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Free Brazilian Pitaya Mango Smoothie | 100% Real Fruits Regular (16 oz) with orders $35+

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  • Build Your Bowl

    Completely customizable bowl.


  • Build Your Wrap

    Customized your wrap. Unlimited Choose your toppings and bases. Go wild.


  • Chipotle Chicken Bowl

    One of our most popular signature bowl. Forbidden black rice and spinach with chipotle chicken. Topped with tomatoes, cucumber, sweet corn, beets,


  • Keto Chipotle Chicken Bowl

    Keto Gluten-friendly bowl, Eight ounces chicken portion, avocado, half boiled egg, base spinach, and spring mix. Choose your toppings: edamame,


  • Portobello Mushroom Warm Bowl (Vegetarian)

    Forbidden black rice, spinach, spicy brussel sprouts and broccoli, roasted beets, roasted garlic parmesan potatoes, edamame, cucumber, alfalfa...


  • Lemongrass Tofu Bowl (Vegetarian)

    Black rice and spinach with our famous miso lemongrass tofu, edamame, sprouts, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, cucumber .Your choice of sauce but we...


  • Farmer's Harvest Bowl (Vegetarian)

    Black rice, spinach with assorted roasted seasonal root veggies, spicy charred brussel sprouts, corn, cucumber half avocado with feta cheese, crispy...


  • Mexican Chipotle Chicken Wrap

    Chipotle chicken, black rice, spinach, corn, edamame beans, peppers, jalapenos tomatoes, onions, crispy onions, chipotle ranch, and hot sauce.


  • Hungry Buddha Bowl Hungry Buddha Bowl

    Spinach, black rice, sweet potato noodles<br />lemongrass tofu and portobello mushrooms,<br />sweet potato mash, tomatoes, sprouts, edamame, peppers,


Smoothie and Acai Bowls

  • Imperfect Acai Bowl

    Frozen base organic grade frozen acai berries imported from brazil. These berries are grown naturally in the amazon, packed frozen, and ship directly...


  • Tropical Pitaya Bowl (100% Real Organic Brazilian Pitaya)

    Frozen base organic grade pitaya (imported frozen from brazil), banana, mango, coconut milk choose your toppings homemade granola, seasonal fruits,


Superfoods Smoothies

  • Thai Mango Smoothie

    No ice mango smoothie, frozen mango, coconut milk topped with coconut flakes.


  • Acai Blast

    Gluten-friendly. Frozen banana, mango, apple, acai, liquid ½ oat milk, and ½ mango puree.


  • Perfectly Green Smoothie

    Gluten-friendly. Dairy-friendly. Fresh green apple, mint, ginger, spinach.


  • Taste Like Summer Smoothie and 100% Real Fruits

    Gluten-friendly. Dairy-friendly. Made with real fruits, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mango, pineapple, apple juice.


  • Celery Detox

    Gluten-friendly. Celery, mango, banana, spinach, ginger, and purified water.


  • Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

    Gluten-friendly. This sweet and spicy smoothie is creamy and packed with so many great nutrients. Sweet potato, banana, cinnamon, vanilla with oak,


  • Brazilian Pitaya Mango Smoothie | 100% Real Fruits Regular (16 oz)

    Brazilian pitaya (dragon fruit, shipped frozen, product of brazil), frozen bananas, granny smith apples, strawberries, mango, and organic oats milk.



  • Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie | 100% Real Fruits Regular (16 oz)

    Frozen strawberries, mango, frozen banana, and orange juice made with real fruits, no ice.



  • Essa Water (500 ml)


  • Perrier Water


  • Grace Coconut Water (333 ml)


  • Coke Can (330 ml)


  • Zero Sugar Coke (Can)