Rice & Miso


469 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P1, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM


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  • Miso Soup


  • Chicken Karaage

    Japanese fried chicken chunk.


  • Takoyaki (5 pcs)

    Octopus meatball comes with five-piece.


  • Agedashi Tofu


  • Seaweed Salad


  • Garlic Broccoli

    Sautéed garlic broccoli with soy sauce.


  • Edamame

    Steamed soy with Japanese shiso salt.


  • Beef Gyoza

    Deep-fried beef dumplings.


  • Marinated Egg (6 pcs)


  • Yam Tempura



  • Vegetarian Spring Roll (5 pcs)


  • Vegetable Tempura (0 Cal)

    Assorted vegetable tempura 7 pieces.


  • Shrimp Tempura (5 pcs)


  • Beef Wrapped Asparagus (4 pcs)


Donburi Bowl

All orders come served with miso soup.

  • Gyu Don

    Slice beef, onion, egg, and rice. Served tempura sauce and miso soup.


  • Chicken Karaage Don

    Japanese fried chicken chunk, and pickle. Served spicy mayo and miso soup.


  • Salmon Teriyaki Don

    Grilled salmon, mixed vegetables, and rice. Served teriyaki sauce and miso soup.


  • Braised Pork Mushroom Don

    Sliced bacon sauteed with onion, shiitake mushroom, and soy sauce. Served with miso soup.


  • Angus Short Ribs Don (8 oz)

    Eight ounces of Angus short ribs grilled and Japanese marinated.


  • Pork Katsu Don

    Pork tenderloin, onions, egg , pickle. Served tempura sauce and miso soup.


  • Chicken Teriyaki Don

    Grilled chicken dark meat with mixed vegetables. Severed with teriyaki sauce.


  • Pork Cutlet Don

    Deep fried pork tenderloin, pickles, rice, miso soup .


  • Chicken Cutlet Don

    Deep fried chicken breast, pickle, broccoli, rice, miso soup.


  • Kimchi Beef Don

    Spicy kimchi beef sautéed with garlic and mixed vegetables.


  • Kimchi Chicken Don

    Spicy kimchi chicken sautéed with garlic and mixed vegetables.


  • Eel Don

    Slice barbeque eel on the sushi rice served traditional eel sauce.


  • Salmon Sashimi Don

    Salmon sashimi on the sushi rice.


  • Miso Chicken Don

    Chicken breast marinated with miso Sautéed with mixed vegetables, come with side of miso soup.


  • Takoyaki Don

    Six pieces grilled takoyaki with eel sauce and Japanese mayo Bonito fish flakes and green onions on the top.


  • Curry Chicken Don

    Chicken dark meat with Japanese curry sauce.



  • Canned Pop


  • Spring Water


  • Perrier


  • Japanese Marble Pop


  • Calpico

    Japanese non-carbonated soft drink.