Masrawy Kitchen


2275 Britannia Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5M 2G6, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Ful Sandwich

    Vegetarian. Ful, salata, tahina, and torshy.


  • Taamaya Sandwich

    Vegetarian. Taamaya, tahina, salata, and balady bread.


  • Eggs and Basterma Sandwich

    Three scrambled eggs, and basterma in a soft baguette.


Breakfast Classics

  • Basterma Balady

    Three scrambled eggs with basterma and balady bread, served with seasoned Masrawy home fries and Egyptian feta mix.


  • The Pharaoh

    Ful, two pieces of taamaya, and two sunny-side up eggs, served with balady bread, seasoned Masrawy home fries, and Egyptian feta mix.


  • Sweet Cleopatra

    Feteer served with your choice of molasses and tahina, or natural honey.


Starters - Dips and Apps

All dips are made in-house and served with a selection of traditional bread and pita chips.

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    Chef's Platter

    Vegetarian. Hummus, baba ghanoush, and besara.


  • Classic Hummus

    Vegetarian. Chickpeas, tahina, lemon juice, and cumin.


  • Baba Ghanoush

    Vegetarian. Roasted eggplant, tahina, lemon juice, and fresh mint.


  • Besara

    Vegetarian. Fava bean pate.


  • Calamari with a Kick

    Lightly dusted, crispy fried calamari with a hint of spice, served with Masrawy garlic aioli.


  • Breaded Shrimp

    Served with Masrawy garlic aioli.


  • Mussaka Masri

    Vegetarian. Baked eggplant served in a tomato-based sauce with spiced garlic peppers and balady bread.


  • Grape Leaves - Wara Enab

    Vegetarian. Fresh rolled leaves stuffed with herbs, tomatoes, and rice, served with homemade mint yogurt dip.


  • Mombar


Homemade Soup

  • Lentil Soup

    Vegetarian. This hearty, nutritious, and homemade soup is made of pureed lentil, carrots, onions, and traditional spices, topped with crisp Masrawy...



All Masrawy's salads are fresh, simple, and authentic. Made with your health in mind.

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    Masrawy Salata

    Vegetarian. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, parsley, olive oil, and lemon.


  • Fattoush

    Vegetarian. Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, pita chips, and a dressing of sumac, olive oil, and lemon, topped with...


Classic Mains

  • MenuItemImage

    Vegetarian. A Cairo street classic and a national dish of Egypt originating in the 19th century. Born through multicultural influences as a unique...


  • Masrawy Fusion

    Spicy. This is that dish. The one you heard about from your friend, their friend, that other girl, and that guy at work. It's that one. Seasoned...


  • Kebda Eskandarani

    Spicy. Alexandria stands up. A delicious delicacy from this beautiful, ancient city built on the Mediterranean. Beef liver, chilli peppers, and...


  • Macarona Bechamel

    True Egyptian soul food. Delicious, hearty, and made with passion. An Egyptian take on casserole. Baked penne pasta, creamy bechamel sauce, savoury...


  • El Maryland Chicken Baguette

    A classic, seasoned, crispy fried chicken cutlet with an Egyptian twist in a soft baguette.


  • Masrawy Fusion Sandwich

    Marinated tender grilled chicken or beef sirloin sauteed with Masrawy's vegetable medley inside a soft baguette, topped with Masrawy garlic aioli.


  • Hawaoshi

    Spicy. Balady bread filled with ground seasoned, peppers, onions, and spices before being baked to a crispy perfection. Meat pie meets street burger.


  • Mama's Molekheya

    Vegetarian. The royal Mallow leaf slow cooked in chicken broth and topped with roasted garlic and freshly ground coriander, served with Masrawy...


  • Fatta

    Egyptian Rice plus Crispy Balady Bread, tossed with fried garlic and tomato sauce topped with a lamb shank.



  • Half Ful Sandwich


  • Full Ful Sandwich


  • Half Taamaya Sandwich


  • Full Taamaya Sandwich


  • Pickled Eggplant Sandwich


  • Kebda Sandwich


  • Calamari Sandwich


  • Breaded Shrimp Sandwich


  • Egyptian Kofta Sandwich


Grilled Entrees

All grilled dishes are served with Masrawy salata and rice or fries.

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    Egyptian Kofta

    Classic seasoned ground beef and lamb skewers served on pita bread with tahina.


  • Chicken Tikka

    A half chicken marinated in Egyptian citrus spice, grilled to perfection, served over balady bread.


  • Beef Kebab

    Fire-frilled AAA sirloin cut and served on a bed of balady bread with Masrawy's vegetable medley.


  • Lamb Chops

    Served on a bed of balady bread with Masrawy's vegetable medley.


  • Lamb Kebab

    Tender grilled lamb served on a bed of balady bread with Masrawy's vegetable medley.


  • Masrawy Mixed Grill

    Chicken tikka, four kofta skewers, lamb kebab, and beef kebab.


  • Kids' Lulu's Special

    Vegetarian. Molekheya, Masrawy rice with sharaya.


  • Kids' Kimo's Kofta

    Seasoned mini beef koftas, salata, and your choice of fries or rice.


  • Kids' Petit Panne

    Seasoned fried chicken cutlet, salata, and your choice of fries or rice.



  • Roz Bel Laban

    Sweet and creamy Egyptian rice pudding.


  • Basbusa Masrawy

    Sweet semolina coconut cake.


  • Kunafa

    Baked angel hair pastry, sweet and crunchy, filled with cream and topped with pistachio nuts.


  • Om Ali

    Egyptian-style bread pudding topped with coconut, raisins, and pistachios. Serves two to three people.



  • Turkish Coffee


  • Coffee


  • Tea


  • Espresso


  • Americano


  • Hot Chocolate


  • Mocha


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