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519 Ellice Ave

Opens at 11:00 AM

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Start your meal off right with one of our authentic Korean appetizers.

  • 2. Chicken, Pork, or Vegetable Dumpling (6pcs)

    Six traditional Korean dumplings, filled with your choice of chicken, pork or vegetables.


  • 3. Vegetarian Spring Rolls (5pcs)

    Five traditional vegetarian spring rolls.


Hot Bowl Stews

Traditional Korean stews, made with fresh ingredients and seasoned with authentic spices.

  • 11. Sundubu Jjigae

    Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood or beef

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  • 12. Kimchi Jjigae

    Spicy stew made with aged kimchi, pork, and tofu


  • 13. Gamjatang

    Pork back bone & potato soup with vegetables


  • 14. Soondae Gukbob

    Spicy pork broth soup with house-made Korean pork sausage.


  • 15. Galbi Tang

    Beef-based soup with beef short ribs and glass noodles.


Korean BBQ

Authentic Korean BBQ items, grilled to perfection.

  • 21. Beef Bulgogi

    Marinated thinly sliced beef & vegetables


  • 22. Pork Bulgogi

    Marinated pork


  • 23. Chicken Bulgogi

    Marinated chicken & vegetables


  • 24. Osam Bulgogi

    Marinated pork & squid


  • 25. Squid Bulgogi

    Grilled squid with special sauce


  • 26. Samgyupsal



  • 27. L.A. Galbi

    Marinated beef short ribs.



Traditional Korean noodle dishes, seasoned with authentic spices and ingredients.

  • 31. Beef Bulgogi with Noodles

    Authentic beef bulgogi served with noodles.


  • 32. Chicken Bulgogi with Noodles

    Authentic chicken bulgogi served with noodles.


  • 33. Seafood with Noodles

    Authentic seafood bulgogi served with noodles.


  • 34. Pork Bulgogi with Noodles

    Authentic pork bulgogi served with noodles.


  • 35. Tofu & Vegetables with Noodles

    Fresh tofu and vegetables served with noodles.


  • 36. Noodle Soup with Beef

    Traditional Korean noodle soup, served with tender pieces of beef in a house-made broth.


  • 37. Noodle Soup with Chicken

    Traditional Korean noodle soup, served with tender pieces of chicken in a house-made broth.


  • 38. Noodle Soup with Seafood

    Traditional Korean noodle soup, served with fresh pieces of seafood in a house-made broth.


  • 39. Noodle Soup with Tofu & Dumplings

    Traditional Korean noodle soup, served with tofu and dumplings in a house-made broth.


Specialty Rice

Specialty rice dishes, made with fresh and traditional Korean ingredients.

  • 41. Bibimbob

    Mixed rice with vegetables, beef and egg


  • 43. Spicy Pork Bibimbob

    Bibimbob with spicy pork.


  • 44. Kimchi Fried Rice

    Kimchi fried rice with your choice of topping.


Liko Specials

Liko specials, made fresh in-house!

  • 51. Japchae

    Sweet potato noodles with sauteed vegetables.


  • 52. Topokki

    Stir-fried rice cake with spicy sauce.


  • 53. Cheese Topokki

    Spicy topokki with cheese.


  • 66. Tonkatsu

    Fried pork cutlet, served with steamed rice, special sauce, and salad.


  • 67. Cheese Tonkatsu

    Fried pork cutlet stuffed with cheese, served with steamed rice, special sauce, and salad.


  • 68. Tangsuyuk

    Fried pork with sweet and sour sauce.


Fried Chicken & Pork

Traditional Korean fried chicken and pork dishes.

  • 61. Fried Chicken

    Perfectly battered, crispy chicken, deep fried until golden brown.


  • 62. YumYum Chicken - Yangnyum

    Fried chicken in sweet and chilli sauce.


  • 63. Combo (Half 61 & Half 62)

    Half order of Korean Fried Chicken, and half order of Yum Yum Spicy Fried Chicken.


  • 64. Fried Wings (12 pcs)

    Perfectly cooked, juicy chicken wings.


  • 65. YumYum(YangNyum) Wings (12 pcs)

    Juicy wings, perfectly cooked in a sweet and chilli sauce.


Extra Rice

Add a side of white rice to your meal.

  • Extra Rice

    One side of rice.


  • Extra sweet potato

    extra bowl of sweet potato


  • Extra Kimchi

    Extra kimchi 12oz



Add a refreshing drink to your order.

  • Canned Pop (355 ml)

    Choose from a variety of canned drinks.