Nani's Gelato Liberty Village


120 Lynn Williams St #2b, Toronto, ON M6K 3N6, Canada

Opens at 12:30 PM

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  • Pistachio (CN)

    Made with 100 percent Italian paste and pistachio crumble.


  • Vegan Dark Chocolate (V)

    Vegan. An oat milk base infused with our in house made chocolate.


  • Rosewater Cardamom

    A rosewater infused gelato base topped with a touch of cardamom.


  • Vietnamese Coffee

    A coffee lovers delight! Made with espresso base sweetened with condensed milk.


  • Lemon Wafer (CG)

    A hand pressed lemon gelato base with crunchy lemon wafer swirled on extraction


  • Dark Chocolate

    Our 90% lindt chocolate base in combination with our inhouse made chocolate


  • Tiramisu Nutella (CN)

    An espresso & mascarpone cheese gelato base with cocoa powder and nutella swirled through on extraction.


  • Mango Lychee (V)

    Alphonso Mango & Lychee Purée - a lovely refreshing sorbetto!


  • Biscoff Stracciatella

    Our Belgian Cookie Gelato base (made with lotus biscoff cookies) with dark chocolate chips swirled through on extraction


  • Saffron Cardamom Kulfi (pt)

    Gluten-Free. Saffron is steeped in our homemade milk and cream base blended with a little cardamom and yogurt.



  • Waffle Cone


Gelato Bars

  • Biscoff Cereal Milk (CG)

    Our Belgian Cookie gelato, dipped in milk chocolate and covered with cornflakes.


  • Vietnamese Caramel Coffee

    Our popular Vietnamese coffee gelato with a caramel filing, dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with dark chocolate left to right thin pipping