Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant


594 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0A4, Canada


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  • Chechebsa

    Wheat flour, berbere (red peppers with spices), and butter with honey or sour cream.


  • Inqulal Firfir (Scrambled Eggs)

    Three eggs, tomatoes, green peppers or jalapenos, red onions, and spices with bread.


  • Breakfast - Quanta Firfir

    Specially prepared dried meat cooked in a spicy sauce and mixed with injera.


  • Foule

    Fava beans, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, and butter with bread and sour cream.


  • Habesha Breakfast

    A mixture of firfir (bits of injera mixed with flavoured sauce), kinche, and scrambled egg.



  • Shiro

    Spiced chickpea flour cooked in berbere sauce with house salad.


  • Misir Wot

    Split lentils cooked in berbere sauce. Spicy and delicious with house salad.



  • Veggie Combo

    A combination of vegetable dishes! Red lentil stew, pea stew, powdered chickpea stew, and cabbage with house salad.


  • Meat and Veggie Combo

    A combination of vegetable combo and miso.


  • Shifinfin Combo

    Kitfo, tibs firfir, and cottage cheese.


  • Misto Combo

    Two kinds of beef stew cooked with turmeric sauce and berbere sauce then flavoured with onions, garlic, ginger roots, and other spices with house...


Side Dishes

  • Samosa

    Crispy pastry shell filled with cooked beef or lentils, finely diced jalapenos, and onions.


  • Kitfo Roll-Ups with Injera

    Injera roll with very lean minced beef warmed in spiced butter with your choice of doneness and mixed with mitmita.


  • Veggie Roll-Ups with Injera

    Injera roll with the list of the vegetable combo.



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  • Bottled Aquafina Water


  • Bottled Perrier Water


  • Bottled Juice