Kochin Kitchen


271 Dalhousie St.

Opens at 12:00 PM


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  • Soup

    Choice of sweet potato, tomato, or carrot in a tantalizing blend of roasted ginger and garlic with other herbs and spices.


  • Sambar

    Mix of garden vegetables in an aromatic broth.


  • Rasam

    A spicy mixture of pepper and other Kerala spices.


  • Coriander Shrimp

    Shrimp coated with coriander leaf paste and Kerala spices, cooked to perfection.


  • Chicken Pakora

    Thin strips of chicken breast coated with chick pea flour. Served with special mayonnaise dipping sauce.


  • Onion Pakora

    Onion slices with chick pea and spices batter. Served with mint chutney.


  • Vada

    Donut shaped snack made with urid dal, and served with coconut chutney.


  • Thairu Vada

    Vada soaked in yoghurt (Thairu) and spices.


  • Pepper Scallops

    Pan cooked scallops in a mix of soy sauce, ginger-garlic paste, pepper and coriander leaves.


  • Chicken 65

    Spicy. Deep-fried chicken with blended Kerela masala.


  • Samosa

    Pastry filled with vegetable mix. Served with mint sauce.


  • Vegetable Cutlet

    Vegetable and masala patties coated with bread crumbs.


  • Potato Tikka

    Boiled potatoes mixed with masala, in pastry coating.



  • Egg Roast

    Boiled egg (two eggs/four pieces) in thick gravy made from onion, tomato, chili, turmeric powder, and other masala.


  • Egg Mappas

    Egg for the tender palate (two eggs/four pieces). Not too spicy mix of green chilies, turmeric, and coconut milk.



  • Kodanadu Chicken

    Roasted coconut paste and special blend of Kerala spices. This is a Kochin Kitchen special and must try once.


  • Kerala Kozhi

    Special preparation of chicken in coconut milk and spices.


  • Real Butter Chicken

    Chicken chunks marinated in tandoori masala and cooked in a creamy cashew/onion/tomato gravy.


  • Goan Chicken

    Green curry with coriander leaves and other Kerala spices.



  • Lamb Kurma

    Tender lamb pieces in a smooth gravy of coconut, ginger-garlic paste, and spices (Kerala version of Khorma).


  • Pepper Lamb

    Small chunks of lamb smothered in peppercorn sauce.


  • Lamb Chettinaadu

    A special preparation of lamb with Chettinadu (Region in Chennai) masala mix and roast coconut paste.



  • King Fish Curry (Kochin Kitchen Special)

    King fish pieces in a special blend of chef's spices and fish tamarind.


  • Salmon Alleppey

    Boneless salmon pieces in a yellow gravy made with chili powder, turmeric powder, and fish tamarind.


  • Elayil Pollichathu (Salmon)

    Kerala special preparation. Salmon covered in masala and wrapped in banana leaf and grilled.


  • Fish Moilee

    Choice of fish cooked in coconut milk and spices.


  • Mussels Travancore

    Fresh mussels cooked in a mixture of clamato juice and tamarind sauces, ginger and garlic.


Shrimp and Lobster

  • Shrimp Moilee

    Shrimp cooked in coconut milk and spices.


  • Kochin Shrimp Curry

    Shrimp in a thick yellow gravy of chili powder, turmeric powder, and ginger-garlic paste.


  • Shrimp Masala

    Shrimp in a red gravy, made with chili powder and other spices.


  • Lobster Masala

    Lobster meat in a red gravy, made with chili powder and other spices.



  • Beef Vindaloo (Special Masala)

    Something from North India but with Kerala touch. The beef chunks are cooked in a paste with roasted whole chilies soaked in vinegar and special...


  • Beef Curry

    Traditional Kerala style beef in gravy (Garam masala and coconut milk).


  • Beef Fry - Special

    Dry preparation with coconut chunks.


Dosa and Idli

All dosa and idli come with sambar and coconut chutney.

  • Pepper Dosa

    Crispy 'pancake' of rice and urid (black graham) dal paste.


  • Masala Dosa

    Dosa with delicious filling inside.


  • Ootthappam

    Thick version of dosa topped with fresh onion and coriander leaves. Add chilies for that extra kick.


  • Paneer Ootthappam

    Dosa topped with onion and paneer.


  • Idli

    Three steamed cakes, made from rice and urid (black graham) dal paste.



  • Paneer Spinach Khorma

    Tasty and non-spicy dish of North India. Creamy spinach with paneer and milk.


  • Paneer Peas Makkhanwala

    The brilliant result of just the right amount of green peas and paneer mixed with milk, cashew paste, and spices.


  • Vegetable Kurma

    A delectable vegetable medley, cooked in a paste of raw coconut, onion, and other spices.


  • Neelagiri Mushroom

    Sure to be a favorite of mushroom lovers and others alike. Special creation from the chef: Slices of mushroom in creamy coconut milk and other spices.



  • Eggplant

    A Kerala version of Chennai taste (Katthirikkai Kuzhambu). Small eggplant or chunks of slightly larger eggplant roasted and made into a mixture with...


  • Aviyal

    A must of Kerala Sadya. Aviyal is many different vegetables cooked together in coconut, green chilies, jeerakam, and curry leaves paste. Add to this...


  • Erussery

    Traditionally made with pumpkin and peas, Erussery is an essential item of sadya. This dish is made with coconut, jeerakam, green chilies, and curry...


  • Dal Fry

    Simple dish made with toor dal (thuvara parippu), garlic, and green chilies.


  • Peas Potato Masala

    Potato and peas cooked in a blend of slices of onion, turmeric, and chili powder. Dry preparation.



Aromatic basmati rice cooked to perfection and mixed with other flavourful spices. Served with raitha (yoghurt mixture), achar, and pappadam.

  • Egg Biriyani


  • Vegetarian Biriyani


  • Chicken Biriyani


  • Lamb Biriyani


  • Shrimp Biriyani


  • Beef Biriyani


Rice and Porotta

  • Basmati Rice

    Scented rice.


  • Kerala Rice

    Imported red rice from Kerala.


  • Curd Rice

    (Thairu Sadam) - Basmathi rice in yoghurt mixture.


  • Lemon Rice

    Basmathi rice mixed with turmeric powder and lemon juice.


  • Rice Pulao

    Basmathi rice and mixed vegetables.


  • Peas Pulao

    Basmathi rice and green peas.


  • Tomato Rice

    Basmathi rice and special tomato mixture.


  • Porotta

    A Kerala unique flat bread cooked on a hot grill.



  • Gulab Jamun

    Pastry balls in rose and sugar syrup


  • Lentil Payasam

    Chick pea lentil and brown sugar mixture cooked in coconut milk


  • Rice Payasam

    Kerala rice and brown sugar mixture cooked in coconut milk


  • Vermicelli

    (Semiya) Payasam - Roasted semiya cooked in milk and sugar



  • Soft Drinks


  • Juices


  • Mango Lassi