Hildegard's Bakery


686 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0M6, Canada


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Beautiful and fine, appropriate to eat all the time, on our fresh Kamut buns.

  • Ham Sandwich

    Dry-dured ham, red onion, cream cheese, tomato jam, grainy mustard, Havarti, fresh lettuce


  • Vegan Beet Sandwich

    Hummus, red onion, shaved bell pepper, fig jam, balsamic roasted beets, and fresh lettuce.


  • Vegan Seitan Sandwich

    House-made seitan pepperoni, sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh greens, shaved red onion, marinated eggplant, and grainy mustard.



Hildegard mill their own whole-grain flour from grain sourced direct from farmers. All grains and flours are organically grown. They let things ferment for a long time and sneak whole ancient grains in wherever they can.

  • Pizza Crusts (2x)

    Two wood-fired pizza crusts, frozen, and ready for you to top and bake at home.


  • Prairie Sourdough


  • Simple Sourdough

    100% organic white flour, same dough as Hildegard's baguettes, light, tangy, and open-crumbed.


  • Spelt Sourdough

    Every day, 100% whole grain.


  • Five Grain Pan Bread


  • Sourdough Baguette

    Long, thin, crispy, and crackly.


Sweet Stuff

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    Vegan Coconut Brownie

    Vegan. Made with coconut oil, raw cane sugar, and organic cocoa.


  • Savoury Scone

    The current flavor (2020/11/26) is potato green onion parmesan.


  • Sweet Scone

    The current flavour is raspberry lime (2020/11/26, changes frequently).


  • Quiche Tart

    Flakey butter crust and tasty eggy filling.


  • Vegan Scone


  • Butter Tart

    Flakey butter crust, buttery filling, and no raisins.



  • Americano (8 oz)

    Espresso and hot water.


  • Latte (12 oz)

    Espresso and steamed milk.


  • Loose-Leaf Tea


  • San Pellegrino (Blood Orange)


  • Coffee

    Medium roast drip coffee from Flatland Coffee Roasters in Gimli.


  • San Pellegrino (Lemon)