Rice flavored with cumin, saffron, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaf.


  • Peas Pilau

    Vegan. Pilau rice with green peas and cumin.


  • Kashmiri Rice

    Vegan. Basmati rice with raisins, sweet coconut, and saffron.


  • Mushroom Pulao

    Vegan. Fresh mushrooms cooked with rice and spices.


  • Steam Rice

    Vegan. Rice flavoured with cumin.


  • Vegetable Biryani

    Vegan. Seasonal vegetables cooked with rice, spices, mint, and fresh ginger.


  • Cauliflower & Peas Pilao


  • Lemon Turmeric Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with fresh lemon juice and ground turmeric.



  • Mango Chutney



  • Sliced Red Onions, Chili, and Lemon



  • Mixed Pickle



  • Kachumber Salad

    Diced cucumber,tomato& red onion salad.


  • Fresh Slice Salad

    Vegan. Cucumber, tomato, onion with chaat masala, and lemon.



  • Pops