Meat Kandy Food Truck


520 Riverside Dr, London, ON N6H 2S1, Canada


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  • Meat Kandy

    Gluten-free. Solid bacon cubes are also known as pork belly bites and burnt ends. Pork belly slows cooked and drenched in house barbeque sauce - they...


  • Chicken and Waffle Bowl (Kids Love It) (One Size)

    The entire dish is served in a savory seasoned waffle bowl. That's right you can even eat the bowl. We then add smashed potato fries and house-made...


  • Smash Cheeseburger and Smash Fries

    Hands down one of best sellers - a six-ounce single or 12-ounce double cheeseburger made from ground chuck served on a toasted brioche bun slathered...


  • Wonton-cho's - Play on the Walking Nacho or Taco (8 pcs)

    Start off by cooking taco beef and then they take spoonfuls and wrap it in a wonton wrapper for that deep-fried golden brown taco or nacho taste,


  • Armadillo Egg and Smash Fries Quarter Pound Each Plus After the Cook

    Gluten-free. A next-level jalapeno popper - with a special recipe cream cheese filling wrapped entirely in a quarter pound of ground pork then...

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  • Pulled Pork Poutine

    Gluten-free. Meat Kandy's 10-hour slow-cooked pork butts are shredded by hand removing most fatty parts so it's all meat no gristle - we place a...


  • Can’t Make Up My Mind PLATTER

    A collection of meat madness three pieces of Meat Kandy's three wontonchos, one armadillo egg, quarter pound pulled pork, three deep fried cheese...


  • Jumbo All Beef - Slotdog and Tornado Potato

    A 100% all beef hotdog cooked on the char broiler and topped the way you want it. The hotdog is cut in a way that will help you hold your toppings...


  • Chicken Fingers and Smash Fries

    Three pub-style chicken strips served with a pile of smashed potato fries and also come with one dip of your choice.


Side Dishes

  • Deep Fried Cheese Curds (8 pcs)

    Fresh cheese curds wrapped in a spring roll and then deep fried to a golden brown and served with a homemade designer dipping sauce of your choice.


  • Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings (No Breading)

    Gluten-free. We are talking about a large ring of onion wrapped tightly with full strips of bacon, served with one dip of your choice, you will never...


  • Smash Fries (Mini Whole Potato's)

    Gluten-free. These creamer potatoes are boiled and then smashed open and then deep fried to crispy rolled in garlic butter and then seasoned like...


  • Smash Potato Poutine (Mini Whole Potato's)

    Gluten-free. These creamer potatoes are boiled and then smashed flat and then deep fried to crispy and seasoned when done. We use real st. Alberts...


  • Deep Fried Pickle Spears (6 pcs)

    These dill pickle spears are a crowd favorite when Meat Kandy's supplier has them we stock them right up. They are battered in a seasoned crispy...


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