Royal Fusion Pizza


50 Maritime Ontario Blvd, Brampton, ON L6S 0C2, Canada

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  • Royal Spinach Quiches (8 pcs)

    The perfect vegetarian appetizer. Rich and creamy with the perfect crunch of the puff pastry surrounding the fillings. Yum is the word we've heard...


  • Fusion Fry Spring Rolls (6 pcs)

    Vegetarian. It's not just a spring roll, it's a royal fusion spring roll. Fried to absolute perfection. Filled with fresh crispy vegetables. It's...


  • 3. Butter Chicken Poutine (1 lb)

    This delicious tossed gravy is the best way to enjoy Royal's personal favorite crispy wings. Comes in a serving of approx one pound.


  • 4. Tandoori Tossed Chicken Wings (1 lb)

    Heavenly tandoori flavored to absolute perfection. The perfect saucy feel on every bite. Comes in a serving of approx one pound of deliciousness.


  • 5. BBQ Tossed Chicken Wings (1 lb)

    Tossed in Royal's special zesty barbeque sauce. Comes in a serving of approx one pound of deliciousness.


  • 6. Royal Vegetarian Wings

    Tossed in a special Royal Fusion sweet and spicy sauce. Hundred per cent vegetarian for all those wing lovers and who don't eat chicken. Now you can...


Non-Veg Delights

  • Royal Chicken Tandoori (12 Inch)


  • Masala Lamb Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Butter Chicken Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Shahi Lamb Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Vindaloo Chicken Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Lamb Vindaloo Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Shahi Chicken Palak (Spinach) Pizza (12 Inch)


  • Mughlai Palak Lamb Pizza (12 Inch)



  • 1. Coke


  • 2. Sprite


  • 3. Diet Coke


  • 4. Royal Mango Smoothie

    This drink on every sip will remind you of the best Indian mango lassi you've had. refreshing, delicious, and satisfying.


  • 5. Mixed Lime Soda

    The perfect blended mixed of Royel's secret spice, sweetness, and saltiness. All in one drink.