Pho Pasteur Restaurant


3853 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 2H7, Canada

Opens at 11:15 AM


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Appetizers - Khai Vi

  • MenuItemImage
    1. Cha Gio (2 pcs) (2 pcs)

    Spring rolls. One order comes with two rolls.


  • 2. Cha Ca (4 pcs) (4 pcs)

    Deep-fried fish cake. One order comes with four pieces.


  • 3. Gio Cuon Tom (2 pcs) (2 pcs)

    Shrimp salad rolls. One order comes with two rolls.


  • 4. Ga, Heo, Nem, or Bo Cuon (2 pcs) (2 pcs)

    Grilled chicken, pork, minced pork, or beef salad rolls. One order comes with two rolls.


  • 4. Goi Du Du Tom

    Green papaya shrimp salad.


Rice Noodle Soups - Pho

  • MenuItemImage
    6. Pho Nam, Bo Vien

    Beef flank and beef ball noodle soup.


  • 5. Pho Nam, Sach, Bo Vien

    Beef flank, beef tripe, and beef ball noodle soup.


  • 7. Pho Nam, Gan

    Beef flank and tendon noodle soup.


  • 8. Pho Bo or Ga Vien

    Beef ball or chicken ball noodle soup.


  • 9. Pho Ga

    Chicken noodle soup.


Vietnamese Sub - Banh Mi

  • Banh Mi Heo

    Pork sub.


  • Banh Mi Bo

    Beef sub.


  • Banh Mi Ga

    Chicken sub.


  • Banh Mi Nem

    Vietnamese ham sub.


Vegetarian - Do Chay

  • V1. Cha Gio Chay (2 pcs) (2 pcs)

    Vegetable spring rolls. One order comes with two rolls.


  • V2. Gio Cuon Chay Tau Hu (2 pcs) (2 pcs)

    Tofu salad rolls. One order comes with two rolls.


  • V3. Com Xao Chay Tau Hu (2 pcs)

    Tofu and vegetables on steamed rice.


  • V4. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Chay (2 pcs)

    Tofu and vegetables with noodle soup.


Vermicelli - Bun

  • MenuItemImage
    3. Bun Chao Tom, Thit Nuong

    Grilled prawn pasted on sugarcane and grilled pork on vermicelli.


  • 10. Bun Cha Gio

    Spring roll on vermicelli.


  • 11. Bun Cha Gio, Thit Nuong, Bo Nuong, Ga Nuong, or Nem Nuong

    Spring roll and grilled pork, beef, chicken, or minced pork on vermicelli.


Rice Dishes - Com

  • MenuItemImage
    13. Com Suon

    Grilled pork chop on steamed rice.


  • 14. Com Ga

    Grilled lemongrass chicken on steamed rice.


  • 15. Com Suon or Bi Cha

    Grilled pork chop or lemongrass chicken and shredded pork on steamed rice.


  • 16. Com Suon, Ga

    Grilled pork chop and lemongrass chicken on steamed rice.


  • 17. Com Xao Bong Cai Bo, Heo, or Ga

    Sauteed beef, pork, or chicken and broccoli on steamed rice.


Specialty Items - Dac Biet

  • MenuItemImage
    23. Bun Bo Hue

    Hue's special spicy noodle soup.


  • 18. Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Kho or Nuoc)

    Dry or soup Phnom Penh rice noodles.


  • 19. Hu Tieu Do Bien

    Dry or soup seafood rice noodles.


  • 20. Hu Tieu Suon or Ga Nuong Xai

    Grilled pork or lemongrass chicken with rice noodle soup.


  • 21. Hu Tieu Cha Ca Voi Rau Cai

    Fish cake with rice noodle soup.


  • 22. Hu Tieu Bo Kho

    Beef stew with rice noodle soup.


  • 24. Mi Hoanh Thanh, Tom, Thit Heo, Rau Cai

    Shrimp wonton and vegetables with egg noodle soup.




  • Che 3 Mau

    Three kinds of bean dessert.


Beverages - Giai Khat

  • Ca Phe Pin Nong

    Hot black filtered coffee.


  • Ca Phe Pin Da

    Filtered coffee with ice.


  • Nuoc Dua

    Fresh coconut juice.


  • Nuoc Chanh Haoc Chanh Muoi

    Fresh lemon with ice.


  • Soda Chanh Haoc Chanh Muoi

    Soda and lemon juice with ice.


  • Pop - Nuoc Ngot