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120 Lowson Cres, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2H8, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM

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    Spring Rolls (4 pcs)

    Hand-rolled deep-fried rolls stuffed with taro, carrots, glass noodles, and cabbage.


  • Tung Thong (6 pcs)

    Mince pork and shrimp corns, carrots onions wrap, and deep fried.


  • Chicken Satay

    Three chicken skewers seasoned with coconut, and turmeric served with peanut sauce and mixed veggies salsa.


  • Saam Gur Wings

    About half lb of crispy and juicy marinaded battered fresh wings.


  • Calamari

    Lightly seasoned crispy squid bell pepper and onion. Choice of sauce.


  • Crab Rangoon

    (6pc)Crabmeat with cream cheese and onions wrap and deep fried. Choice of sauce.



  • MenuItemImage

    Three elemental Thai flavors, spicy, sour, and salty. Ground meat tossed with fresh lime dressing, grounded roasted rice, cilantro, green onion,


  • Yum Talay

    Seafood toss with fresh Thai chili with celery onions and garlic and tomato.


  • Som Tum

    Thai green papaya salad.Thai fresh pepper(let know how spice you can handle), garlic, tomato, peanut, and green bean topping with dry shrimp.



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    Tom Yum

    Tom yum made with fresh lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, shallot, and cilantro and cook gently in chicken broth and balanced with fresh lime juice.


  • Tom Kah

    Coconut milk infused soup with chicken, young galangal, shallot, lime leaves, lemongrass, and cilantro, and balanced with fresh lime juice.



Curry (Rice Included)

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    Gaeng Keow Waan

    Eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and Thai basil leaves. Cooked in green curry with coconut milk.


  • Panang

    Bell peppers, lime leaves, and Thai basil leaves. Cooked in a specialty thick red curry with coconut cream come with jasmin rice.


  • Massaman

    Choice of braise chicken thighs or braised beef in a aromatic, sweet, rich curry paste with bay leaves, coconut milk, baby potatoes, and onion. Come...



Stir-Fried (Rice Included)

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    Phad Med Ma Mueng

    House roasted cashews wok-fried with bell peppers, broccoli, celery, carrots, garlic, and onions choice of protiens. Come with jasmine rice.


  • Phad Khing

    Fresh slice ginger wok-fried with garlic, celery, onion, mushroom, pepper, and carrot. Choice of proteins. Come with jasmine rice.


  • Phad Prik Gaeng

    Stir fried chili paste, lime leaves with green bean, pepper, and basil.


  • Goong Phad Pong Ka Ree

    Stir-Fried shrimp with curry powder shrimp garlic eggs onion celery spring onion red pepper evaporated milk curry powder sugar light soy sauce oyster...


  • Hoy Lai Phad Prik Pao

    Stir fried clams, red and green pepper basil with shrimp chili paste. Come with jasmine rice.


  • Moo Kra Tiem

    Garlic pork slice pork loin marinate with garlic, cilantro, and white pepper. (not for gluten-free meal), served on a bed of sautéed bean sprouts and...


  • Kra Pow Kai Dow

    Fresh garlic and chilli are fried until you smell the fragrance of the meat, and then finish with Thai basil come with jasmine rice and fried egg.


  • Phad Phet

    Wild ginger (khachai) Stir fried with chili paste, lime leaves with green bean, pepper, bamboo shoot, and basil. Come with Fried egg




  • MenuItemImage
    Phad Thai

    A Thai favourite! Rice noodles with tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprouts, tofu, oyster sauce, peanuts, chives, and lime.


  • Phad Kee Mao

    Fresh rice noodles stir-fried with Thai holy basil red and green bell peppers, broccoli, an egg, carrots, organic king oyster mushrooms, oyster...


  • Phad See-Iew

    Stir-fried wide rice noodles in soy sauce with Chinese broccoli, egg, and white pepper.


  • Mhee Krob Rad Na

    Crispy egg noodles with Gai lan and carrots in gravy sauce.


  • Phad Suki

    Stir-fried mung bean noodle with egg, celery, carrot, mush room, Chinese cabbage, and cantonese suki sauce.


Fried Rice

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    Kow Phad

    Thai fried rice is classic dish, influenced by Thai people of Chinese descent. The dish features jasmine rice wok-fried with egg, garlic, onion, and...


  • Kow Phad Kee Mow

    Basil fried rice. Start with egg, bell peppers, broccoli, onions, soy sauce king mushroom oyster sauce, and Thai basil.


  • Kow Pad Prik Pow

    spicy fried rice with shrimp chilli paste(PRIK POW)


Vegetable Stir Fried

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    Phad Ma-Kuer Tofu

    Wok fried tender tofu with succulent eggplant that absorbs all that wonderful sauce, snow peas, and carrots balance the texture. The sauce is...


  • Phad Puk Ruam

    This healthy recipe will change the way to think about "mixed veg." This wok-fry is garlicky, crunchy, full of flavor with a little kick from some...


  • Phad Ka Na

    Combination of fresh crunchy Chinese broccoli and savory oyster sauce is a match made in heaven and a classic for a reason.


  • Phad Puk Ka Pow

    Holy basil is Wok-fried with chili, garlic, bell peppers, gai lan, and onions, it infuses an aromatic flavor.


Kiin Thai Signature Dishes

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    Green Curry Pork Rib

    Marinaded pork ribs with coconut cream lime leaf. Choice of spicy comes with jasmine rice.


  • Phad Thai Kai Hor

    Three pieces black tiger pawns. Stir-fried famous Thai rice noodles with homemade tamarind sauce, egg, tofu, beansprouts, chive, roasted minced...


  • Phu Ket Phad Phet

    Red curry seafood wok-fry - This very flavorful Wild ginger (khachai) simmered in coconut milk, chili paste, and lime leaves and wok-fried with green...



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  • Spring rolls 2pc