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Soup and Salad.

  • 1. Miso Soup

    Start your meal with delightful miso soup, a classic Japanese favorite. This savory broth is brewed to perfection with fermented soybean paste, dashi...


  • 3. Seaweed Salad

    Dive into the ocean's bounty with seaweed salad. A vibrant mix of assorted seaweeds, cucumbers, and sesame seeds, this refreshing salad is a...


  • 4. Mango Salad

    Experience a burst of tropical goodness with mango salad. Fresh mango slices mingle with crisp greens, red onions, and roasted cashews, all tossed in...


Sushi Bar and Appetizers.

  • 5. Salmon Sushi Pizza (4 Pcs)

    Indulge in a fusion of flavors with salmon sushi pizza. Delicate slices of fresh salmon are elegantly arranged atop a crispy bed of sushi rice,


  • 6. Spicy Salmon Pizza (4Pcs)

    Spice up your sushi experience with spicy salmon pizza. Featuring succulent pieces of spicy salmon, creamy avocado, and a hint of sriracha, all...


  • 7. Crab Pizza (4 Pcs)

    Dive into the ocean's flavors with crab pizza. A delectable combination of crabmeat, cucumber, and creamy mayo spread on a sushi rice base, garnished...


  • 8. Avocado Pizza (4 pcs)

    Experience a vegetarian delight with avocado pizza. Creamy slices of avocado sit atop a bed of sushi rice, drizzled with a savory sauce and sprinkled...


  • 9. Bbq Eel Pizza (4 Pcs)

    Savor the sweet and savory goodness of our BBQ Eel Pizza. Tender slices of barbecued eel are generously placed on a crispy sushi rice base,


  • 10. Tuna Pizza (4 pcs)

    Delight in the exquisite flavors of tuna pizza. Thinly sliced, premium tuna is elegantly arranged on a bed of sushi rice, drizzled with a delectable...


  • 11. Spicy Tuna Pizza (4 pcs)

    Heat things up with spicy tuna pizza. Tender pieces of spicy tuna, diced jalapeños, and a spicy mayo sauce sit atop a crispy sushi rice crust,


Maki Rolls.

  • 12. California Rolls

    California rolls is a timeless classic. Inside, you'll find succulent crab meat, creamy avocado, and crisp cucumber, all neatly rolled in a sheet of...


  • 13. Crispy Spicy Salmon Rolls

    For a tantalizing fusion of textures and flavors, try crispy spicy salmon rolls. These rolls feature spicy salmon, cucumber, and avocado, all rolled...


  • 14. Crispy Spicy Tuna Rolls

    Dive into bold flavors with crispy spicy tuna rolls. These rolls are filled with spicy tuna, cucumber, and avocado, and rolled in a crunchy tempura...


  • 15. Shrimp Tempura Roll

    Indulge in the delightful crunch of shrimp tempura roll. Inside, you'll find succulent tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and lettuce, all wrapped in...


  • 16. Salmon Avocado Roll

    For a taste of simplicity and elegance, try salmon avocado roll. It features fresh salmon and creamy avocado rolled in seaweed and rice. A drizzle of...


  • 17. BBQ Eel Roll

    Savor the rich and smoky goodness of BBQ Eel roll. Tender slices of barbecued eel, cucumber, and avocado are rolled into a delectable creation.


  • 18. Philadelphia Rolls

    Experience a touch of luxury with Philadelphia rolls. These rolls feature silky smoked salmon, creamy cream cheese, and crisp cucumber, all rolled...


  • 19. Avocado Cucumber Roll

    Enjoy the simplicity and purity of the avocado cucumber roll. It's a vegan-friendly option with creamy avocado and crisp cucumber rolled in seaweed...


  • 20. Crispy Spicy Avocado Rolls

    If you're looking for a crunchy, vegan delight, try crispy spicy avocado rolls. These rolls feature tempura-battered avocado, cucumber, and lettuce,


  • 21. Avocado Roll

    For avocado lovers avocado roll is a true delight. Creamy slices of avocado are rolled in seaweed and rice, creating a simple yet satisfying choice.


  • 22. Cucumber Rolls

    Refresh your palate with cucumber rolls. These rolls feature crisp cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rice, providing a light and hydrating option. A...


  • 23. Yam Rolls

    Yam rolls are a vegan-friendly delight. Inside, you'll find slices of tender yam, rolled in seaweed and rice. A drizzle of soy sauce adds a savory...


  • 25. Pickle Radish Roll

    Experience a burst of tangy and crunchy flavors with our pickle radish roll. It features pickled radish, rolled in seaweed and rice, for a refreshing...


Sashimi/ Nigiri Sushi/ Torched Sushi.

  • 26. Salmon Sashimi (3 Pcs)

    Indulge in the purity of salmon sashimi. Three luscious slices of fresh salmon are expertly prepared to highlight their natural flavor and texture.


  • 27. Tuna Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Tuna sashimi offers a taste of the ocean's finest. Three slices of premium tuna are presented in their unadulterated form, showcasing their rich,


  • 28. Yellow Tail Sashimi (3 Pcs)

    Experience the buttery goodness of yellow tail sashimi. Three slices of this delectable fish are a true delicacy, offering a delightful combination...


  • 29. Red Snapper Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Red snapper sashimi is a light and refreshing choice. Three pieces of red snapper are carefully sliced to perfection, delivering a mild and delicate...


  • 30. Crab Stick Sashimi (3 Pcs)

    Enjoy the simplicity of crab stick sashimi. Three slices of crab stick are artfully presented for a satisfying and accessible seafood option.


  • 31. Cuttle Fish Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Savor the unique flavor and texture of cuttle fish sashimi. Three pieces of cuttlefish are tender and mildly sweet making for an intriguing and...


  • 32. BBQ Eel Sashimi (3 pcs)

    The smoky richness of BBQ Eel sashimi shines through in every bite. Three slices of eel are meticulously prepared to accentuate their bold and savory...


  • 33. Mackerel Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Dive into the robust flavors of Mackerel sashimi. Three slices of mackerel offer a distinct, slightly oily richness that's complemented by a touch of...


  • 34. Surf Clam Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Experience the gentle sweetness of surf clam sashimi. Three slices of surf clam are tender and subtly sweet, creating a delightful contrast with the...


  • 35. Octopus Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Octopus Sashimi offers a unique, chewy texture and a mildly sweet flavor. Three slices of octopus are served for those seeking an intriguing seafood...


  • 36. Shrimp Sashimi (3 pcs)

    The succulence of shrimp sashimi is a true delight. Three plump and juicy shrimp are prepared to perfection, offering a clean and satisfying seafood...


  • 37. Flying Fish Egg Sashimi (3 pcs)


  • 38. Salmon Roe Sashimi (3 pcs)

    Dive into the briny depths with salmon roe sashimi. Three servings of salmon roe burst with a rich oceanic flavor that's sure to please seafood...


  • 40. Scallop Sashimi (3 pcs)


  • 41. Sweet Egg Sashimi (3 pcs)


  • 42. Bean Curd Sashimi (3 pcs)


  • 43. Salmon Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Salmon nigiri sushi showcases the exquisite flavor and texture of fresh salmon atop a small bed of perfectly seasoned rice. It's a bite-sized delight...


  • 44. Tuna Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Savor the simplicity of tuna nigiri sushi. Two pieces of tuna are served atop vinegared rice offering a clean and satisfying taste.


  • 45. Yellow Tail Sushi (2 Pcs)

    The delicate richness of yellow tail takes center stage in yellow tail nigiri sushi. Two pieces are elegantly prepared to capture the essence of this...


  • 46. Red Snapper Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Red snapper nigiri sushi offers a light and refreshing seafood experience. Two pieces feature the delicate flavors of red snapper atop seasoned rice.


  • 48. Cuttle Fish Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Experience the unique taste and texture of cuttle fish nigiri sushi. Two pieces are prepared to highlight the subtle sweetness of cuttlefish.


  • 49. BBQ Eel Sushi (2 Pcs)

    The smoky and savory goodness of BBQ Eel shines in our BBQ Eel nigiri sushi. Two pieces are a delectable treat for eel enthusiasts.


  • 50. Mackerel Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Dive into the bold flavors of Mackerel nigiri sushi. Two pieces offer a slightly oily richness that's beautifully complemented by vinegared rice.


  • 51. Surf Clam Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Surf clam nigiri sushi features two pieces of tender and subtly sweet surf clam atop seasoned rice creating a delightful contrast of textures and...


  • 52. Octopus Sushi (2 Pcs)

    For a unique and chewy experience try octopus nigiri sushi. Two pieces showcase the intriguing texture and mildly sweet flavor of octopus.


  • 53. Shrimp Sushi (2 Pcs)

    The succulent goodness of shrimp nigiri sushi is a true delight. Two pieces feature plump and juicy shrimp a top vinegared rice for a clean and...


  • 54. Flying Fish Egg Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Delight in the oceanic burst of flying fish egg nigiri sushi. Two servings of these tiny flavorful pearls offer a unique and delightful experience.


  • 55. Salmon Roe Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Dive into the briny depths with salmon roe nigiri sushi. Two servings of salmon roe burst with a rich oceanic flavor that's sure to please seafood...


  • 57. Scallop Sushi (2 Pcs)


  • 58. Sweet Egg Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Sweet egg nigiri sushi offers a touch of sweetness and simplicity. Two pieces showcase the comforting flavor and texture of sweet egg atop seasoned...


  • 59. Bean Curd Sushi (2 Pcs)

    For a vegan-friendly option try bean curd nigiri sushi. Two pieces feature delicate slices of bean curd atop vinegared rice for a satisfying and...


  • 60. Sweet Shrimp Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Savor the succulence of sweet shrimp nigiri sushi. Two pieces are a delightful treat for those seeking the sweetness and tenderness of shrimp.


  • 61. Torched Salmon Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Experience the smoky richness of torched salmon sushi. Two pieces of salmon are gently seared to perfection offering a delightful contrast of...


  • 62. Torched Tuna Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Torched tuna sushi showcases the bold flavors of tuna with a smoky twist. Two pieces are expertly torched to capture the essence of this prized fish.


  • 63. Torched Scallop Sushi (2 Pcs)

    Dive into the exquisite taste of torched scallop sushi. Two pieces of scallops are artfully torched to create a creamy and savory masterpiece.



  • 64. Chirashidon

    Chirashidon is a delightful bowl of artfully arranged sushi rice topped with twelve pieces of assorted sashimi. This colorful and satisfying dish...


  • 65. Deluxe Chirashidon

    Elevate your dining experience with deluxe Chirashidon. This exquisite bowl features fifteen pieces of premium assorted sashimi artfully arranged on...


  • 66. Samondon

    Dive into the rich, buttery flavors of salmon with samondon. This bowl boasts twelve pieces of salmon sashimi generously served on a bed of sushi...


  • 67. Unagidon

    Indulge in the savory goodness of Unagidon. Grilled BBQ eel takes center stage in this bowl served atop a bed of rice. It's a harmonious blend of...



  • 68. Rolls Combo (18 Pcs)

    The rolls combo is a perfect medley of flavors. It includes six pieces of California rolls, crispy spicy salmon rolls, and shrimp tempura rolls. It's...


  • 69. Deluxe Combo (20 Pcs)

    Elevate your dining experience with a deluxe combo. It includes six pieces of California rolls, crispy spicy salmon rolls, red dragon rolls, and...


  • 70. Veg Rolls Combo (18 Pcs)

    The Veg rolls combo is a treat for vegetarians. It includes avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, yam rolls, and crispy spicy avocado rolls. This...


  • 71. Sushi and Rolls Combo (19 Pcs)

    Experience the best of both worlds with sushi and rolls combo. It includes seven pieces of assorted sushi, six pieces of California rolls, and crispy...


  • 72. Sashimi Combo (15 Pcs)

    The Sashimi combo is a celebration of pure, unadulterated flavors. It includes fifteen pieces of assorted sashimi, offering a variety of seafood...


  • 73. Deluxe Sashimi Combo (18 Pcs)

    Elevate your sashimi experience with deluxe sashimi combo. It includes eighteen pieces of assorted sashimi, featuring premium selections that are...


  • 74. All Salmon Combo (15 Pcs)

    For salmon lovers, a salmon combo is a must-try. It includes seven pieces of assorted salmon sushi, six pieces of California rolls, and crispy spicy...


  • 75. Torched Sushi Combo (8 Pcs)

    Experience the unique and smoky flavors of torched sushi with a torched sushi combo. It includes two pieces each of torched salmon, torched tuna,


Party Trays.

  • 76. Party Tray A

    Party tray A is perfect for sharing with friends and family. It includes an assortment of crowd-pleasing rolls, such as California, crispy spicy...


  • 77. Party Tray B (62 Pcs)

    Party tray B is a generous platter featuring a variety of sushi rolls. It includes California rolls, crispy spicy salmon, crispy spicy avocado,


  • 78. Party Tray C

    Party tray C offers a delightful combination of flavors. It includes assorted sushi (12 pieces), California rolls, crispy spicy salmon, red dragon,


  • 79. Party Tray D

    Party tray D is a seafood lover's dream. It features assorted sashimi (12 pieces), assorted sushi (8 pieces), California rolls, crispy spicy salmon,


  • 80. Party Tray E

    Party tray E is a premium option that includes a generous amount of sashimi and sushi. It features assorted sashimi (18 pieces), assorted sushi (12


Signature Rolls

  • 81. Dragon Eye Rolls (8 pcs)

    Dragon eye Rrolls are a unique and indulgent treat. Lightly breaded fried salmon, crab, and cucumber are rolled served with spicy mayo and eel sauce,


  • 82. Volcano Rolls (8 pcs)

    Dive into the explosive flavors of volcano rolls. These rolls feature shrimp, carrot, salmon, and cheese with spicy sauce, rolled with rice paper,


  • 83. Ultimate Dragon Rolls (8 pcs)

    The ultimate dragon rolls live up to their name. Tempura shrimp, crab meat, and avocado are rolled and topped with torched salmon, spicy mayo, eel...


  • 84, Mango Tango Rolls (8 Pcs)

    Get ready to dance with the mango tango rolls. These rolls feature crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and tempura bits, rolled and topped with mango and...


  • 85. Honey Mustard (8 Pcs)

    The honey mustard rolls are a symphony of flavors. Tempura shrimp, crab meat, and avocado are rolled and topped with torched salmon and honey mustard...


  • 86. Green Dragon Rolls (8 pcs)

    Green dragon rolls offer a taste of the sea with a touch of crunch. Tempura shrimp is rolled with avocado and served with mayo and eel sauce. It's a...


  • 87. Red Dragon Rolls (8 pcs)

    Red dragon rolls are a savory delight. Tempura shrimp is rolled with salmon and served with mayo and eel sauce. It's a combination that's sure to...


  • 88. Black Dragon Rolls (8 pcs)

    The black dragon rolls are a rich and satisfying choice. Tempura shrimp is rolled with salmon and served with BBQ eel and eel sauce. It's a fusion of...


  • 89. Rainbow Roll (8 pcs)

    Experience a burst of colors and flavors with the rainbow roll. California roll is topped with salmon, tuna, red snapper, and avocado. It's a...


  • 90. Dynamite Rolls (8 pcs)

    The dynamite rolls live up to their name with explosive flavors. Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, and crab meat are rolled and topped with tobiko...


Japanese Fried Rice.

  • 91. Chicken Fried Rice

    Chicken fried rice is a savory delight. Tender pieces of chicken are wok-fried with fragrant jasmine rice, fresh vegetables, and a special blend of...


  • 92. Beef Fried Rice

    Beef lovers will rejoice in beef-fried rice. Succulent slices of beef are stir-fried with jasmine rice, crisp vegetables, and a savory sauce. It's a...


  • 93. Seafood Fried Rice

    Dive into the ocean with seafood fried rice. This dish features a delectable mix of shrimp, scallops, and calamari, all wok-fried with fragrant...


  • 94. Veg Fried Rice

    Veg fried rice is a vegetarian delight. It's a medley of fresh vegetables wok-fried with fragrant jasmine rice and a savory sauce. This dish offers a...



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Bento Box

These bento box dinner options provide a well-rounded and satisfying dining experience for both small and larger groups, featuring a variety of sushi, sashimi, and accompaniments.

  • Dinner for 4

    Four Miso Soup: A comforting and savory Japanese soup made with miso paste, tofu, seaweed, and green onions. Perfect for starting your meal on a warm...


  • Dinner for 6

    A warm and hearty start to your meal with six servings of miso soup, featuring miso paste, tofu, seaweed, and green onions. Six Green Salads: Six...