Gojo Takeout & Bakery


4525 52 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

Opens at 10:00 AM

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Meat Dishes

  • 1. Gojo Special Chicken

    Tender pieces of chicken cooked with spices and butter.


  • 2. Beg Tibs (Lamb)

    Pieces of lamb cooked and flavoured with spices and butter.


  • 3. Awaze Tibs (Beef)

    Pieces of beef cooked and seasoned with Ethiopian Awaze spices and butter.


  • 4. Gojo Special Rice with Chicken

    Pieces of boneless or skinless chicken cooked and seasoned with spices and mixed with rice and vegetable mix cooked and flavored.


  • 5. Gojo's Combination

    One meat dish plus two vegetarian dishes.


  • 6. Quanta Firfir

    Dried beef strip cooked with tomato sauce, onions, garlic, butter, and red hot peppers and mixed with small pieces of injera.


  • 7. Shifinfin

    Beef stew, seasoned with spices and butter.


  • 8. Tibs Firfir

    Cooked and seasoned pieces of lamb mix with small pieces of injera.


  • 9. Kitfo

    Lean beef seasoned with spices and Ethiopian butter and side cottage cheese.


  • 10. Yesiga Dullet

    Lean beef seasoned and flavoured with spices, Ethiopian butter, hot peppers, and onions.


  • 11. Assa Lebleb (Fish)

    Boneless and skinless fish filet marinated and cooked with onions and green peppers simmered in butter.


Vegetarian/Vegan Dishes

  • 12. Miser Wot

    Cooked split lentils with onions and tomatoes seasoned and flavoured with Ethiopian spices.


  • 13. Kosta (Spinach)&Carrots

    Carrots and spinach cooked and seasoned with garlic and spices.


  • 14. Cabbage & Potatoes

    Cabbage and potatoes cooked and flavoured with garlic and spices.


  • 15. Vegetarian Combo

    Three vegetarian dishes(#12,#13#14) with injera or rice.


  • 16. Gojo Special Rice

    Cooked with mixed vegetables and flavoured with spices.


  • 17. 5 pcs Injera (5 pics(one pack))

    Fluffy and soft, pancake-like Ethiopian bread.


Caribbean Dishes

All dishes comes with injera or rice.

  • 18. Oxtail

    Cooked and flavoured with oxtail spices. Comes with cooked rice with kidney beans.


  • 19. Jerk Chicken

    Chicken roasted and seasoned with jerk sauce. Comes with cooked rice with kidney beans.


  • 20. Curry Chicken

    Cooked and flavoured with Caribbean curry sauce. Comes with cooked rice with kidney beans.


  • 21. Curry Goat

    Cooked and flavoured with Caribbean curry spice. Comes with cooked rice and red kidney beans.


  • 22. Jamaican Patty (1 pc)

    Choose from beef, chicken, and vegetable flavours.


  • 22. Jamaican Patties (12 pc)


Sweet Treats

  • One Whole Ambasha

    Ethiopian style round hard dough bread.


  • Dabo Kolo

    Ethiopian sweet snacks.


  • Kolo

    Ethiopian roasted grain mix snacks.



  • Canned Pop (355 ml)


  • Bottled Pop (2 L)


  • Bottled Juice (250-300 ml)

    Mango, gouva,


  • Bottled Water (500 ml)



  • Coconut Water (500 mL)



  • Tings (355 mL)

    Grapefruit bottled beverage.


  • Island Soda (355 mL)


  • Malt Non-Alcoholic Beverage (355 ml)

    A can of non-alcoholic malt.