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Kinjo Express is offering 15% off for a limited time. Discounts are already applied. Prepared fresh daily. limited quantities. Grab and Go! Convenience food that you can enjoy on the go or in the comfort of your home.

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Back To School Special

  • 461. Spicy tuna Onigiri

    Rice, mirin, sake, tuna, chilli pepper, mayo, sriracha hot sauce, and seaweed. May contain alcohol, sesame seeds, egg, and seafood (fish).


  • 462. Pork Chashu Onigiri

    Rice, pork chashu, soy sauce, mirin, and sake. May contain alcohol, pork, wheat, and gluten.


  • 463. Lobster Onigiri

    Rice, lobster mixed, mayo, seaweed, green onion, Daikon, mirin, and sake. May contain alcohol, seafood (shellfish), and egg.


  • 453. Beef Yakisoba

    Beef slices, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and noodles. May contain wheat, and gluten.


  • 444. Salmon Poke Bowl


  • 464. Spicy Chicken Onigiri

    Rice, chicken karaage, teriyaki sauce, Sriracha hot sauce. May contain alcohol, wheat, and gluten.


  • 465. Tuna Mayo Onigiri

    Rice, skipjack tuna, Kinjo salad dressing, green onion. May contain alcohol, eggs, seafood (fish), and soybeans.



Miso paste, Dashi, tuna powder, and MSG. May contain soybeans, alcohol, seafood (fish), and MSG.

  • 454. Miso Soup

    Traditional Japanese soup consisting of dashi (a soup stock made of dried seaweed and dried fish), softened yellow miso paste, tofu pieces, and...


Sushi Rolls

Please keep in cooler if not consumed. Do not microwave.

  • MenuItemImage
    413. Shrimp California Rolls (8 pcs)

    Cucumber, imitation crab meat, mayonnaise, tempura shrimps, tempura crumbs, chili pepper, and Unagi sauce. One order comes with eight pieces.May...


  • 411. California Rolls (8 pcs)

    One order comes with eight pieces.


  • 414. Tuna Salad Roll

    Cucumber, skipjack tuna, Kinjo salad dressing, Volcano sauce, Masago. May contain seafood (fish), eggs, sesame seed, fish eggs, MSG, and soybeans.


  • 402. I love Salmon Combo (Contains Raw Fish)

    Atlantic salmon sushi & sashimi, cucumber, mayonnaise, sriracha hot sauce, chili pepper. May contain soybeans, sesame seeds, and eggs.


  • 417. Sunny Roll

    California rolls inside, and sliced mangos, salmon and tuna on the top with mango sauce and tobiko.


Sushi Rolls Combo

Please keep in cooler if not consumed. Do not microwave.

  • MenuItemImage
    400. Kinjo Express Special (18 pcs)

    One piece of each of Atlantic salmon, inari (fried bean curd, soy sauce, and MSG), black tiger shrimp (cooked), tamago (Egg, soybeans, soy sauce,


  • 412. Assorted Rolls Combo (8 pcs)

    Two pieces of each of California rolls, dynamite rolls, volcano rolls, and spicy salmon rolls. May contain wheat, gluten, seafood (fish), seafood...


  • 401. Salmon Lover Combo (10 pcs)

    Two pieces of Atlantic salmon sushi, four pieces of spicy salmon rolls (cucumber, salmon, mayonnaise, Sriracha hot sauce, and chili pepper), and four...


  • 404. Tuna Combo

    Six pieces tuna roll and three pieces tuna sushi.


  • 405. Express Vegetarian Combo

    Six cucumber roll and three pieces bean cakes.


  • 403. I Love Sushi Combo

    Salmon sushi, tuna sushi, tako sushi, shrimp sushi, red snapper.



Heating Instruction: Open lid, and microwave for 1-2 minutes.

  • Shrimp Tempura Donburi

    Shrimp tempura, beaten egg, and onions simmered together in a dashi and soy sauce-based broth served on top of steamed rice. Sprinkled with green...


  • 447. Teriyaki Beef Donburi

    Beef, mushroom, onion, broccoli, and butter with teriyaki sauce.


  • 448. Sweet Braised Pork Donburi

    Pork belly, onion, soft boiled egg, and Shanghai bokchoy.




Heating Instruction: Open lid, and microwave for 1-2 minutes.

  • MenuItemImage
    452. Takoyaki (6 pcs)

    Breaded octopus balls deep-fried, and served with mayo, takoyaki sauce, and bonito flakes on top. One order comes with 6 pieces. May contain seafood...


  • 451. Deep-Fried Pork Gyoza (6 pcs)

    Pork dumplings served with gyoza dipping sauce (soy sauce, sesame oil). One order comes with six pieces. May contain pork, wheat, gluten, and sesame...




  • Canned Pepsi (355 ml)


  • Canned Diet Pepsi (355 ml)


  • Canned Iced Tea (355 ml)


  • Canned 7UP (355 ml)


  • Canned Ginger Ale (355 ml)