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Special Discounts for roti, doubles, combos and much more. Available everyday.

  • All-Day Breakfast Special

    Five choices of any of our vegetarian curries, chokas and/or buljol (saltfish) with partaha roti or dhal puri.


  • Lunch Special

    Curry Chicken served with a roti wrap


  • Plenty Roti

    Buy 10 Roti shells and get 3 free. (Minimum of 3 hrs. notice is appreciated as shells are made fresh.)


  • Pick Six

    Buy 5 Roti shells and get 1 free or Buy 5 frozen Roti shells and get 2 free.


  • 5 Doubles

    Buy five channa (chickpea) doubles and get one free.


  • Oxtail Soup

    A hearty beef soup made with oxtail, carrots, sweet potatoes, cassava (yuca), flour dumplings and butter beans.


  • Bake & Buljol

    Coconut bake, sliced and filled with Buljol (codfish, sauteed with sweet peppers and aromtaics).


  • Veggie Soup



  • Aloo Pie

    Savoury mashed potatoes mixed with an array of spices, stuffed in a calzone-like dough and fried to perfection. Served with freshly made tamarind...


  • Doubles

    Two baras (fried flattened dough) filled with curried channa (chickpeas) and topped with your choice of chutneys (sauces).


  • Jamaican Patties

    A golden flaky pastry, filled with savoury meats or vegetables.


  • Pholourie (15 pieces)

    Fried, spiced dough balls made with dhal peas served with your choice of chutneys (sauces).



Rotis come wrapped in dhal puri shell. Substitute puri for steamed rice or other sides of your choice

  • Beef or Chicken Plate

    Boneless curried chicken or beef wrapped in a dhal puri.


  • Oxtail Plate

    Stewed oxtail wrapped in a dhal puri shell .


  • Duck or Goat Plate

    Spicy and Savoury Duck or Goat curry wrapped in a dhal puri. (Bone-in)


  • Jerk Plate

    Boneless jerk chicken wrapped in a dhal puri.


  • Shrimp Plate

    Juicy curried shrimp wrapped in a dhal puri shell.


  • Veggie Plate

    Curried potatoes, channa (chickpeas) or another vegetable wrapped in a soft dhal puri.



One pound individual portion of any meat.

  • Curry Chicken / Beef

    1lb. single portion of savoury curried chicken or beef.


  • Jerk Chicken

    1 lb. serving of authentic jerk chicken. Choose between bone-in or boneless.


  • Curry Goat

    1 lb. serving of curried goat.


  • Curry Duck

    1 lb. serving of peppery curry duck.


  • Oxtail

    1 lb. serving of stewed oxtail.


  • Curry Shrimp

    1 lb. serving of curry shrimp.



One pound single portion of any vegetable.

  • Spinach

    1 lb. serving of sauteed spinach.


  • Tomato Choka

    1 lb. serving of stewed or roasted tomatoes sauteed with aromatics.


  • Curry Katahar (Chataigne)

    Breadnut or Katahar / Chaigne, as it's known around the Caribbean, has a similar stringy texture to jackfruit and nutty taste to breadfruit. The...


  • Pumpkin

    Pumpkin sauteed with in house aromatics and cooked down to a velvety stew. 1 lb. serving.


  • Baigan Choka

    Baigan (Eggplant) Choka is the product of roasted eggplants, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, and can be paired with any side. (1 lb. serving.)


  • Curry Mango

    1 lb. portion of mango cooked down in a savoury curry.


  • Curry Channa

    1 lb. serving of our curried Channa (chickpeas).


  • Curry Potato

    Cubed pieces of potates simmered down in our traditonal curry sauce.



Side orders come with one serving of any of these items. Check out our Specials for deals on any of them. All sauces are in-house made.

  • Aloo Puri

    A roti shell that is stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes.


  • Dhal Puri

    The traditional shell used in wrapping roti meals. A roti shell filled with seasoned ground dhal peas ( yellow lentils) and cooked on a tawa.


  • Paratha

    Also known as "Buss Up Shut", Paratha roti shells are a flaky, silky flat dough cooked on a tawa (flat round skillet), used to eat curries and stews...


  • Rice and Peas

    Rice and kidney beans cooked and infused with fresh herbs, aromatics, spices and coconut milk .


  • Coleslaw


  • Pepper Sauce (16 oz.)

    Made with scotch bonnets and seasoned with herbs and spices, take home or gift a bottle of this hot sauce which is used in house to add the perfect...


  • Tamarind Sauce (16 oz.)

    Made from the freshly stripped tamarind fruit and seasoned with traditonal spices, this chutney (sauce) is used in house on doubles, aloo pie and...



  • Cassava Pone

    A firm vegan pudding-like dessert made from cassava (yuca) and an array of sweet spices.


  • Gulab Jamoon

    A type of Mithai (sweet), Gulab Jamoon is a mini doughnut-like log that melts in your mouth. It is fried and tossed in sugar syrup until dried and...


  • Pinetarts

    A flaky pie crusted pastry, bursting with lightly sweetend pineapple and spices, which is then folded into a triangle and baked.


  • Tamarind Balls (1.5 inch balls)

    A sweet and sour delicacy, using the flesh of the tamarind fruit, that is seasoned and rolled in sugar. 2 in a pack.


  • Barfi (1.5" sqaure)

    A dense sweet, made of milk powder and paag (boiled sugar syrup), decorated with colourful sprinkles. Comes in a pack of 2.


  • Sugar Cake

    A sweet made with freshly grated coconut, bound with sugar and colored.


  • Kurma

    Similar to gulab jamoon, this harder spiced dough is fried and coated with a sugary glaze.


  • Ice Cream (8 oz.)

    Smooth, melt in your mouth creamy ice cream with custom flavours.


  • Fudge

    This traditonal confecion is made with brown sugar, giving it a golden brown colour, milk and spices.


  • Caramels

    A layered wafer biscuit enclosed in chocolate.


  • Fried Channa

    Fried Channa (chickpeas) seasoned and salted.



  • Coconut Water

    Grace's fresh coconut water in a can.


  • Peanut Punch

    A creamy punch made of ground peanuts and/or peanut butter.


  • Tropik Splash Mango

    A rich mango nectar.


  • Solo (Small)

    Mildly carbonated island sodas.


  • Solo (Large)


  • Apple J Solo


  • Ting


  • Pop

    Choose any of the following options.


  • Water

    Bottled spring water.