Maison Mumbai


11 Sinclair Blvd, Brantford, ON N3S 7X6, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Snacks and Chaats

  • Samosa Chaat

    Delicately smashed samosa with Chick peas, curd, tamarind sauce and Coriander Sauce.


  • Papdi Chaat

    Flour crisps topped with Chick peas, boiled potatoes, yogurt, tamarind sauce, coriander Sauce an garnished with sev and pomegranate.


  • Bombay Bhel Puri

    Puffed rice mixed with boiled Potatoes, peanuts, chick peas, tamarind sauce, coriander sauce and green chili pepper.


  • Steamed Chicken Momos

    8 pcs Chicken stuffed Tibetan dumplings with drizzle of our famous tandoori garlic sauce


  • Aloo Tikki Chaat

    Indian style crispy hashbrowns topped with homemade chana masala (Chickpeas) topped with cilantro and tamarind sauce, garnished with pomegranate and...


  • Steamed Veggie Momos

    8 Pieces of Tibetan style dumpling, drizzled with our famous tandoori garlic sauce.


  • Crispy Tandoori Chicken Bytes

    Bite size crispy tandoori chicken topped with cilantro sauce and tandoori garlic sauce.


  • Crispy Cauliflower Bytes

    Bite size battered cauliflower tossed in tamarind, cilantro, onion and drizzled with tandoori garlic sauce.


Mumbai Wraps

A popular wrap version from India with succulent pieces of meat or vegetables or delicious vegan options rolled in warm soft Naan bread with homemade sauces and salad.

  • Crispy Tandoori Chicken Wrap

    Crispy Fried tandoori spiced chicken with homemade coriander sauce, onion slices, tomatoes, pickle, lettuce and lip-smacking masala.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap

    Tender pieces of chicken tikka, onion slices, tomatoes, peppers, and tandoori garlic sauce.


  • Paneer Tikka Masala Wrap

    Tandoori Paneer with red onions, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and tandoori garlic sauce.


  • Crispy Cauliflower Wrap

    Spiced cauliflower bytes, sliced red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, chaat masala, and coriander sauce.


  • Tandoori Soya Chop Wrap

    Slices of soya chunks and marinated with the spice mix, and cooked in the oven, with veggies wrapped in warm naan bread


  • Punjabi Quesadilla

    Chicken tikka, tomato, onion, corn, fresh cilantro, and topped with cheese and grilled like a Quesadilla.

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  • Butter Chicken Wrap

    Chicken Tikka, Silky Butter sauce, Tomatoes, lettuce, Onions and Chaat Masala


  • Aloo Tikki Wrap

    Indian hash brown smashed and topped with tangy tamarind, cilantro sauce with onion, lettuce, tomato and pomegranate.


  • Curried Lamb Wrap

    Tender lamb pieces, red onion, tomato slices, lettuce, homemade tandoori garlic sauce, cilantro sauce and chaat masala wrapped in a warm naan bread.


Chai and Coffee

  • Elaichi (Cardamom) Chai


  • Desi Coffee


  • Masala Chai


Lassi - Indian Smooties

  • Mumbai Mango Mastani

    Pureed mango with yogurt, almonds, pistachio, and cardamon served with a scoop of mango kulfi.


  • Rose Lassi

    Rose (rooh afza) flavored yogurt served with a scoop of strawberry kulfi.


  • Berry Blue Lassi


  • Mumbai Mastani Lassi

    Sweet yogurt lassi spiked with cardamom and topped with vanilla kulfi.


  • Spiced Lassi

    Yogurt spiked with cloves, cumin, black pepper, salt, for a refreshing hot day in summer.


Cold Beverages

  • Crush Can (330 ml)


  • 7 Up


  • Nestea Lemon (355 ml)


  • Coca Cola


  • Spring Water


  • Ginger Ale (355 ml)


Curry Bowls

Perfect complete meal bowls for Lunch or Dinner. Served on a bed of Fragrant Basmati rice with House Salad and Raita

  • Chana Masala Bowl

    Homemade mildly spiced chickpeas cooked in onion and tomato gravy with hint of lemon. Served with long grain basmati rice, raita and side salad


  • Butter Chicken Bowl

    Boneless pieces of chicken in Maison Mumbai's own house butter sauce served with basmati rice, salad and raita.


  • Paneer Tikka Masala Bowl

    Cubes of silky cottage cheese, sautéed pepper in a spiced onion and tomato gravy. Served with basmati rice, side salad & raita.


  • Lamb Vindaloo Bowl

    Boneless lamb slow cooked with spices in traditional vindaloo gravy. Served with basmati rice, side salad and raita.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala Bowl

    Classic Chicken Tikka with sautéed pepper in a spiced onion and tomato gravy.


  • Soya Chop Makhani Bowl

    OG of plant based protein in a silky rich makhani gravy. Served with basmati rice, side salad and raita.


  • Shrimp Butter Masala

    Sautéed Shrimp cooked in creamy onion and tomato gravy garnished with cilantro. Served with Basmati Rice, side salad and raita.


  • Paneer Butter Masala

    Marinated dices of cottage cheese, cooked in creamy and spicy butter gravy. Served with basmati rice, side salad & raita.