Ibex Restaurant and Lounge


626 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0A3, Canada

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  • Fries


  • Poutine


  • Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Mayo


  • Sambusa


  • Quesadilla


  • Chicken Bites


  • Steak Bites


  • Chicken Fingers with Fries


  • Chicken Wings


  • Nachos


  • Veggies


  • Chicken


  • Beef


  • Garlic Toast


  • Garlic Cheese Toast



  • Tossed Salad

    Onions, green pepper, cucumber, and tomato.


  • Greek Salad

    Onions, green pepper, cucumber, tomato, and feta cheese.


  • Caesar Salad

    Croutons, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing.



  • Penne Alfredo


  • Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce



  • Ch-Gordon Blue with Ham and Cheese Paired with a Mushroom Sauce


  • Salmon Fillet (6 oz) with Dill or Lemon Butter Sauce


Lunch and Dinner

  • Normal Kitfo

    Freshly minced lean ground beef served with goman and homemade cheese.


  • Kitfo Dulet

    Minced beef seasoned with herb, butter, mitmita, cottage cheese, onion, green pepper, and red pepper. Served with collard greens.


  • Kitfo Special

    Minced beef seasoned with herb, butter, mitmita, cottage cheese, and served with collard greens.


  • Kurt

    Selected lean raw beef served with awaze and mitmita (Ethiopian tartar).


  • Minchet Abish

    Hot and spicy ground beef stew in a berbere sauce and purified herb butter with East African spices.


  • Quanta Firfir

    Strips of sun-dried meat sauteed with onions, garlic, and butter.


  • Shefinfin


  • Tibbs

    Sauteed with spiced butter, garlic, and green peppers, served with injera.


  • Tibbs Wot


  • Dulet

    Chopped red meat, tripe, and liver, seasoned with herbed purified butter and spiced chili powder (mitmita). Served raw, mild, or well done.


  • Ye'Beg Alicha

    Succulent lamb meat cooked with a mild sauce.


  • Ye'Beg Tibbs

    Cubes of tenderloin lamb meat sauteed with butter, onions, and spices.


  • Wings (10 pcs)

    Chicken wings with hot sauce or choice of sauce.


  • Keye Wot

    Spiced lean beef stew served with injera.


  • Ibex Combo for Two

    Yemisir wot, fosilia, atakilt wot, Shiro wot, chicken, beef, stew, and salad.


  • Ibex Combo for One

    Beef, chicken, and vegetable combination.


  • Bosena Shiro a Shiro

    Highly seasoned milled chickpeas simmered in berbere sauce with selected cubes of lean beef.


  • Beef Chacha

    Zizzled beef served hot.


  • Lamb Chacha

    Zizzled lamb served hot.


  • Cornis

    A combination of Tibbs, kitfo, kenchi, ayeb, and collard greens, served with injera.


  • Gomen Besiga

    Cooked lamb with collard greens, herbed butter, garlic, ginger, onions, and green peppers.


  • Gored Gored

    Cubed meat smothered with awaize and nitir kebe.


  • Kikel

    Light beef stew seasoned with awazie and tossed in injera.


  • Zilzil Tibs

    Strips of tender beef sauteed with homemade awaze and peppers.


  • Chicken Wote (Special)

    Tender chicken leg or thigh marinated in lemon, sauteed in seasoned butter, and stewed in red pepper sauce.


  • Chicken (Doro) Tibbs

    Chicken pieces blended with herbed oil and spices.


  • Doro Firfir

    Pieces of injera simmered with butter and peppers then topped with yogurt.


  • Misto

    A combination of lean beef with mild spices and sauce.


  • Alicha Wot

    Choice lean beef cooked in a mild sauce.


  • Spaghetti with Ground Beef

    A combination of ground beef, onions, garlic, and green peppers.


  • Spaghetti with Salsa

    A combination of tomato salsa, onions, garlic, and green peppers.


Non Alcoholic Beverages

  • Water Bottle


  • Tea


  • Red Bull


  • Avocado Smoothie


  • Mango Smoothie


  • Mix Smoothie