Queensway Fish & Chips


1236 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON 8ZM 1S2, Canada

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Family Special Meals

  • Halibut Family Special

    Four portions of Halibut, a large order of chips, and coleslaw.


  • Haddock Family Special

    Four portions of haddock, a large order of chips, and coleslaw.



Start your meal with something tasty!

  • MenuItemImage
    Cheese Sticks

    Soft bread sticks baked with fresh cheese.


  • Fried Mushrooms

    Crisp-fried mushrooms bursting with exceptional flavour.


  • Breaded Dill Pickle Spears

    Crunchy dill pickles breaded and crisp fried to perfection.


  • Poutine

    Crispy fries covered in savoury gravy and melted cheese.



Fresh salads that pair perfectly with seafood or on their own!

  • MenuItemImage

    Shredded cabbage mixed with creamy mayo and seasoning.


  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce tossed with crunchy croutons, Parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing.




Fresh fish dipped in delicious batter and crisp fried to crispy, flaky perfection!

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    Halibut and Chips

    Fried, battered halibut served with crispy fries.


  • Halibut and Chips Dinner

    Freshly fried halibut and fries served with coleslaw, bread, and butter.


  • Halibut and Poutine

    Fried, battered halibut served with poutine.


  • Haddock and Chips

    Battered, crisp-fried haddock served with crispy fries.


  • Haddock and Poutine

    Battered, crisp-fried haddock served with poutine


  • Halibut on a Bun

    Crispy battered halibut served on a fresh bun.


  • Halibut Only

    Crisp-battered halibut served on its own!


  • Haddock Only

    Crisp-battered haddock served on its own.


  • Fresh Shrimp (6 pcs)

    Succulent prawns crisp fried to perfection. One order comes with six pieces.


  • Breaded Scallops

    Succulent scallops breaded and crisp fried to perfection.


  • Chicken Fillets and Chips

    Juicy crisp-fried chicken fillets served with tasty fries.


  • Clam Strips and Chips

    Fresh clams crisply fried to perfection and served with golden fries.


  • Calamari

    Battered and fried squid.




Add a delicious side to your order, you won't regret it!

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    Sweet Potato Fries

    Flavourful, crispy sweet potato fries.


  • Homemade Chips

    Hand-cut, golden brown French fries.


  • Homemade Onion Rings

    Homemade flaky onion rings.


  • Bread and Butter

    Fluffy bread served with fresh butter.


  • Gravy Small (small)

    Homemade savoury gravy.


  • Gravy Large (large)



  • Extra Tartar Sauce


  • Extra Malt Vinegar


  • Extra Ketchup



Finish your meal with something sweet!

  • Hot Apple Pie

    Fresh, hot homemade apple pie.


  • Chocolate Bar

    Delectable chocolate bar.



Add a cooling and refreshing beverage to your order!

  • Bottled Water (500 ml)

    Refreshing bottled water.


  • Iced Tea


  • Soft Drinks

    Refreshing soft drinks in a variety of flavours!


  • Cold Juice (300 ml)

    Cold, refreshing juices.


  • Chocolate Milk

    Creamy, delectable chocolate milk.


  • Premade Milkshake (300 ml)

    Creamy, sweet milkshake.


  • V8 (355 ml)

    A nutritious beverage containing mixed fruits and vegetables.


  • Molson Exel Beer (Non-alcoholic)

    Non-alcoholic beer.