Geez Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine Inc.


1235 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3M9, Canada

Opens at 12:00 PM

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  • Kinche

    Cracked wheat cooked with Ethiopian style butter.


  • Foul

    Crushed beans sauteed with spices garnished with fresh tomato, jalapenos, and onions. Topped with feta cheese. Served with bread and pita. Mild


  • Chechebsa

    Pcs of flatbread braised with Ethiopian style butter and spices. Mild


  • Breakfast Wrap

    Scrambled eggs, spinach, and feta cheese wrapped with grilled tortillas.


Lunch and Dinner

  • Titanic Tibs

    Pcs of red meat sauteed with butter and Ethiopian spices. Served with fresh jalapenos, onion, and tomato. Medium


  • Cha Cha Tibs

    Pcs of prime cut ribs sauteed with butter and Ethiopian spices. Served with fresh jalapenos and onions.


  • House Special Kitfo

    Mouth-watering fresh ground beef seasoned with mitmita and Ethiopian spiced butter served with ayeb. Medium


  • Gomen Be Siga

    Kale mixed with prime rib cuts of beef sauteed with Ethiopian spice.


  • Vegetarian Platter

    Platter containing, lentil stew, spinach, beans, rice, potato, carrot, and chickpeas.


  • Spaghetti

    Spaghetti served with meat sauce or tomato sauce (vegan option).


  • Awaze Tibs

    Pc of red meat sauteed with butter, Ethiopian spices, and awaze. Served with fresh jalapenos, onions, and tomato. Spicy


  • Kitfo

    Fresh lean beef seasoned with mitmita and Ethiopian spiced butter. Medium


  • Dulet

    Liver, kidney, red meat sauteed in butter, and Ethiopian spices. Medium


  • Ge'ez Tibs

    Pcs of red meat sauteed with butter and Ethiopian spices. Served with fresh jalapenos, onion, tomato, spinach, and Ethiopian cheese. Mild


  • Rice

    Rice served with vegetables and chicken (vegan option).


  • Shiro

    Chickpea powder sauteed with Ethiopian spices can be served with or without butter.


  • Meat and Veggie Combo

    A mixture of Awaze Tibs, Derek Tibs, Gomen Be Siga, Kitfo Cheese (Ayeb), Misir, Potato, Carrot, Beets


  • Shefinin

    A mixture of a variety of flavours that create an explosion in your mouth. Contains Tibs, Gomen, Ayeb and Kitfo (Beef Tartar).


  • Chicken Wings (15 pcs)



  • Chicken Club Sandwich

    Grilled chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato garnished in Ge'ez style sauce, served with fries.


  • Side Fries


  • Quanta Firfir

    Dried red meat sauteed with onions, berbere, injera braised in Ethiopian spices, and butter. Mild


  • Pancake with Fruit

    Delicious home style pancake served with fresh fruit.


  • French Toast with Fruit

    Home style richly flavour French Toast served with fresh fruit.


  • Chicken Strips with Fries

    Fried chicken strips served with a side of fries.


  • Chicken Sandwich with Fries

    Fried chicken with tomato, lettuce and swiss cheese.



  • Tea


  • Kimem Shai

    Tea with Cardamom


  • Coffee Ceremony


  • Latte


  • Soda