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  • Cassava Ball

    Cassava boiled, seasoned and fried. Cassava is the root of a tropical tree and used in many dishes in the West Indies.


  • Fried Plantain (1 banana)


  • Doubles

    Popular Trinidadian street food. Chickpea curry sandwiched between two fluffy pastries with a sweet homemade tamarind sauce. This is made to order...


Non-Vegetarian Dishes

  • Chicken Curry (Boneless) (28oz.)

    Chicken cooked in curry gravy with potatos. A crowd favourite.


  • Jerk Chicken (280z)

    Chicken marinated two days in advanced then baked to pure perfection. Signature jerk seasoning is made in house.


  • Lamb Curry (Boneless) (280z)

    Boneless lamb legs cooked in curry gravy with potatoes.


  • Shrimp Curry (28oz)

    Pacific white shrimp cooked in curry gravy with potatoes and spinach.


  • Beef Curry (Boneless) (28 oz)

    A curry with well marinated tenderloin. Super soft beef makes this curry up along with potato.


  • Cassareep Chicken (Boneless) (28 oz)

    Homemade gravy made with a extract from the cassava root. A Guyanese stew chicken.


Vegetarian Dishes

  • Potato Curry (28oz)

    Soft and delicious potatoes cooked in an amazing vegan curry gravy.


  • Soybean Chunks (28oz)

    Soybean chunks cooked in an savory light gravy. This curry is always mistaken for non-vegetarian. A great alternative to meat for our vegan friends.


  • Pumpkin Curry (280z)

    Actually butternut squash but called pumpkin back home because of its colour. The pumpkin is steamed down to a thick pureé and lightly seasoned. The...


  • Steamed Spinach (28oz)

    Sautéed spinach with onions is a healthy alternative and has an awesome light earthiness to it. Vegans love it.



  • Dhal Puri Roti

    A hand rolled flour wrap stuffed with ground yellow split peas lightly seasoned. Made to order every time. Perfect for eating with curries or eating...


  • Pepper Sauce

    A homemade sauce produced right in house. Coming in bottles soon.


  • Tamarind Sauce

    Homemade sauce made on site. Bottled tamarind sauce coming soon.