Shawarma Khan


2589 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Shawarma Wraps

Delicious shawarma wraps made with all your favourite toppings!

  • Regular Shawarma Wrap

    A six-inch pita stuffed with your choice of protein accompanied with your favourite sauces and toppings.


  • Large Shawarma Wrap

    A 10-inch pita stuffed with your choice of protein accompanied with your favourite sauces and toppings.


Shawarma Plates

Plates include two sauces, two salads, rice, potatoes, and a choice of protein.

  • Shawarma Plate

    A plate of your choice of protein, your choice of two side salads, potatoes, rice, hummus, and your choice of sauces.



Try these delicious specialty dishes!

  • MenuItemImage
    Wrath of Khan

    Shawarma Khan's signature wrap made with beef, lamb, chicken, falafel, and all the fixings. Only a few dare to test the Wrath of Khan!


  • Big Bird

    Named for Doug Brown, a wrap as big as it gets stuffed with double chicken.


  • Stegall Salad

    Named for Milt, a plate of garlic, hummus, and two salads topped with meat.


Salads and Sides

Fresh, delicious salads.

  • MenuItemImage
    Tabbouleh Salad

    A Middle Eastern classic! Freshly diced parsley, bulgur wheat, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and secret spice. Not gluten friendly.


  • Chickpeas Salad

    Chickpeas, tomatoes, red onions, and cucumbers, topped with olive oil and a pinch of salt.


  • Beet and Apple Salad

    A favourite at Shawarma Khan for its unique combination and secret dressing.


  • Basmati Rice

    Complete your meal with an order of basmati rice.


  • Garlic Potatoes

    Enjoy an order of potatoes and garlic sauce.


  • Falafel Balls (5 pcs)

    Five crispy, homemade falafel balls served with hummus.


  • Side Order of Pita Chips

    Hand-tossed and spiced pita chips served with your choice of dip.



Quench your thirst with a tasty beverage!

  • Bottled Drinks (591 ml)

    Choose from a wide range of bottled Pepsi products.


  • Bottled Aquafina Water (500 ml)

    Quench your thirst with a bottle of water.