Shawarma Hut Plus


170 Hartzel Rd, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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  • Hummus

    Chickpeas, tahini sauce, virgin olive oil, and pita bread.


  • Hummus with Chicken or Beef

    Hummus with your choice of beef or chicken shawarma, drizzled with olive oil and served with two pitas.


  • Moutabbal

    Grilled eggplant, tahini sauce, virgin olive oil, and pita.


  • Grape Leaves (6 pcs)

    Six pieces of vine leaves stuffed with rice.


  • Falafel

    A mix of ground chickpeas and vegetables fried in a vegetable oil.


  • Rice

    A side of basmati rice with tahini sauce.


  • Fries


  • Poutine

    Fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.


  • Chicken Shawarma Poutine

    Fries topped with chicken shawarma, gravy, and cheese curds.


  • Beef Poutine



  • Garden Salad




All plates are served with basmati rice, salad, pickles, turnips, garlic, hummus, and tahina.

  • Chicken Shawarma Plate

    A chicken shawarma mixed with special Arabic spices, grilled on a rotating spit.


  • Beef Shawarma Plate

    A beef shawarma grilled and mixed with Mediterranean spices.


  • Mixed Shawarma Plate

    A mixture of chicken and beef shawarma.


  • Gyro Plate

    A Greek dish of thinly sliced lamb and beef.


  • Premivera Plate

    Chicken shawarma grilled with green peppers and onions.


  • Falafel (6 pcs) Plate

    Six golden pieces of deep-fried falafel.


  • Eggplant (6 pcs) Plate

    Six slices of deep-fried eggplant.



All wraps are served with your choice of toppings (garlic, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, turnips, pickled red cabbage, onions, and tahini).

  • Chicken Shawarma Wrap

    Chicken shawarma with your choice of toppings, wrapped in pita.


  • Beef Shawarma Wrap

    Beef shawarma with your choice of toppings, wrapped in pita.


  • Mixed Shawarma Wrap

    Chicken and beef shawarma with your choice of toppings, wrapped in pita.


  • Gyro Wrap

    Lamb and beef with your choice of toppings, wrapped in pita.


  • Falafel Wrap (4 pcs)

    Four golden pieces of falafel with your of toppings, wrapped in pita.


  • Eggplant Wrap

    Fried eggplant with your choice of toppings, wrapped in pita.


Pies and More

  • Beef Samosa

    Pastry filled with seasoned ground beef finely chopped tomatoes and onions, fried in vegetable oil.


  • Vegetarian Samosa

    Pastry filled with spiced vegetables and fried in vegetable oil.


Dipping Sauces

  • Garlic Sauce


  • Tahini Sauce


  • Hummus Dip


Kids' Meal

  • Kids' Meal

    Chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce, fries, and a can of pop.


Sweet and Desserts

  • Baklava


  • Baklava (5 pcs)

    One order comes with five pieces.


  • Baklava (14 pcs)

    Fourteen assorted pieces.



  • Pop (Can)


  • Pop (Bottle)


  • Juice (Bottle)


  • Water (Bottle)


  • Labban



  • Vimto


  • Barbican