Off the Wheaten Path Vegan and Gluten Free Fine Foods


10023 100 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0V2, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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appetizers & starters

  • Nachos

    Corn chips topped with our taco crumble, pico de gallo, olives, pickles, our signature cheez sauce, avocado & dill sour cream


  • Dry Garlic Bites

    Seasoned and fried these crispy little bites are our version of dry garlic Rybs .


  • Lemon Pepper fries

    fresh golden fries tossed in lemon pepper & fresh herbs w/ garlic aioli sauce


  • baked Brie

    house made Brie Cheez , baked w/ mixed cranberry chutney & nuts , served with fruit & fresh baked bread for dipping


  • Cauli Poppers

    breaded to order choose from buffalo -- garlic parm -- or sweet chili


  • Peanut Fries

    Golden fries topped with our house made peanut sauce, sesame seeds & herbs


  • Classic mess fries

    golden fries, house made gravy & cheez shreds


  • Mushroom Melt Fries

    Golden fries topped with house bacun crumble, grilled mushrooms & cheez sauce


  • Roo bee Doo Fries

    golden fries topped with house beeph slices, gravy, sauerkraut, pickles.


  • holiday Dinner Fries

    golden fries, topped with house made gravy, turkee slices, cranberry sauce, & melted cheez


  • Fries

    fresh golden fries . a pile of them.



eat the rainbow

  • Glow salad

    greens, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, craisins, orange slices, onion & turkee with toasted pan bread side


  • Creamy Parm salad

    greens cheez & our creamy parm dressing w/ toasted pan bread side


  • House Fave Salad

    Greens, tomato, onion, dill pickle, olives, peppers, dressing w/ pan bread side


  • Spinach & tomato salad

    spinach & house made Brie tomato slices w/ balsamic & olive oil


  • BBQ Chickun Salad

    Crispy chickun pieces tossed in house BBQ sauce, on top of greens, pickles, peppers, roasted corn tomatoes & onions


  • Chickun add on

    add chickun to my salad


dips & small plates

our house made dips & small plates are perfect for sharing

  • Spinach Artichoke Dip

    house created dip w/ toasted pan bread


  • Hummus plate

    fresh made hummus topped with grilled veggies, olives & seeds served with toasted pan bread for dipping


  • Crabb Cakes

    3 house created crabb cakes served with baja sauce for dipping & lemon slice


  • Cheez Quesadilla

    Cheez & spinach melted inside white corn tortilla served with corn salad.


Hygge Bowls

Creamy danish rice, topped with fresh veggies & plant based proteins

  • Curry Bowl

    Creamy coconut rice , crispy cauliflower, roasted potato, greens, tomato & onion in curry sauce


  • winter bliss bowl

    Creamy coconut rice, greens, roasted sweet potato, veggies, peanut sauce, nuts, seeds & berries


  • Dragon Bowl

    Creamy coconut rice, mushrooms & peppers, greens, sweet chili chickun, tomato & onion w/ garlic aioli & sweet chili sauce.


  • Tuscan Sun Veggie Bowl

    creamy rice grilled veggies beyond Italian sausage sundried tomato with creamy garlic sauce



all burgers are served with your choice of patty - our house made lentil patty -beyond - or impossible burger, served on a soft gluten free bun w/ side of fries

  • Cheez Burger & Fries

    our cheez burger has your choice of patty - cheez, greens, onion pickles, mustard & ketchup with baja sauce


  • Mushroom Burger & fries

    your choice of patty - our house made lentil burger patty or impossible - brie cheez, grille mushrooms & onions, russian dressing


  • BBQ Porq Burger & fries

    our house created pulled porq topped with mustard, pickles & slaw on a soft bun.


  • Club Burger & fries

    your choice of patty -- our house lentil patty - beyond or impossible cheez, greens, avocado, tomato, onion, pickle mayo w/ side of fries


Pretzel Deli Sandies

Fresh hot sandwiches made on fresh-baked pretzels with a side fries, salad, or tomato soup.

  • Pretzel Rueban

    beeph slices, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, mustard, cheez on a fresh baked pretzel w/ your choice of side fries, roasted potato , salad or tomato...


  • Turkee & Cheez Pretzel sandwich

    turkee slices, greens, garlic sauce, mustard, cheez on a pretzel with your choice of side fries, roasted potato, salad or tomato soup


  • Beeph Schnitzel Pretzel sandwich

    a house made schnitzel patty (made with pea protein veggie patty) with grilled onions & mushrooms cheez w/ gravy for dipping - your choice of side...


Fresh Gnocchi

  • Perogy Gnocchi

    Fresh gnocchi tossed in creamy cheese sauce, and grilled onions topped with dill sauce.


  • Tuscan Gnocchi

    Fresh gnocchi tossed in sundried tomato, creamy garlic, and fresh organic greens.


  • Fresh Marinara Gnocchi

    Fresh made gnocchi tossed with house-created marinara sauce, finished with olive oil.


Lefse Wraps

fresh ingredients wrapped up in a freshly made lefse wrap. all come with a side choice of fries / roasted potato/ garden salad/ tomato soup.

  • Thai Peanut wrap

    crispy chickun, folded into a fresh made lefse wrap with peanut sauce tossed Cabbage & carrots.


  • Spicy Hippie Wrap

    our version of a taco wrap - lentil crumble - greens - cheez- pico de gallo - avocado - crushed tortilla chips wrapped in a fresh lefse wrap


  • turkee Club wrap

    our house made turkee slices, greens, cheez, avocado - tomato - dressing


Desserts & Bakery

  • Hygge Box

    An assortment of today’s fresh baking.


  • 2 of Todays fresh baked cookies

    2 of todays fresh baked cookies - types vary day to day


Ice Cream

  • Vegan Ice Cream - scoop of the day Surprise me

    Flavors will vary



  • Tea fogs

    Served hot or cold. made with oat or soy mylk


  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade


  • Coffee Lattes

    Served hot or cold.


  • Remedy Kombucha (can)

    ginger lemon or peach or mango passion


  • Energizer Smoothie

    fresh berry smoothie with greens made with coconut milk