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605 Longfields Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 4X1, Canada

Opens at 4:00 AM


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Street Food

  • Bun Kabab

    A traditional twist on a burger with your choice of Shami or potato patty, coleslaw, onions, egg (optional), and green chutney sandwiched between...


  • Bun Kabab with Chapli

    Traditional; twist on a burger- but with Pakistan's king of kababs- Chapli. Garnished with coleslaw, onions, egg (optional), and our green chutney...


  • Bun Samosa

    Fried savory samosa filled with mildly spiced potato and green pea mixture, green chutney, tamarind chutney, and onions, sandwiched between soft...


  • Khokha Roll

    Succulent pieces of boneless marinated chicken tikka or chapli kabab, onions, and Khokha signature sauce rolled into a fried bread.


  • Chapli Kebab (2 pcs) with Naan

    The king of kababs. The best form of a patty with medium ground beef, onions, tomatoes, sundried pomegranate seeds, carom, and traditional Peshawari...


  • Chat

    Chic peas, onions, tomatoes drizzled with spiced yogurt, chutneys, and papdi.


  • Karachi Samosa (2 pcs)

    Fried savory samosa filled with mildly spiced potato and green pea mixture. Comes with tamarind chutney.


  • Butter Chicken Poutine

    Crispy fries smothered in butter chicken sauce with tender boneless pieces of chicken and cheese curds, topped with cilantro.


  • Masala Fries

    Crispy fries sprinkled with our Pakistani spices, served with a special creamy dipping sauce.


  • Khokha Wings (10 pcs) (10 pieces)

    Battered fried chicken wings tossed in honey garlic spicy Khokha sauce.


  • Chaat with samosa

    Chickpeas, potatoes, onions, papri, samosa, and khokha sauces.



  • Chicken Biryani (30 ounces)

    Layers of flavourful spicy chicken cooked in yogurt and aromatic long grain basmati rice topped with caramelized onions, mint, and fresh coriander.


  • Butter Chicken (24 ounces)

    Boneless chicken tikka pieces in light butter sauce made of pureed tomatoes, honey, cashew nuts, dried fenugreek powder, and light cream.


  • Hakka Noodles (24 ounces)

    Chicken chow mein-style noodles tossed with bell peppers, onions, and Hakka sauce.


  • Saag Gosht (24 ounces)

    Boneless cubes of beef slow cooked with spinach with Khokha spices.


  • Lamb Curry (24 ounces )

    Boneless lamb leg pieces made in tomatoes with Khokha spices.


  • Sabzi (vegetables) (24 ounces)

    The dish is prepared with seasonal vegetables.


Day of the week special

  • Tuesday Deal

    One bun kabab, one masala fries, and one pop.


Street food Packages

  • Two Can Dine (Street food)

    Two Bun kababs, two masala fries, and two pops.


  • Four Can Dine (street food)

    Two Bun kababs, two Chicken Khokha rolls, four masala fries, and four pops.


Mains Packages

  • Two Can Dine (Mains)

    One Biryani (chicken), one saag gosht (spinach and slow-cooked beef), and two naans (regular).


  • Four Can Dine (Mains)

    Two Biryanis (chicken), one saag gosht (spinach and slow-cooked beef), one sabzi (vegetable dish), and four Naans (regular).



  • Naan

    Leavened fluffy bread.


  • Garlic Naan

    Leavened fluffy bread with garlic and cilantro.


  • Basmati Rice

    Plain white basmati rice. The best side for the main dish.



  • Kheer (9 ounces)

    Rice pudding made with thickened creamy milk and cardamom, garnished with nuts, and rose petals.


  • Carrot Halwa (9 ounces)

    Cardamom flavored traditional carrot pudding served with or without nuts.


  • Nutella Paratha

    Lachaydar paratha smothered in Nutella with sprinkled sugar icing.




  • Mango Milkshake

    A refreshing, popular Pakistani street-style milkshake.


  • Pakola

    Pakistan's national cream soda.


  • Can Pop


  • Khokha Karak Chai (tea) (10 ounces)

    Cardamom flavoured traditional home style tea.