Queen of Persia


672 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B1, Canada


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  • Soup Jo / Cream of Barley Soup

    From earth and farm, this sophisticated mushroom and barley soup is reached with mushroom and has the added goodness of whole-grain barley.


  • Zeytoon Parvadeh/Caspian Style Olive Dip

    Delicate chopped green olives, pomegranate reduction, walnuts, and aromatic herbs.


  • Mirza Ghasemi

    Eggplant, garlic, and tomato sauce.


  • Kashk O Bademjan / Smoked BBQ Eggplant Walnut Dip

    A delicious veggie started with roasted eggplant, garlic, mint, and a hint of whey.


  • Salad Anar/Pomegranate Salad Platter

    Green leaves, feta cheese, olives, and walnuts with the pomegranate-balsamic reduction.


  • Shirazi Salad / Crispy Cucumber, Diced Tomato and Onion

    Dressed lime and mint powder.



  • Queen's Koobideh Bonab/ Minced Meat

    Moist aromatic shewer of Angus minced beef.


  • Joojeh Kebab / BBQ Chicken Breast Kebab

    Beautifully moist and tender chicken kebabs marinated in saffron, onion, and Persian spices served with cherry tomatoes and garnished with Sumac.


  • Torsh Joojeh Kebab / Caspian Sour Chicken Kebab

    Extra tender chicken breast marinated in buttery Sumac and Pomegranate reduction sauce, rich healthy and tarty.


  • Torsh Kebab / Caspian Sour Kebab

    Thirteen ounces of spring lamb marinated in pomegranate, molasses, and walnuts, garnished with tarragon, and served with steamed rice and grilled...


  • Barg Kebab / Fillet of Milk Fed Veal Tenderloin

    Twelve and a half ounces of juicy fillet of real tenderloin with saffron served with steamed rice, butter, and grilled tomato.


  • Kebab Vaziri / Mix Grill Kebab (2 pcs)

    Two pieces of kebabs combination of one ground beef and one chicken breast.


  • Kebab E Koobideh Bonab

    A giant skewer of juicy ground beef, lamb, grilled tomatoes, and parsley, sprinkled with Sumac, served with saffron steamed rice or flatbread.


  • Kebab Soltani / "King" Mix Grill Kebab

    A combination of one skewer of kebab e koobideh and one skewer of kebab e barg, served with saffron steamed rice, butter, and grilled tomato.


Stew and Rice

  • Ghormeh Sabzi / Herb Kidney Bean and Beef Stew

    Stewed beef with sauteed parsley, green onion, spinach fenugreek, kidney beans, sundried lime.


  • Fesenjan / Pomegranate Chicken Walnuts Stew

    Chicken in a combination of sweet and sour pomegranate reduction, ground walnuts, and seasoning.


  • Ghalieh Mahi / Stewed Fish and Cilantro in Tamarind

    Spicy. Fresh codfish, chopped coriander, tamarind sauce, saffron, and garlic with a spicy seasoning.


Mixed Rice

  • Gheymeh Nesar / Jeweed beef Stew

    Tender beef cubes cooked with barberries, silvered nuts, and lightly sweetened orange peel.


  • Meygoo Polo / Shrimp and Rice

    Well seasoned shrimp and aromatic spices, golden raisins, date pieces, and walnut topping.


  • Morasa Polo / Aromatic Jewelled Rice Pilaf and Chicken

    Chicken along with barberries, orange, carrots golden raisins, cardamom, and nuts.


  • Baghali Polo Mahiche / Lamb Shank with Fresh Fava Beans and Dill Rice

    Fresh herb-flavored green rice and fava bean served with slowly braised lamb shank or fish.


Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Ghormeh Sabzi / Mushroom, Kidney-Bean Herb Stew


  • Fesenjan / Pomegranate Mushroom Walnuts Stew


  • Ghalieh Kadoo / Spicy Zucchini Stew in Cilantro and Tamarind



  • Ice Cream


  • Fereni/Pistachio Persian Rice Custard


  • Baklava