Hanjan Oliver


10166 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1R7, Canada

Opens at 11:00 AM


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Winter Specials

  • Modeum Soondae

    Traditional korean blood sausage stuffed with glass noodles, miced carrot and onion. Served with assorted boiled pork organs. Taste better than it...

    Sold Out

  • Soondae Gook

    Blood sausage in a traditional unseasoned pork both broth. Served with Korean seasonings and a side of rice.

    Sold Out

  • Soondae Bokkum

    Soondae stir fried with veggies and glass noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce.

    Sold Out

  • Dakdoritang

    Hearty sweet & spicy stew filled with chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Served with 2 sides of rice. Great for sharing, on cold winter nights!



Soups and Stews

  • 17. Gamja Tang

    Spicy pork bone broth, braised bone-in pork meat, potatoes, and perilla seeds. Comes with two bowl of rice.


  • 18. Kimchi Jjigae

    Korean spicy fermented cabbage stew with tofu, scallions, and pork. Comes with one rice.


  • 19. Mandu Gook

    Steamed pork dumplings in a light soy broth, eggs, scallions, glass noodles and rice cake. Comes with one rice.


  • 20. Odeng Tang

    Fishcake skewers in a light soy broth. Comes with one rice.


  • 21. Ddook Baeki Bulgogi

    Korean marinated beef in a soy-broth, Enoki mushroom, glass noodles and vegetables. Comes with one rice.


  • 22. Galbi Tang

    Braised beef short rib slices in a beef-bone broth, scallions, and glass noodles. Served with 1 side of rice.


  • 23. Budae Jjigae

    “Korean army stew”, ham and sausages, rice cake, ramen noodles, scallions, and spicy anchovy broth. Comes with one rice.


  • Haemul Soondubu Jjigae

    A spicy and savoury stew filled with soft silky tofu and assorted seafood. Served with 1 rice



  • 1. Pa Jeon

    Pan-fried green onion cake with assorted seafood, served with soy sauce.


  • 2. Kimchi Jeon

    Pan-fried Korean fermented cabbage cake with seared pork.


  • 3. Bulgogi Fries

    Bowl of french fries topped with soy-marinated beef, tomatoes, and scallion, served with house aioli.


  • 4. Fries



  • 5. Bulgogi Tacos (4 pcs)

    Four soft tacos topped with soy-marinated beef, tomatoes, scallions, and house aioli.


  • 6. Mandu

    Deep-fried pork dumplings.


  • 7. Gamja Croquettes

    Vegetarian. Fried potato dumplings with vegetables.


  • 8. Corn Cheese

    Vegetarian. Buttered sweet corn gratin with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.



  • 24. Galbi

    Grilled beef short ribs in a sweet soy flavor. Comes with one side of rice for half size orders and two sides of rice for full size order.


  • 25. Gochujang Samkyup-Sal

    Grilled and glazed pork belly with fermented chili marinade.


  • 26. Samkyup-Sal

    Grilled pork belly served with fermented soybean sauce. Comes with one side of rice for half size orders and two sides of rice for full size order.



  • 27. Bulgogi

    Soy marinated beef stir friend with vegetables, topped with scallions and sesame seeds. Half size served with 1 rice, full size served with 2 rice.


  • 28. Jaeyook Bokkeum

    Stir-fried spicy pork belly and kimchi, assorted vegetables. Half size comes with 1 side of rice, full size comes with 2 rice


  • 29. Galbi Jjim

    Soy-braised short ribs, shiitake mushrooms, onions, potatoes, and glass noodles. Comes with one rice.


  • 30. Jjim Dak

    Soy-braised chicken thigh meat, shiitake mushrooms, onions, potatoes, and glass noodles. Comes with one rice.


  • 31. Teriyaki Chicken

    Grilled chicken meat with sweet teriyaki glaze. Comes with one rice.


  • 32. Dak Galbi

    Spicy chicken, stir-fried with rice cakes, yams, scallion, cabbage, perilla leaves, and sesame. Comes with one rice.


  • 33. Cheese Buldak

    Spicy chicken stir-fry in sweet gochujang sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Comes with one rice.


  • 34. Tteokbokki

    Spicy rice cake dish with assorted vegetables and fish cake.


  • 35. Bossam

    Braised and sliced pork belly served with lettuce, garlic, pickled radish, and fermented soybean sauce. Comes with two rice.


  • 36. Donkas

    Deep-fried breaded pork cutlet served with ketchup and barbeque sauce. Comes with one rice.


Korean Fried Chicken

Hanjan's Korean Fried Chicken is marinated for a minimum of 24 hours, then double battered and fried until golden brown. Have it classic, or try with one of their delicious sauces. Served with house-made pickled radish.

  • Original Fried Chicken

    Marinated for a minimum of 24 hours, double battered and fried until golden brown.


  • Yangyum

    Sweet and spicy Fried chicken


  • Padak

    Soy garlic topped with green onions.


  • Honey Mustard Fried Chicken

    Sweet mustard.


  • Tangsuyuk

    Our korean fried chicken in a Sweet and sour sauce



  • 37. Kalamari

    Deep-fried oyster mushrooms with roasted garlic tofu “aioli”.


  • 38. K.F.C.

    Korean Fried Cauliflower – available in all Korean fried chicken flavours.


  • 39. Doobu Twigim

    Crispy tofu with vegetables in your choice of sweet & spicy or soychive sauce.


  • 40. Vegetable Bi Bim Bap

    Steamed rice, sauteed vegetables, sesame, mushrooms, and gochujang sauce.


  • 41. Vegetable Jap-Chae

    Glass noodles with vegetables and sesame seeds.


  • 42. Avocado Rice Bowl

    Steamed rice, candied seaweed, puffed quinoa, and sweet soy marinade.



  • 10. Stir-Fried Bulgogi Udon

    Udon noodles with stir-fried beef and vegetables, tossed in a Korean sweet soy.


  • 11. Jaeyuk Bokkum Udon

    Udon noodles with stir-fried pork and kimchi, tossed in a Korean spicy chili sauce.


  • 12. Chicken Teriyaki Udon

    Udon noodles with grilled chicken and scallions, tossed in a teriyaki sauce.


  • 13. Japchae

    Glass noodles stir friend with beef and vegetables in soy sauce, topped with roasted sesame seeds.



  • 14. Kimchi Bokkum Bap

    Fermented cabbage fried rice with seared pork and a sunny side egg.


  • 15. Bokkum Bap

    Fried rice with eggs, vegetables, and bacon.


  • 16. Bibimbap

    Traditional Korean rice bowl topped with marinated beef, assorted vegetables, fried egg, and a side of gochujang sauce.



  • 43. Honey Butter Bread

    Soft milk bread baked with honey butter spread topped with fresh whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon powder.


  • 44. Affogato

    A scoop of ice cream served with your choice of espresso or hot matcha.


  • 45. Mango Bingsu

    Fresh mangoes, ice cream, and condensed milk.


  • 46. Injeolmi Bingsu

    Injeolmi rice cake, red bean, condensed milk, pulse flour, and sliced almonds.


  • 47. Strawberry Bingsu

    Fresh strawberries, ice cream, and condensed milk.


  • 48. Injeolmi Waffle

    House-made waffle topped with injeolmi rice cake, pulse flour, ice cream, and sliced almonds.


  • 49. Strawberry Waffle

    House-made waffle topped with fresh strawberries, fresh whipped cream, ice cream, and chocolate drizzle.


  • 50. Nutella Banana Waffle

    House-made waffle topped with Nutella, banana, fresh whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate drizzle.



Hanjan's coffee is locally roasted from Ace Coffee Roasters.

  • Espresso


  • Americano


  • Macchiato


  • Cappuccino


  • Flat White


  • Mocha


  • Matcha Latte


  • Charcoal Latte


  • Chai Latte


  • Beet Latte


  • Hot Chocolate


  • Latte


  • Loose Leaf Tea


  • London Fog


  • Plum Tea

    Sold Out

  • Schisandra Tea

    Sold Out


  • Homemade Milkis


  • Strawberry Homemade Milkis


  • Banana Homemade Milkis


  • Italian Soda


  • Pop