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Appetizers and Salads

  • MenuItemImage

    Pio favorite. Surfs up! Raw fish (cod) marinated in a top-secret lime juice mix, served with yuca (cassava fries), pickled onion, and toasted...


  • Andean Salad

    Tenderloin beef, pecans, quinoa, avocado, seasonal veggies, house vinaigrette. Gluten-Free.


  • Yuca Frita

    Cassava fries, a slightly sweeter, and denser type of potato, served with pio white sauce. Gluten-Free.


  • Patacones

    Savoury fried green plantains, a cross between a banana, and potato, served with pio white sauce. Gluten-Free.


  • Salchipapa

    Delicious beef sausage and golden fresh hand-cut fries served with pio white sauce. Gluten-Free.


  • Tamal

    Pio favorite. Corn flour stuffed with chicken, egg, onions, olives, and yellow pepper, topped with pickled onion.


  • Grilled Chicken Salad

    Six ounces of grilled Chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, carrots, and apple cider vinaigrette. Gluten-Free.


  • Anticuchos (2 Skewers)

    Be adventurous! 6 oz - Tender beef heart skewers grilled with crispy potatoes and a side of Pio green sauce.


  • Caldo de Pollo

    Warm yourself up with this Peruvian chicken noodle soup that is full of flavour.


  • Pio Bowl

    Six ounces of grilled chicken, canario beans, avocado, quinoa, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, pio white, pio green, and pio red sauce.


Pollada (Peruvian Pan Fried Chicken)

  • Pio Chicken with Two Sides

    Quarter or half chicken with your choice of two sides (+1.00 for premium sides) and your choice of two sauces.


  • Pio Chicken with One Side

    Quarter or half chicken with your choice of side (+1.00 for premium side) and your choice of two sauces


Pio Classic Mains

  • Lomo Saltado

    A classic Peruvian stir fry with AAA top sirloin beef, onions, tomatoes, and top-secret juices, served with crispy fresh hand-cut fries, and a side...


  • Lomo a Lo Pobre

    This hungry person meal is another Peruvian classic. Tenderloin beef, rice, fries, sweet plantain, and a fried egg! Gluten-free available with...


  • Aji de Gallina

    Peruvian curry at its finest! Pulled chicken in a special, creamy, and yellow aji sauce, served with garlic rice.


  • Bistek A lo Pobre

    6 ounces. This Hungry person meal is another Peruvian Classic. Skirt steak, rice, fries, sweet plantain, and a Fried egg! Gluten-Free.


  • Tacu Saltado

    A popular dish with a rice and bean medley, fried egg, and topped with our classic lomo saltado Tenderloin beef stir fry. Gluten-Free available with...


  • Pechuga de Pollo

    Six ounces of grilled marinated chicken breast served with white rice, canario beans, and salad.



  • MenuItemImage
    Tallarin Saltado

    Linguine noodles stir fry with AAA top sirloin beef, onions, tomatoes, and top-secret juices.


  • Tallarines a la Crema con Bistek

    Creamy red pepper sauce flavoured noodles topped with our flavourful skirt steak.


  • Tallarines Verdes con Bistek

    Spinach and basil flavored noodles, topped with a flavourful skirt steak.




  • Jalea

    Tempura calamari, shrimp, and fish, on a bed of cassava fries.


  • Arroz con Mariscos

    Peruvian paella. A delicious seafood rice dish made to order!


  • Filete de Pescado

    Fried Fish Fillet (Cod) served with house salad and garlic rice.


  • Parihuela

    A delicious made-to-order Seafood soup (shrimp, calamari, fish, mussels) served with a small side of rice. Gluten-Free.


  • Chupe de Pescado

    Flavourful and hearty Peruvian fish fillet chowder soup with squash, corn, fried egg, and rice.



Side Items

  • Sweet Plantain


  • Yuca Frita

    Cassava fries.


  • Crema Noodles

    Creamy red pepper sauce and linguine.


  • Sunshine Rice

    Seasoned rice with toasted noodles and vegetables.


  • White Rice

    Gluten-free. Garlic rice.


  • Extra Pio Sauce


  • Spinach Basil Noodles


  • Green Plantains


  • Beef Sausage

    Gluten-free beef sausage.


  • House Salad

    Gluten-free. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots & beets with house vinaigrette.


  • Canario Beans

    Smooth and buttery seasoned beans.


  • Fried Egg


  • 1/4 Avocado


  • Sautéed Veggies

    Gluten-free. Seasonal veggies.


  • Tacu Tacu Rice

    Gluten-free. Rice and bean medley.


  • Quinoa Salad

    Gluten-free. Quinoa, seasonal veggies and house vinaigrette.



  • Tres Leches

    Angel cake with a secret three-milk recipe.


  • Pio Dessert Sampler

    Try 3 desserts on one plate! Creme Volteada, Tres Leches and one Alfajor cookie.


  • Picarones (4 pcs)

    Made-to-order sweet potato donuts.


  • Crema Volteada

    A very delicious housemade Peruvian style flan.


  • Alfajores

    Shortbread cookies made in-house that will melt in your mouth.




  • Chicha Morada

    Fresh purple corn, pineapple, and lime juice.


  • Maracuya

    Brazilian passion fruit juice.


  • Pop


  • Inca Cola

    Peru’s super popular lemon grass soft drink.


  • Dasani Bottled Water



Try some of the Peruvian products that just came to Pio Peruvian's store.

  • Maiz Morado

    Can't get enough of our delicious chicha morada. Make your own at home.


  • Aji Mirasol Seco


  • Peruvian Olives

    Twenty ounces of Peruvian olives (Aceitunas)


  • Aji Panca Seco


  • Emoliente


  • Eucalipto


  • San Jose Turron