Hola Cafe & Market Inc.


2156 Mountain Grove Ave, Burlington, ON L7P 2J3, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM

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Hola's Signature Dishes

  • Hola's Arepa (Gluten Friendly)

    Arepa is a grilled cornmeal bread, handcrafted with a variety of recipes inspired by traditional Latin cuisine. Topped with your protein choice...


  • Hola's Patacon (Gluten Friendly)

    Flattened fried green plantain, topped with your protein choice (shredded beef, chicken, or pork), fresh Colombian bacon, mozzarella cheese,


  • Hola's Tostones

    Tostones are golden brown, crispy, salty deep fried little rounds of green plantain, smashed into edgier, flatter chip-like pieces. There are many...


  • Hola's Sweet Plantain

    Topped with the protein of your preference, shredded beef, chicken or pork, mozzarella cheese, green, and golf sauce.


  • Sweet Plantain

    Whole fried sweet plantain.


Main Dishes

  • Hola's Bandeja

    Hola's Bandeja is a reflection of "Bandeja Paisa", a typical and most popular meal in Colombian cuisine. What makes special this dish is the variety...


  • Hola's Bowl

    Sometimes simplicity is the best solution. Meals in a bowl are a convenient and clever way to mix all of your favorite ingredients together: grains,



  • Arepa De Choclo

    Choclo is the native word for "tender corn" which is less sweet and starchier than regular corn. Choclo is mixed with pre-cooked cornmeal for arepa...


  • Chicharron

    Chicharron or fried pork belly is a typical Colombian dish and is one of the main components of the popular "Hola's Bandeja", "Hola's arepa", "Hola's...

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  • Chorizo

    Chorizo is a variety of sausages made of a combination of chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with garlic, scallions, onion, salt, cumin, and...


  • Empanada

    Colombian empanadas are prepared with precooked corn flour. It is usually stuffed with ground stewed meat (beef or chicken) and potato. The filling...


  • Pastelito

    A pastelito is a hand-sized savory pie made with a flour-based dough of pastry crust. Pastelitos are fried after being filled with shredded beef,


  • Churros (Gluten)

    Fried dough pastry sprinkled with cinnamon sugar (caramel, chocolate, or condensed milk sauce on the side).



We offer some of the most basic family-friendly and traditional side dishes served in most Colombian restaurants and homes.

  • Cassava Sticks

    Cassava sticks. The order comes with 6 pcs.


  • Sweet Plantain Slices

    Sweet plantain slices. The order comes with 10 pcs.


  • Tostones

    Tostones. The order comes with 6 pcs.


  • Golden Potatotes (Papa Criolla)

    Golden Potatotes (papa criolla). Order comes with 10 pcs.



  • Hola's Hot Sauce (2oz)

    Aji is the most typical spicy sauce served in a variety of dishes in Colombia. Hola's "aji" is an in-house-made sauce that combines chopped chiles...


  • Hola's Green Sauce 450ml (2oz)

    Creamy, herbaceous, and a little sour based on mayo, the cilantro sauce is a deliciously creamy garlic sauce made with chopped cilantro, fresh...


  • Hola's Golf Sauce (2oz)

    Hola’s golf sauce or “pink sauce” is a mix of sundried tomato, mustard, honey, mayonnaise, and white pepper. It is extremely popular all over...



  • Cocacola Can


  • Canada Dry Can


  • Coke Diet Can


  • Maltin Polar (355 ml)


  • Colombiana Postobon


  • Perrier Water


  • Spring Water