Gawon Express Korean Cuisine


8968 University High St, Burnaby, BC V5A 4X6, Canada

Opens at 11:30 AM


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  • 1. Rice Bowl

    Rice, vegetables, egg, kimchi, and your choice of meat.


  • 2. Bibim-bap

    Rice, assorted vegetables, egg, with your choice of meat, and sauce.


  • 3. Veggie Bibim-bap

    Bibim-bap with tofu (no meat) for vegetarians.


  • 4. Kimchi Fried Rice

    Fried kimchi, rice, egg, and your choice of meat.


  • 5. Chicken Mayo

    Rice, veg, chicken nuggets, egg, seaweed with mayo, and fruit soy sauce.


  • 6. Chi-bap (Fried Chicken Rice)

    Rice, fried chicken, vegetables, and sauce.


Fried Noodle

  • 7. Fried Noodle Bowl

    Fried noodles, vegetables, eggs, pickled radish, and your choice of meat.


  • 8. Bibim-Noodle

    Fried noodle, assorted vegetables, egg, pickled radish, your choice of meat, and sauce.


  • 9. Veggie Bibim-Noodle

    Vegetarian(Contains egg), Vegan option available. Bibim-Noodle with tofu (no meat) for vegetarians.



  • 10. Soon-dubu (Soft Tofu) Rice

    Soup with seafood or your choice of meat or tofu (for vegetarians) and rice.


  • 11. Dduk Mandu Guk (Rice cake and Dumpling Soup)

    Rice cake soup, kimchi, or veg. dumplings, egg, beef, and seaweed.


  • 11. Dduk Guk (Rice Cake Soup)

    Rice Cake only Soup.


  • 11. Mandu Guk (Dumpling Soup)

    Madu (dumpling) only Soup



  • 12. Vegetable Ramen

    K-Ramen for Vegetarian (no meat)


  • 13. K-Ramen



  • 14. Vegetable Udon

    K-Udon for Vegetarian (no meat).


  • 15. K-Udon



  • 16. Bap Burger (Rice Burger)


  • 18. Mandu (Korean Dumpling) (6pcs)


  • 19. Beef (Bulgogi) Mandu (5pcs)


  • 20. K-Pancakes (Kimchi, 3pcs)


  • 20. K-Pancakes (Seafood, 3pcs)